This is a true revelation of the very first time my husband craftily got to watch me be mounted by another male. I after many months of encouragement by hubby had gone out with him to a very distant town dressed in very little. I was wearing just a tight button fronted shirt and medium length skirt with stockings finished by high-heeled shoes. I had been out on a number of occasions dressed similar and had enjoyed flashing stocking tops, breast and more to men who had been near, this had in the past got me very wet and after returning home having very horny sex with hubby. We went to a small back street pub that also had a dance floor. He for the first time sent me in alone and saying he would follow and just keep a watch on want happened. I had laughingly said nothing much and entered going to the bar and ordering a drink. it was not until I got that first drink that I looked around to see if there was anyone that I could target with my tease act that was forming in my mind. it was then that I noticed that I was the only white person there. What had I walked into. My pussy was already getting wet.

As I drunk the first drink I moved around on the bar stool and flashed a bit of stocking top and noticed one particular black male watching. After ordering my second drink hubby entered and after getting a drink sat down across the bar and watched me flashing this young black stud who I was beginning to wish would make contact and eventually perhaps take me. This was the first time of flashing that I had wanted to be mounted by my target. Usually it was a quick flash with hubby with me and go. Being alone had made me wish for more to happen. My stomach was churning and I felt very hot this only encouraged me to undo several of the top buttons of my shirt revealing more of my breasts to my target and of course anyone else. With this and a few more stocking top flashes my target came over asking if I would like to dance. I melted into his arms as we danced and his hands wandered down and were rubbing my rear, this only made me legs weaker and he nearly had to carry me around the dance floor. All the time this was going on I could feel his monster penis growing between us. At the end of the dance he asked if I wanted another drink which I gratefully accepted.

As we drank we talked and he mentioned that he was on business and not local and was I alone. It was then that I told him what I was doing. That I and hubby got enjoyment from my flashing and that this was the first time that we had tried this method and that his chating me up was a first and that I did not know what to do next. I mentioned that hubby had often said that he would like to see me being mounted by another man but I was unsure, with this he took me back to the dance floor and again we danced with his massive erection between us. At the end of the dance I said I needed the washroom so I left him to order another drink. On coming out of the washroom having removed my silk panties I bumped onto hubby who I had completely forgotten about. I told him how I felt and that my dance partner was from out of town and that I was was beginning to wish I could take him back to the hotel room and let him fuck my brains out. Hubby agreed that I could do what I wished but recommended that he was allowed to watch as a safety measure and that he had been dying for this moment to happen.

I returned to my black lover and told him what I wanted to do and that hubby would be there as a safety measure, he rapidly agreed and the three of us left for our hotel room. Going up in the lift I had four hands all over me including several black fingers in my very wet pussy. We entered the room and hubby produced some condoms that he had got from the bar and explained to us both that we must use them as I was not protected in any way birth control wise. We both agreed me especially as I did not at that time want any black babies although deep inside me I wished my black lover would fill me with is fertile seed. My lover removed my clothes and I was just totally relaxed and begging to have this yet unseen black monster deep inside me. Hubby had striped off and was sitting on a chair with his penis in his hand it looked bigger that I had ever seen it and he was slowly rubbing his hand up and down it. It was my turn now to undress my new lover and when I finally slid down his boxers I was both alarmed and filled with desire for the foot long very black (against my white arm) monster penis. I lightly touched the shaft with trembling hands not sure what to do with it.

From my last part. I’ve gone out with my hubby and got picked up by this black chap taken him with my hubby back to our hotel room. I’m now totally naked and at eye level with his foot long erect penis just in front of me with trembling hands I take hold of his member and slide my hands slowly over the length of it. My fingers can just reach around it. I lean forward and take it’s head in my mouth of slowly suck on it, wow is it growing bigger. His hands both hold my head but not forcing me onto this wonderful penis. I raise my left hand under his massive balls and rub them together. They must be bigger than golf balls and full of lovely semen. I continue to suck but slowly taking more of him into my mouth, but can only take a few inches due to its size.
After several minutes of this he pulls me off and takes me over to the bed and lays me down kissing me on the lips. Now I can feel his monster against my naked belly. He begins to move his lips and kisses down my neck and across to my left nipple gently sucking it whilst rolling the other between his black finger and thumb. They tingle like mad and grow larger by the second. This in turn makes me get hotter and I start to orgasm like I’ve never before. My hands push between us so that I can fondle the head of his penis.

