Early in our marriage, we never talked about sharing or having sex with others. However, we used to play a little game to get each other excite. My wife would dress up in her best “I wanna be fucked” outfit and we would go to a hangout in a town over 50 miles away. She would go in first and sit at a noticeable place at the bar and I would come in a bit later and sit at the table. The idea was to watch the guys hit on her and then after a while I would hit on her and take her off – making the other guys eat their hearts out. We did this on numerous occassions and it was a real turn on for both of us.

One night, however, things changed and so did our sex lives. This really good looking stud hit on her. They danced and he was putting some great moves on her. He was rubbing her ass as the dance and obviously realized she had nothing on underneath. When they would go back to the bar, he would run his hands up her thighs. I could tell he was getting her excited because I could see her hard nipples poking through her see through blouse. She was also rubbing his legs and I was certain she was touching his erection through his pants. I too was getting turned on watching what was happening.

The guy excused himself and went to the rest room. She came over to me and said she was really turned on. I asked if she wanted to fuck him and she said “oh yes but only if you watch”. I said take him to our room, explain the situation to him and I will join you. The look in her face made me almost cum in my pants.

They were waiting for me when I entered the room. He introducted himself and wanted to make sure I was cool with this. I said I was OK.

To me it was like watching a porno movie. She would look at me and smile and I would nod my approval. I got a bid jealous when I saw his cock. It was not one of those monsters people talk about on wifelovers but it was longer and much thicker than mine. When I saw her take it in her mouth, I begun to realize what was about to happen. I was turned on and could wait to see it parting her pussy lips. He pounder her with surprising force and she scream out like she never did with me. They guy had control and did’t cum. He pull his slick cock out of her and positioned it against her ass. She nodded approval and relax to let it enter. She let out a yell that sounded like a wildcat. I was always gentle in her ass but he pounded it just like her pussy. Her tight ass finally made him cum. He was cover in sweat and asked if he could use the shower.

While he was showing, I hugged and kissed her. She wanted me in her and I didn’t waste any time in granting her wish. That was the first of many sloppy seconds…………

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