Not long ago my wife and I took a vacation down to an all inclusive resort on the beach in Mexico and this is the story of what happened. As with many others who visit this site, for some odd reason I always fantasized about seeing my wife getting screwed by another guy. Over time I slowly introduced her to the idea through fantasy talk during sex. While at first I’m sure she did not know what to think, she became more and more comfortable thinking about it. Eventually I had bought several porn star dildos and would fuck her with them while we both watched that porn star screw some gals brains out on the dvd. Many of the videos would be MMF threesomes. I would talk to her about imagining it was her in the movie and how good her pussy looked with the huge dick sliding in and out. Always, it would make her come so hard.

My wife is 45 yrs. old but you would have a hard time convincing anyone she is that old. She is into fitness and exercise but not thin. I would compare her shape to that of Marylin Monroe. Classic hour glass shape. Large firm breasts with those large silver dollar size areolas. Her nipples can get so big and hard that they are clearly visible through bra and two shirts. There is just no hiding them. They manage to draw stares from men and women no matter where we go. Ok, anyway, you get the picture, for her age she’s a doll.

Anyway, many times during sex I would fantasize with her about taking a vacation somewhere and living out the fantasy of her being fucked by a stranger. While she would never actually share a fantasy herself she was very much into me talking to her about it during sex. Well, we eventually took a trip down to an all inclusive resort in Mexico. It was not a swing club but was all adult with a nude beach. At the resort there was a wide mix of both couples and singles. The club kept a variety of activities going many of which were designed to introduce people at the resort to one another. It was not long until we were acquinted with many people. My wife in a bikini attracted alot of attention. The first couple days were uneventful as we just began to relax and get into the vacation spirit. Being an all inclusive resort the alcohol was included at no extra charge. We laid by the pool and enjoyed the sun while people watching the other guests. There were numerous college students there apparently enjoying time off from school.

One afternoon we went over to the nude beach and I was quite thrilled to watch my wife strip down in front of a dozen strangers. I watched as many eyes followed her as she walked naked to the water. After a short swim she returned to the lounge chair where I had an umbrella drink waiting for her. She laid down on the lounger and I noticed that several of the college age boys had walked down to the beach. I know my wife took notice also as I caught her looking. She just shrugged with a giggle and winked at me. While the guys were quite soft it was apparent that two of them had schlongs that would be long and thick when erect. As they passed they took good hard looks at my wife. I immediately had to turn over on the lounge chair as I thought of those studs staring at my naked wife. We left the beach and went back to our bungalow. Feeling no pain from the drinks, we were both horny from the nude beach experience. I was not going to miss this opportunity.

As we began to kiss and rub each other my heart was pounding. We had purchased a small vibrator in town. I poured some lube onto my hand and began to massage her clit and vagina. Well as it turns out she didnt need any lube as she was soaking wet. Obviously she had enjoyed the nude beach. I began to massage her with the vibrator and she laid back with her eyes closed hips rising and falling, stomach tightning as she approached her first orgasm. She came quick. She pushed my hand away from her vagina after comming as it was too sensitive for a moment. We kissed and locked eyes with each other and I just blurted it out that I wanted to live out the fantasy of her fucking a stranger while we were at the resort. She didnt say anything but again took my hand and moved it to her vagina. As the vibrator again began pulsating on her clit. She closed her eyes as her back began to arch she told me in a low gutteral voice ” Oh,I’ll do it for you, I want you to watch me get fucked by a young stud with a big cock.” She then litterly screamed “OH FUCK” as she explosively came again. I immediately mounted her but blew my wad in about 3 strokes. She gently caressed me and whispered that was the hardest orgasm she had ever had and would do whatever I wanted her to do. I just told her to trust me.

