My husband, Brian and I attended the University of Pittsburgh back in the 80’s. We were dating at the time and shared many wild experiences like sharing my bicurious roommate but that is another story. I was sexually active from my junior year in high school. My first lover was a senior football player who had a 9 1/2″ cock. I know pretty big for a first time lover. He told me the girl with the best tits in school 36DD should have the guy with the biggest cock much to my pleaseure. He was a wonderful lover, but got demanding like forcing me to do his friends and him at the same time. So we broke up and I started dating the guy who would become my husband eventually. Unfortunately, he was only 6″ at his maximum, but he treated me well and I got use to his smaller unit.

After high school we both enrolled at Pitt which brings me to my story. During my Junior year at Pitt I had a sociology class with a black guy named Leon. Leon was a great guy with a great sense of humor, but also great attraction to my chest. By this time my chest had grown to 38EE’s and Leon kept telling me I needed to try a black guy after he found out I had never been with a black guy. I didnt want to offend him but where I grew up white girls didnt date black guys and I kept telling him I was engaged to my boyfriend Brian.

But Leon wouldnt give up and kept telling me I would have the experience of a lifetime if I would just go to bed with him once. In a fake exasterbated voice I told him, “OK I will go to bed with you JUST once if you promise to quit aggrevating me about fucking you.” I knew Brian would be gone for a weekend and I was staying on campus so Leon and I agreed I would come to his dorm Saturday afternoon. He smiled from ear to ear when I finally agreed on the fateful Friday afternoon.

Brian was heading back to our hometown for the weekend, and I told him I had a “big” project I had to work on so I would see him Sunday night. All Friday night my mind kept spinning if I was doing the right thing, but I was excited as well as Leon had told me his cock size would rival the size of my tits.

Saturday I got up, put on a crop top tshirt that barely covered my huge tits and a pair of Daisy Duke shorts with no panties, and a pair of sandals. My roommate teased me about looking like someone who planned to get laid. I told her I was just going for a walk when I left after lunch.

I nervously knocked on Leon’s dormroom door. His roommate Jermaine answered the door and I told him I was there to see Leon. Leon hopped up and asked Jermaine if he would mind leaving for a while as we had a sociology project to work on. Jermaine, just winked and said sure, knowing full well that this blonde hair blue eyed girl with the big tits was there for more than homework.

As soon as we were alone Leon thanked me for actually showing up, thinking I would chicken out, and then complimented me on my outfit. We sat down on his bed and I told him I was nervous as I had never went to bed with or even kissed a black man before. He just laughed that reassuring laugh and told me to relax. I then laughed and told him he better be EVERY bit as good as he had boasted. Then we kissed….WOW. I felt a tingle all over. I then got cocky and said well it is showtime and stood up.

I removed my top to show my lover my big 38EE’s. “Damn, girl, those are the best tits I have ever seen!” he exclaimed. I was getting excited as my nipples clearly indicated. Leon said he wanted to see the rest of me. So I turned my back to him and slowly and teasingly slid my cutoffs off my ass as I wiggled it inviting at him as I heard him moan, “Now that is a sweet ass, baby, and look at those pussy lips (my lips hang down).

After I slid off my sandals I was standing completely naked in front of a guy I had just met that sememster. He told me to sit down on the bed and it was his turn. He peeled off his tshirt displayed a muscular chest and ripped abs which caused my pussy to begin to moisten. He then asked me, “are you sure you ready to see my cock?” Brave as I tried to be, I couldn’t even speak and only nodded my head. He stepped out of his PE shorts and my mouth fell wide open. It was huge, it was every bit as big as my very first lover but thicker. Leon knew he owned me then and teased me by asking if I believed him now. I was in awe as he walked over to me and presented his huge meat for me to suck. I hadn’t had a cock that big in so long, but I knew just how to suck it and lick it. I was so pleased with how good it tasted. I looked up at him as I sucked his cock wanting to please him as he smiled down at me and took control of me. He told me to suck that cock like the hungry little slut he knew I was and then he went on to tell me all the things he was going to do with my body and all I could do was agree with my eyes as I continued to make love to his cock with my mouth.

He told me he didnt want to cum in my mouth but wanted to cum on my beautiful tits. As he got closer to cumming he pulled his cock out and jacked it until he came on my tits. His cum was so warm and massive in amount. He then told me he wanted to watch me lick his cum off my tits which I hungerily did. It tasted so good that I got lost in the sensation of licking my own tits.

