We had many erotic conversations about it, having another man joining in always seemed to get Michelle aroused and she proved it by getting extremely wet every time we talked about it. She usually followed shortly thereafter with an arousing orgasm from me eating her soaking wet cunt or even just masturbating her with my hand. I somehow believed she’d never go through with it, though. She’s a shy person (at first) and certainly wouldn’t approach anyone other than myself about the fantasy.

Recently my erotic story of having another guy came up more and more often and I started to think, “Maybe, just maybe she might go along with it.” Maybe if I surprised her one night by making sure it was completely dark and she couldn’t see that I have another guy in the room she wouldn’t have a chance to think and she would just have to react. After many weeks of exchanging e-mails with Peter, Michelle’s cyber lover, I thought he could “join us”. I arrange to meet with Peter at a local bar. He and I had exchanged erotic e-mails of what we would get up to with Michelle if we ever had the chance and had many bizarre talks about what fun it would be to sneak off with into the bathroom with my lovely wife! Anyway, I told him that I knew Michelle had the fantasy about having two guys at once, advising Peter to keep my wife’s identity a secret as she was unaware of what I was planning. He was definitely interested but wanted to know up to what stage of involvement I was prepared to allow it to go. I told him that Michelle wanted to keep her identity concealed, as she was too embarrassed. I assured him that the my wife was very horny and she would not disappoint him if he would agree to it. After a few good drinks and some coaxing I finally got him to agree to join.

As it was Friday my wife joined a couple of her friends for some drinks and told me she would be home around 11pm. I immediately thought this was a perfect time to sneak Peter in and wait for her to arrive at home. Naturally, she was a half hour late, but it was well worth the wait. When she walked in she had said exactly what I wanted to hear! “I’m a little drunk, do you want to take advantage of me?” (Little does she know). I took her to the bathroom to help her get undressed, all the while kissing her body from neck to inner thigh. As she washed her hands and face bent over the sink I slid my tongue between her legs and she moaned softly. “What’s this all about” she asked as she turned around, still leaning back on the sink now facing me. I propped her up just a bit so I could get my tongue on her clit and stroke it softly. She moaned again and I could feel her starting to get even more moist.

As soon as I felt her thighs start to tremble, as if she were going to have an orgasm, I stopped. “I’d like to take this into the other room if that’s alright with you.” I had Peter waiting in the living room on the couch, complete darkness, it was perfect. “Don’t you want to go to the bedroom” she asked. “No, let’s try something a little different” I said. I guided her through the dark room and asked her to kneel down on all fours with her hands on the couch so I could get behind and under her to continue eating her out. She got on her knees and before she leaned over to put her hands on the couch I stuck my fingers up inside her to get her going a little more. I put a pillow down between her legs and laid on my back and that was when it happened. She leaned over and reached for the couch while I was licking her clit and she didn’t feel couch! She felt a pair of legs with a very hard cock in the middle!

She jumped and made a small startled yelp out, but I was quick to intervene. She started to get up but I pressed my tongue hard and slow between her legs, that slowed her down a bit! After what seemed like an eternity of time and total silence she did just what I hoped she would. She leaned back over the couch and that was when I heard the sound of a zipper coming down. The next noise made me as hard as a rock, the sound of her tongue and lips caressing Peter’s cock. I heard both of them moaning and felt her thighs begin to shake a bit from my tongue on her clit. She let out a few more moans but they were muffled from having the cock in her mouth. She was getting really excited and I knew it because she was sucking his cock faster and faster and she moved her clitoris back and forth faster over my tongue.

Just when I thought she was ready to cum she sat up a bit and guided Peter to the back of her. He had to straddle over me as I was still under her on my back, but he managed to position himself to guide his hard throbbing cock to the entrance of her now gleaming wet cunt. First the head of the cock disappeared inside of her (I had an obvious front row seat with it just above nose!) and slowly he pressed forward. A loud sensuous moan came from her as he plunged deeper inside of her while I continued to stroke her clit with my tongue. I was close to coming now as I was stroking my own cock while all of this was happening. I couldn’t believe it! His cock stroked her faster now and my tongue could barely keep pace with her shaking.

She was rocking back to meet his cock and my tongue at the same time and I could feel the orgasm tremble coming. She nearly came to a stop to feel the orgasm take over and then the uncontrollable shaking began. She let out a final moan and began rocking back on his cock hard and fast now. As the shaking subsided I decided I wanted inside of her now and guided Peter back to the couch. She quickly took him in her mouth and began sucking feverishly while I was ramming her from behind. He had his hands on her tits stroking them while she stroked him with her tongue and lips. He laid back and moaned until he could hold back no longer. She took him out of her mouth and stroked him with her hand until he exploded all over her hand and it ran down her forearm. I could take no more myself and exploded inside of her. He left as quietly as he entered, still dark and discrete, she would want it that way. We had more enjoyable sex for the next hour or so. “I knew you would like” I said and Michelle just smiled…

Peter comes over once a month and stays with us for the night and gives Michelle a good fucking whilst I love licking the juices out of her pussy after he comes in her.

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