He then moves further down to my belly and I lose touch with me new toy. With his head buried between my legs his tongue inside me I grab his head and press him deeper as I orgasm again my juices running freely but being lapped up my black lover’s very active tongue. After 10 minutes of this he works his way back up to kissing my mouth now I can taste my own juices as his tongue probes my mouth. I beg him to mount me again and again but he just nudges his penis across my clit bring me off several times. Hubby has now moved from his chair and shouting at us both that we must use a condom. I just want to feel him bareback sliding into my aching pussy. But he lifts of off me and hubby gives me the condom. I try hard to put it on but it’s very tight, eventually it’s rolled down covering most of this monster. My lover then lowers down onto me and nudges the head into my waiting soppy pussy. Slowly it inches in and I don’t think it will all fit but with his pushing and my upwards thrusting I feel his pelvic bone against my clit. Wow Wow how did he get it all in, it must be deep inside and up to my tummy button.

After several minutes of laying still he starts to move in and out only a few inches at first building up to major thrusts slamming into me and I have orgasm after orgasm losing count and he seems to pound me for hours. (It was just about an hour) using different angles and positions. I look over to hubby who is full of smiles and loving every minute but not as much as me. Finally he thrust deep and holds it deep inside me I feel his shaft pump and the head of his penis seem to grow bigger and bigger, what is happening? Then it suddenly reduces in size and I feel a very hot feeling spread right through my stomach. I’m on cloud nine and we lay together until he slips out of me. I look down at his limp penis, which is still larger than hubbies, and I can suddenly realise what I had felt. When he came inside me his semen had blown up the end of the condom like a large balloon, which had suddenly burst sending his hot semen flooding into me. Hubby also saw what I did and was horrified. I told him it would be all right as I could get a morning after pill later which would put things right. One thing that all three of us noticed was that very little of my black lover’s semen had come out. I then started to suck and lick his penis clean and back to another massive erection, which I told them both, I needed it bareback inside me as the damage had been done.
We then made love for another 2 hours with him filling me another two times. Again with very little leaking out. My lover left and we both fell asleep.

I awake in the morning with hubby sliding his erection into me. We made love for a while talking about what had happened last night and how I felt about it. I said that it had been great and that if it was Ok with him I would like to try again at being chatted up and taken by a stranger perhaps even two or more. This only made hubby explode inside me. When he slipped out his semen ran out of me as normal but just what he had put up me, my lover’s semen had not come out during the night and my stomach was bloated. I went to the washroom expecting a flood of semen but nothing. After dressing in much the same outfit as last night I went to a local doctor to get the morning after pill. At the doctors I was asked why I needed it and had to see the doctor, as I would not tell the nurse.

I explain what had happened yes all of it and the fact that a massive black penis had fucked me three times with my hubby’s permission and that nothing had come out. The doctor ask to examine me and having felt my tummy he said that this sometimes happens when women have sex with men with long penis’s My lovers penis had in fact gone into me womb and deposited the semen deep inside me each time. Because I had in fact two men there with me my cervix had closed tight. He explained that this had been carried from the time years ago when women might have had sex with many men in the cave times. Often the strongest and most dominate man would first mount and fill the women with semen the cervix would then close very tight to prevent the dominate male sperm being mixed with any other semen shot up her from the other men fucking her thus ensuring the dominate male being the father of her offspring. So that is why each of the three times that my black lover had shot his lot into my womb but hubbies had run out. I had blocked his sperm out of my womb. That made me feel very exited, as I should have without the pill had a baby from my black lover.

The doctor told me that he had ever seen it before and after my story of the previous night he was concerned about the amount of semen that could be inside me and that he should try to remove it. He also wanted to measure the amount. He said that I need to relax as much as possible and the best way was for him to start to make love to me. I felt a little strange about this but thinking back to what I had told hubby about being fucked by others I readily agreed, especially after seeing the size of my new toy. The doctor mounted me bareback by the way and started to thrust deep but not as deep as my black lover. I was just beginning to enjoy it when he withdraws and made me stand up place a jug between my legs. He continued to rub my pussy and tummy when finally I felt a rush of liquid run from me. Yes it was at last my black lovers seed. I have never seen as much semen in all my life it was nearly a pint. I asked if I could take it home in a bottle to show my hubby. The doctor then gave me the pill I was after. I took it home not taking it. After explaining to hubby that my body had in fact wanted to have a black baby from my lover and not from him. I asked him how he felt about that, did this change his idea about seeing me being fucked by other men all of which could give me a baby. This made him think, he said that it was the most erotic sight he had ever had and wished it could continue but was unsure of me having other people’s babies and him becoming a cuckold husband.

What should, I do, take the pill or have a black baby. Should I take the pill and start taking the contraceptive pill, but not tell hubby? That would be very exciting.

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