I am a very lucky man as I have been happily married to a beautiful Polish girl for 15 years. She’s blonde, 5’4″, with blue eyes and has a perfect figure. Anna is so outstanding that I at first thought she was only marrying me to obtain a green card. This concern has diminished over the years as she has been such a great wife and has become a U.S. citizen. Our sex life could not be better, but for some crazy reason, I have always fantasized about her being with another man.

After about a year of marriage, I started bringing up the subject while we were making love. At first she didn’t take me seriously, and when she did, I was very surprised at her response. She said she would do it, but only on the condition that it would not jeopardize our marriage, that he was very good looking, well built, tall, well endowed, nobody we knew, used a condom, and willing to let us video the action for our future viewing pleasure. I was delighted and assured her that it would only bring us closer together and improve our already great love life, but soon realized that this was not going to be an easy task.

I discovered a West Coast Swinger Magazine that had tons of ads placed by single men looking for some action on the side. Many of them included a phone number, so the initial contact was quite easy. She wanted me to do the preliminary screening and then she would make the final decision. I answered 7 ads with phone numbers, and none of them satisfied all her requirements. This was going to be a lot tougher than I thought.

My next call was to a guy named Tom, a year younger than Anna. He had a great personality, was married, which seemed perfect to me, and said he had all our requirements covered. In the Ad, he claimed to be 9 inches and thick. We agreed to meet without Anna for lunch and discuss where we go from here. I gathered several photos of Anna, including a couple nude ones to show him. I was very impressed with Tom… He was a very classy guy, well educated, tall, good looking, brown hair, green eyes, well built, charming, spoke very well and was crazy about Anna’s photos. He was in Sales and had a very flexible schedule. His wife knew nothing about these side activities of his. I told Tom, from my standpoint, the next step was to meet Anna.

That night, when Anna and I were making love I told her about Tom… how handsome he was and how much he loved her photos, and he has 9 inches for you baby. She was so horny that she came three times. We decided to get together for lunch and drinks at a very cozy restaurant nearby that has private booths. Anna was excited about meeting Tom and the uncertainty as to what might happen, and couldn’t decide what to wear. I suggested she wear something sexy, but not too crazy. She finally decided on a short black skirt and white top. On the way to the restaurant, she asked, “How do I look?”. Beautiful as always, was my response. Tom will be delighted.

We arrived at the restaurant and there was Tom right on time. He was an instant success. Tom and Anna hit it off well from the start. Anna explained to Tom that we wanted to make a hot video of the action that would involve some role playing. The main thrust of the role playing was that the action would amount to a slow seduction, after which Anna would beg him to enter her. Tom’s job was to tease Anna at this point and get her so hot that she could hardly stand it and wing it from there. I cautioned Tom not to look directly into the camera, as we wanted the video to look as if it were not staged. As Anna and Tom talked, she reached under the table and unzipped his pants. She reached inside and let out a gasp. “Tom… you are huge”, she said. She raised her wine glass and said, “here’s to Tom!”. We wanted to schedule the big event in the evening, but this was very difficult for Tom, so he agreed to meet at our home at noon the following Thursday.

Thursday comes – the anticipation has been building. Anna showers and takes an hour to figure out that she wants to wear another short black skirt with black panties and white tank top with no bra. I tell her she looks beautiful and ask her why she is wearing panties. So Tom can take them off, was her response. We are both so horny we made love double our normal amount!! Finally the doorbell rings – there’s Tom, right on time. You could set your clock by this guy. I can tell Anna is getting excited as Tom walks into the house.

We start to talk – breaking the ice. I ask Tom what he wants to drink and suggest he and Anna get to know each other while I get the drinks and setup the video equipment in the master bedroom. I have two video cameras and set them so one is aimed from the side and the other is at the base of the bed. I will use that camera to get a variety of close-up shots during the action. I prepare and deliver the drinks, then setup and test the equipment. Everything works perfectly. I also have a Canon 35mmup camera for still shots. When I returned, Tom and Anna were kissing in the living room and I suggested we go upstairs to the master bedroom where all the equipment is setup. I must admit that I am quite surprised at how eager Anna is but at the same time I can tell that she is a little apprehensive. We all proceed upstairs.

In the bedroom Tom and Anna sit on the end of the bed – Tom tells Anna how beautiful she is and she says thank you and turns her head towards him initiating a deep passionate kiss. Their tongues are probing deep in each other’s mouth. As they kiss, Tom gently fondles Anna’s breast and works his hand under the tank top moving from one beautiful breast to the other. He pulls the tank top over her head and starts sucking one nipple, then the other. He removed her shoes, skirt, and panties and Anna was now completely naked. His hands roamed all over her body as they kissed.

At this point Anna took charge and asked Tom to stand up. She unbuttoned his shirt and removed it – it’s obvious that he works out regularly. Then his pants, boxer shorts and shoes. Anna seemed almost hypnotized as she watched his massive cock begin to get hard. We both watch in amazement as it gets bigger and bigger. Finally it reaches its full 9 inches. She begins stroking the massive cock with both hands and simply says, “What a beautiful cock… I can’t wait for you to fuck me.”

Anna kneels down in front of him and begins to lick the head of his dick! I watch her suck another man’s dick, it is weird at first but I see how much she is into it and I want to share the experience with her. She began to take in more and more of that massive cock, but 5 inches was about all she could handle. It was absolutely amazing to me how my sweet, innocient, and basically shy wife was really getting into this. She was totally lost in the moment. She was sucking him in and out with such ferocity it was hard for me to understand how he kept from cumming. She finally took a little break from the fevorish sucking and licked the tip moving down the shaft all the way to his big balls.

