When I was in the service, the military sent me on a one-year tour to one of their isolated bases in Turkey, where dependents weren’t allowed. So, I packed my young wife off to Scotland which was going to be my next assignment for taking the tour in Turkey.

Since we were going to be apart for a year, I told her that she should get out and have some “fun”.

Six months later I had to make a trip to London and Scotland for some briefings, which gave me an opportunity to see my young wife.

The first night my wife wanted to confess that she had dated several men while I was gone, including the base Legal Officer, a few locals and a couple of sailors from the base.

She wanted to tell me about the administrative assistant she had dated. She went into details about their dates and the nights they had sex. Her major concern is that this guy worked in the division that I would be in charge of and she didn’t want any problems when I would be transferred there in six months. I told her that as long as it was nothing serious, she should have some fun.

The next night we went into town and did a little pub crawling. After the pubs closed, we headed to the beach where I removed all her clothes and we had sex where anyone could have seen us on the beach.

When we were done, she put on her jacket, gathered her clothes and threw them in the trunk of the car.

On the way back to our house, with her only wearing a jacket and naked underneath, we saw a hitchhiker up the road. As we approached, it looked like a fairly young man trying to make his way back from the pubs.

My wife turned to me and told me to stop and give him a lift. She then opened up her jacket and said “I want to show you what a good fuck I am. Stop the car and give him a lift.”

With a raging hard-on, and all sorts of thoughts running through my mind, I slowed down and stopped.

The young man ran up to my wife’s window and asked if we could give him a lift to the next town. She told him to get in the back seat.

As he was getting in, my wife gave me this devilish look, and then climbed into the back seat with our stranger. I had adjusted my rearview mirror and the look on the guy’s face was priceless.

As I started up the car, my wife turned towards him, opened up her jacket and let it slide off her shoulders. Without missing a beat, she wrapped her arms around him and gave him a very deep kiss.

The guy’s hands were all over my young wife and it was as if I was having an out-of-body experience and not even there.

Our hitchhiker took off his jacket, pulled his shirt over his head, stretched his legs to remove his trousers and shorts while my wife sat back against the door and watched, glancing over to see my reactions. All I could do was smile a smile of approval.

Undressed, our young friend buried his face in her chest, sucking on her nipples and stroking her pussy.

My wife laid herself on the back seat with her head against the door and swung her leg over him, inviting him to gaze at her gorgeous womanhood.

Our friend was rock hard and entered her easily, not realizing that he was actually having sloppy seconds.

My wife wrapped her legs behind him and he slowly pumped in and out of her.

While the speed limit in Scotland is 70 miles an hour, I had slowed down to around 30 MPH, which wasn’t unusual since it was very dark out and a narrow, winding road; and to make sure we didn’t get into town too fast and to prolong the show in the back seat.

The two of them were really into it in the back seat. As we approached the town, he was pumping her harder and faster until he finally came in her, collapsing on top of her.

Within seconds, he realized that we were entering the town, and without saying a thing, he put his clothes on, while my wife put her jacket back on and climbed back into the front seat.

I asked him where I should drop him off, and he said the town square would be just fine.

We got to the town square and I pulled over. He gathered his things, opened the door and with a big smile, he thanked us both for the “ride” home. My wife opened up her jacket to give him one last look and said, “Any time.” With that we took off.

My wife left her jacket open, sitting there fully exposed with her legs parted as we drove through town. She reached over and felt my hard-on and simply said, “Well, do you think I’m a good fuck?”

I told her that she was and that she must have provided quite a bit of pleasure to the other guys she had been with while I had been in Turkey.

When we got back to the house, she walked out of the car with her jacket wide open. Being so late in the morning, no one was around to enjoy her charms except me.

Inside she dropped her jacket on the floor, took off my clothes and we screwed on the living room floor with me getting sloppy thirds.

Two days later I had to head back to Turkey. I told her she could have all the “fun” she wanted while I was gone, but I’d like her to write me about her adventures.

During my short visit, I had taken a number of nude pictures of her, which I shared with the guys in Turkey, along with the letters she sent about her nights out. Hearing her stories and seeing her pictures drove the guys crazy.

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