By the time I got them cleaned he had already hardened up again. He asked me,”Is my pretty white slut ready to be fucked by a big black dick?” I moaned, completely out of control now, “yes, oh please fuck me” so he put me on my back and put my ankles up on his shoulders and slipped each long hard inch of his cock into me. He was slow to let me get use to the size difference and kept teasing me by making me say how much bigger and how much better his cock was compared to my white boyfriend Brian’s. What could I say he was right. He was magnificent I kept begging him to fuck me with his big black cock. He made me say over and over how my pussy belonged to him now….all I could do was moan yes in guilty pleasure. He told me I was to be his sextoy now whenever he called me and I reluctantly agreed because I had never been fucked like this before. He owned me, I was his slave as he blasted his first load into my pussy. He went nuts when he found out I could contract my pussy muscles and milk his beautiful meat dry.

Later he told me to suck his cock hard again as he wanted to fuck me doggie style as he wanted to watch my big boobs sway as we fucked. I quickly complied with his command. Once he was hard he had me get on his bed on all fours, my big tits hanging in all their glory and he entered me oh I loved it. He then did something no one else had ever done, he spanked my round ass as he plowed in and out of me. It surprised me but for some reason it gave me a tingle and I begged for him to do it again. One more evidence to Leon that I was his sexslave now. I would have yelled at Brian if he had ever tried that. He kept spanking my ass checks until they were red as he pounded my pussy. I know every guy on the dorm floor knew Leon was fucking the big tittied blonde who they saw enter his room as my moans of pleasure and submission rang through the walls of his dorm room. He fucked me harder and harder, I lost count of the number of times I came.

Then came a moment I never thought would happen. Leon stopped fucking me and went over to his dresser and took out a bottle of KY lube. I was so out of it from the fucking I had taken it didnt register with me what was about to happen. Leon applied some KY to my asshole, I softly pleaded with him telling him I was a virgin there as no one, not even Brian had fucked my ass, and I told him I knew he was too big for my tight little ass. Leon asked me, “Do you want to have my black cock again in the future?” I told him, “you know I do, I love it” then he explained that I would give my ass up to him as it was the final sign I was totally his. I whimpered agreement, and begged for him to be gentle. He told me he would so I assumed the position. Although he lubed his dick and my asshole he was just so big, but he wouldnt be deterred. He continued to push it into me I began to tear up, but then something went off in me as I finally relaxed my ass and in no time Leon was balls deep in my ass. He again slapped my ass as he fucked my virgin ass and told me I was the hottest bitch he ever had. I smiled and thanked him and begged him to fuck my ass deeper as we both laughed. He finally blew his load in my rectum. We laid there totally wiped out.

Leon asked me if I believed him now about how good it could be. I just purred and asked if I could come back over the next day? He told me I could but I would have to give his roommate Jermaine some as he couldnt ask him to be gone another whole afternoon. Again, we laughed and I agreed to do Jermaine as well if that is what he wanted.

After Leon finished with me that first Saturday afternoon, he told me as much as he would want me to stay all night with him, he didnt think it would be fair to Jermaine, his roommate, unless I did them both. I purred that would be great, but I really needed to get back to my dorm or risk my roommate of telling my fiancee, Brian, what she suspected I was up to. So I asked if I could come back over tomorrow. Leon said, “Sure, baby, but you will have to do my boy, Jermaine as well”. I told him, “it would only fair since he had been so nice to give us privacy today”.

When I got back to my dorm, my roommate knew something was up as I was gone so long, and I looked so flushed. I told her I had just had a really long walk and was tired and needed a shower. As I showered I was a little shocked at what I had done, but couldn’t help thinking I would definitely have to have more of Leon, even if it meant doing his roommate as well. I slept so peacefully having been so well worked over.

Sunday morning, around 10:00, I called Leon’s dorm room and asked if he still was interested in having me come over. He laughed and told me not only was he glad to have me come over, but Jermaine was going nuts as Leon had told him that he was going to share me with Jermaine. I teased that I wasnt sure I could handle two cocks that big. He told me not to worry, Jermaine was not near as big as him. I was on my way in minutes.

I just knocked once on the door and Jermaine was right there smiling at the horny white blonde who stood in front of him. He literally pulled me in the room and told me, “If you are even HALF as good as Leon says, I am one lucky son of a bitch”. Leon calmed him down, and told him to chill as I was MORE than enough woman for both of them.