Later that evening we dressed up for dinner and she looked stunning. The summer dress was more skin than dress. Without bra or panties the outline of her shape was clearly visible and apparent she was without anything on under the dress. As the evening progressed we drank, danced and socialized at the outside bar with many people. As my wife at this point was feeling no pain I escorted her back to our room. I asked her if she was ready to live out a fantasy. She turned to me and looking me in the eyes asked if I was sure. I told her yes, but I wanted to try something if she was up for it. Putting her arms around my neck she whispered in my ear “What do you have in mind?” I told her that I would pick the gentleman for her and I wanted her to be blindfolded so she would not know who she had sex with. She slowly slid the dress over her head exposing her naked body to me. Without saying a word she picked up one of her bandana’s and handed it to me. I couldnt believe it. This was going to happen. I tied the bandana over her eyes and she laid down on the bed. I turned the lights out in the room except for the bathroom light. With the door halfway closed it cast a dim light through the entire room. I told her it would not be long and I left the room.

Going back to the bar, I did not see the college guys around but saw a 30’ish German fellow who was staying at the resort. My wife and I had talked with him and his wife several times and both found him quite pleasant. As I approached he motioned for me to sit next to him and have a drink. He immediately asked where my beautiful wife was. So I told him the truth. That she was back at the room completely naked and blindfolded waiting to get it on with someone. He almost choked on his rum and coke. In broken english he asked if I was serious. I told him yes, I was serious and asked if he wanted to see for himself. He hesitated not sure if he should believe me then gulped down his drink and said, “lead the way” On the way back to the room I explained that part of the game was that he could not make a sound or give away his identity. Also, if she wanted to stop, he had to stop. He said he understood.

When we got to the room, I slipped the card key in and unlatched the door. My wife, was propped up on one elbow facing the door. She still had her blindfold securely over her eyes. She said “Honey, is it you?” “Yes” I told her, “and I brought a friend” She reached out and with a slightly slurred speech said”Are you sure you want this?” “Oh yea, just lay back relax and enjoy” I told her. She then laid back down. I motioned the gentleman over. He sat next to her on the edge of the bed and slowly placed one hand onto her thigh. Immediately, my wifes breath quickened and she squezzed my hand tight. He stroked her thigh up and down admiring her body then slowly moved his hand up to her breasts and began to massage first one and then the other kneading her nipples between his fingers. Slowing he bent over and began to lick and suck her nipples. She continued to hold my hand as she began to moan. With her free hand she reached over and began to rub her hand over his pants stroking across the growing mound. He then stood up and undid his pants letting them fall to the ground. He did not have underwear on and he was now fully erect. His cock was at least 7 inches and very thick.

He pulled his shirt up over his head and was now completely naked standing next to the bed. He went to the foot of the bed and slowly laid down between my wifes legs. He parted her legs with his hands and began to kiss her inner thighs. She parted her legs further allowing his tongue and lips to caress her vagina and clit. I watched as this stranger ate my wife out. He was doing a good job as she began to buck and thrust, holding his head tighter and tighter. She then pulled his head up and told him she wanted to suck his cock. He got off the bed and she raised up putting her feet on the floor while she sat on the bed. She positioned him in front of her and then I watched as she began to stroke his cock with her hands as she sucked up and down on the shaft. As she would stroke it she would talk to me saying “Honey, He’s so big! He’s gonna fuck your wifes tight little pussy!”

She then laid back on the bed, her legs still dangling off the edge. She spread her legs for the stranger raising her knees up with her hands under each knee. The German needed no other encouragement. He rubbed the head of his dick against her wet hole and he was already glistening with pre-cum. He then slowly thrust into her. She let out a gasp as he fully entered her. As her ass was being slapped by his balls she began to moan louder and louder, she kept saying “Oh •••• he’s big, it fuckin feels good. “Does it look good honey” I couldnt respond, I was in awe at the sight. I took my wifes hand and placed it on my rock hard cock. As he fucked her, she stroked my dick. I then watched as her whole body tensed and she came with a loud moan. Then the stranger began to grunt and put his whole load into my wifes pussy. It was too much for me and I spewed my load. The first squirt was so hard it nearly went across the room. I never came so much in my life. As soon as it was over the German gave me a little nod,put on his shorts and left the room.

After he was gone I removed the blind fold. She just said “Oh my god” then we both began to laugh. We almost immediately fell asleep but the next morning we went after each other like newlyweds. It was great watching her try to figure out who had fucked her. Every man that looked at her made her wonder if it was his dick that had been in her mouth and pussy. To this day I have not told her which man it was.

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