She started the sucking frenzy again but he stopped her saying it was her turn. Anna wimpered, “I want to suck your beautiful cock some more.” Tom said, “There will be plenty of time for that later. Now it’s my turn to taste you.” Tom positioned my wife on the bed and moved his head between her legs. Anna groaned in pleasure as he began licking her pussy. He had just barely started and the pussy juice flow had already begun. Anna was very very wet and very turned on. As he concentrated on her clit, her head thrashed from side to side and she screamed in climax. Tom backed off her clit and worked the pussy lips.

Anna was going nuts. She screamed “Tom… please fuck me! Fuck me now!!” Tom said, “I’ll fuck you when you have earned it. You haven’t yet!”. She begged me to fuck her. “Please fuck me. God… somebody fuck me.” It was all I could do to resist, but this was part of the plan, or was it. Tom went back to Anna’s clit and started flicking it with his tongue. I could see Anna’s body tighten up about to have her second climax. Groans and wimpering sounds were coming out of her mouth.

Just when she was ready to come again, Tom stopped and moved his attentions to her tits. Anna screamed, “Tom, why are you torturing me like this?” I’m not sweetie… you’re enjoying yourself are you not. “yes, but I want that beautiful cock to fuck me now!!”, she said. “Tell you what”, said Tom. “I’ll fuck you now if you agree to let me do your bottom later.” “I’ve never done that before, Tom, not even with my husband. I’ll agree if you promise to stop if it’s hurting me.” “You’ve made a deal sweetie”, said Tom, as he put on a condom and positioned himself above Anna.

Her pussy was gushing juices and Tom easily got the first two inches inside Anna. “My God, you’re big”, said Anna. “How are you going to get that big cock in my bottom if it will not even go all the way into my pussy? “It will”, said Tom… “We just need to work it slow”. With that Tom pushed in more and more and Anna screamed in a combination of pain and pleasure. It was sensational watching Tom thrust into Anna with all 9 inches and watch her push up to get as much of it as she could. Her body began to tighten up and she unleashed an orgasm like nothing I had ever seen in our marriage. She told me later that every sexual fantasy she had ever had was dwarfed by today’s experience.

Tom has not cum yet. How does he do it. I’ve never seen such control. He rolls Anna over in the doggy position and commands her to put her ass up in the air. She obeys willingly and he begins fucking her doggy style, slowly at first and then increases the intensity of the thrusts. Anna moans in pleasure and Tom said, “You really like this, don’t you Anna?” In between the cries and moans, Anna responds, “I love it! Fuck me hard! Fuck me harder!” Tom responds and Anna has another massive orgasm. She falls forward, face down, exhausted and spent, and Tom still has not cum.

“Tom.. I want you to come! How can I make you cum?”, she said. This guy was truly amazing. “Put your ass back up in the air”, Tom again commanded, and again Anna gave no resistance. Tom began to tongue Anna’s asshole and said, “higher.. move your ass higher.” As he tongued Anna’s asshole he stuck one, then two, then three fingers in her gushing pussy and used the juices to lubricate her ass hole. Suddenly he stops and places the tip of his huge dick first in her pussy for lubrication and then on her ass. Anna shudders and screams in pain as he works that huge dick into the first inch of her ass. Anna pushes back at him with her hand and says, “Tom… it hurts.. please go very slow.” Tom being the nice guy he is moved very slow, pushing about half an inch at a time. With each thrust, Anna would scream in a combination of pain and pleasure. Tom made a couple of short thrusts without a peep from Anna and he pushes himself all the way into her ass in one big thrust – she let out one final scream and fell face down on the bed.

As Tom moved in and out of her ass it was clear that if there was any pain at this point it was more than outweighed by the pleasure. She later shared with me that it hurt until he began pumping in and out… then she felt only pleasure. Finally his full 9 inches penetrates deep inside her and the in and out pounding is leading her to another climax. She begged Tom to cum, but what was happening to her was too much for her body to handle and she began to shudder swinging her head back as Tom grabs her nipples and rolls them between his fingers. Tom keeps pumping into Anna’s ass until she starts cumming again and again. Anna is just about ready to pass out from so much cumming when Tom explodes in a massive orgasm. He screams and pumps out every drop into the condom and collaspes on top of her.

Finally Tom pulls out, Anna lays back exhausted on the bed as Tom caress her body. Tom said, “You’re the best sweetie.” and Anna said, “You too! What a great fuck!” She took the rubber off and said, “All safe! My God… look at all the cum. I’m lucky the rubber didn’t break.” She squeezed the cum out of the rubber onto her beautiful tits and asked Tom to give her tits a cum massage. He was happy to do so and kissed her passionately as he rubbed his cum into her tits, rubbing the nipples between his fingers as he did it. Anna was in heaven, and with that she bent down and licked the tip of his dick. He was still cumming a little and she loved the taste of his semen. She took the massive but limp cock into her mouth and did her best to bring it back to life. Tom said he had to go and hoped we could get together again. We never did… we talked about it and it was ok by me, but Anna never wanted to do the same guy more than once. We ended up with a library of 16 videos that we still watch today. They have really added much to an already great sex life.

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