Leon told me to start by entertaining them with a seductive striptease. Although I couldnt wait for Leon’s massive cock again, I played along. I seductively stripped off my top. I had not worn a bra as I thought it wouldnt be on long anyway. Even though, I tried to keep my 38EE’s covered with my hands (I know an impossible task..giggle)as I taunted Jermaine asking him how bad he wanted to see my white beauties? Leon snapped at me, “Don’t tease, you white slut, you know you cannot wait to take on two nice black dicks”. He was right, so I apologized and put my tits on display. Jermaine about had a heart attack, as he told me he had NEVER seen tits that big on any woman and he couldnt wait to enjoy them. I told him that I was there to please. I slid my shoes and the rest of my clothes off so Leon could display his latest conquest to his friend.

I sat down on the other bed across the room, rubbing both my big tits and pussy, which was soaked before I even entered the room as my lovers got undressed. Leon was right, Jermaine was no where near as big, but he was just a bit bigger than my fiancee, Brian. I knew I would have fun today.

Leon and Jermaine sat down on the bed opposite me. I was told to come kneel before them and suck their cocks. I was more than happy to oblige. Jermaine was easy to deepthroat after having gotten use to Leon’s cock the day before. He told Leon, “Man, you are right, this bitch can suck a cock” I just giggled and looked up at him and told him I was glad he liked it. I alternated between their cocks, waiting to see if Jermaine tasted as good as Leon.

Jermaine said he was about to cum but he didnt want to cum in my mouth but instead wanted to see how it would feel to fuck my tits and cum on them. Leon told him, “Go ahead and tell her, she will do whatever you want, as she is my bitch now” and laughed. Jermaine looked at me to see if this was so, and I just smiled and nodded my head in agreement.

So I laid down on the bed and motioned Jermaine to straddle my chest. Leon was helpful giving his friend some lube to put on my breasts. He loved rubbing and squeezing my tits as he rubbed the lube between my boobs. I was so enthralled with what he was doing, that I thought he would forget his primary mission, so I asked him, “Hey you going fuck these tits, or what?” We all laughed and he inserted it in my cleavage and began to pump. He told Leon again what a hot bitch I was and thanked him for sharing. Leon told him, “Hey, what are friends for…especially friends who have a hot white slut to share”. Jermaine didn’t last long and was soon spurting on my face, tits, and hair as I tried my best to catch his cum with my mouth. What I could catch tasted pretty good.

Now I was ready to enjoy Leon, who was the real reason I was there. Leon told me he could not fuck a slut with cum on her face and hair, and that if I want him I would have to go down to the dorm restroom/shower and clean up first. I was shocked at what he told me, I said I couldnt shower in a men’s dorm. He assured me on Sunday morning there weren’t that many guys on the floor. I could tell he controlled me and reluctantly agreed. He did give me a towel to wrapped around me. It barely covered me and my breasts were flowing over the top of this towel. I went down this men’s dorm hall wearing nothing but a small towel thinking what had I got myself into but I quickly showered cleaning the cum out of my hair and off my body. I thought I would get back unobserved, but just as I stepped out of the shower and started to dry off, there stood another guy from the floor smiling. I acted embarrassed and said, “Sorry, I needed a quick shower”. He told me, “No problem, thanks for the show…wow”. I nervously giggled, wrapped my towel around me and quickly scampered back to Leon’s room.

Leon and Jermaine asked if I had a nice shower as I dropped my towel and as instantly naked in front of them again. I told them about my unexpected voyuer and they laughed and said they ought to go charge him for the show.

I begged Leon if I could please now have his big cock. He told me that I had earned it. So he sat down on the edge of the be and he directed me to sit down on his cock with my back to him so he could better squeeze my big tits, and Jermaine could watch him fuck my tight white pussy. I was compliant and began to enjoy that big black cock again as I began to grind myself up and down his cock. Leon told Jermaine, “See what I mean, she does whatever I say for my cock, don’t you, babe?” I just nodded and moaned as I was totally in lust and didnt want to miss a beat. I kept telling Leon how good he was fucking me. Again, he made me say how much better I thought his cock was compared to my white fiancee, which I guiltily did.

Then he told Jermaine to toss him that tube of lube as he wanted his friend to see how well my ass would accomodate his cock. I asked if maybe we could safe that for a more private time. He slapped my ass and said, “Bitch, you do what I say or no more black cock for you”. So I let him fuck my ass.

Jermaine was in awe and said he “needed some more of this white slut”. Leon said that they needed to give me a DP. I thought that would be wild, but asked if he would put his cock in my pussy for comfort. He told me it wasnt about my comfort, but he did want his friend to see how good my ass felt. So he laid on the bed and had me climb on top of his cock and offer my willing anal opening to Jermaine. He even made me submissively ask Jermaine to “please fuck my ass”. Jermaine was in my ass in a flash and I was being double penetrated. What a feeling that was. Leon was asking me if I felt like an Oreo cookie being the creamy white slut between two nice black guys? I just moaned my approval. As Leon mauled my big breasts and fucked my wantoned white pussy, Jermaine spanked my cheeks as he pounded my once virgin ass.

I came so many times in that position! Once they both came we all three laid down and tried to catch our breath. What an experience this was. We got dressed and got some lunch, and then they brought me back to their room where we fucked throughout the afternoon until I thought it best to get back to my dorm as I knew my fiancee, Brian would soon be getting back to campus. They told me to come back any time. I smiled and told them how much fun I had, but I had to be careful for Brian not to find out what I had been up to. Leon told me we ought to make him watch me fuck Leon to show him how I needed to be used appropriately. This led to another surprising adventure.

A few days after my 3way with Leon and his roommate, my bicurious roommate Sarah came to me and said I was quite the talk at one of the men’s dorm. It seems the voyeur of my shower at the dorm that previous Sunday had spread the word of Leon’s exploits with this big breast hot blonde, and Sarah put one and one together and knew it was me. I told her I would do anything if she would just keep this to herself and not tell my fiancee, Brian. She always loved to play with my big tits and eat my pussy any time she was too long between boyfriends so I offered her that. She just laughed and told me she already had that. What she wanted was to meet Leon and have his cock to enjoy as well. Sarah said she had heard he was quite the stud. I was so worried that Brian might find out, that I told her I would have Leon come over and do both of us. I called Leon and asked him if he wanted to come over and do both of us and he quickly agreed.

Leon came over and met Sarah. A quick description of Sarah at the time was 5’3″, 100 lbs soaking wet, 34b tits, dark hair, and eyes. So you can see she was quite a contrast to me. I told Leon he would have to do Sarah to ensure her keeping quiet about my weekend activities. He told me he didnt care if Brian found out, but he was always glad to do another horny white chick, so he had us strip as he sat on the couch of our apartment. He undressed and I thought Sarah would die when she saw his big beautiful black cock and told me she could see why I was so attracted to Leon. Leon told Sarah that I was now his sexslave and showed her this my commanding me to kneel in front of him and suck his cock to get it ready for Sarah. I told Sarah to lock our front door, as I didn’t want our neighbors wandering in whiile we were having fun, and I got busy sucking the cock I was now enslaved to. She teased that she should get to help, as we all laughed and Leon invite her to join me but to be careful not to choke on it.

Sarah told Leon she had never had a cock this big before and she looked forward to enjoying him. Soon we had him wet and Sarah tried to climb onto it for the first time. I was worried Leon would split her open as she was not as big as me, but Sarah was a trooper and was soon riding up and down on Leon’s monster. I knelt on the couch beside my black lover and began kissing him and letting him suck my big 38EE’s.

Sarah came several times riding Leon and asked him how she did. He told her that she did fine but no one fucked him like I did, and ordered me onto his cock to show her. I gladly obeyed and got on my hands and knees in doggie position as Leon entered me. I so wanted to be quieter than Sarah had been as I didnt want our neighbors to know I was now a black cock slut, but I couldnt control my moans.

It was during the heat of this moment that my world almost came to an end. Although Sarah had locked the door, my fiancee, Brian had a key and his class that hour had been cancelled and he decided to surprise me. Well, we all were very surprised. When he walked into our apartment, there I was on all fours with this black stud fucking me as I was licking Sarah’s pussy.

Brian went nuts asking what the hell was going on? I tried to explain that Leon was Sarah’s boyfriend and this was just a one time thing. This would have worked as Sarah quickly agreed, but Leon would have none of this. He told Brian to sit down as this was the perfect time to sort this out once and for all.

Brian is not a very big guy ao he was a bit intimadated by Leon’s physical size and was also in a daze so he did sit down. Leon told Brian that he knew that the two of us were engaged, and he was sure that Brian didnt want to let a “prime piece of ass” get away from him did he? Leon went on to say that there was no love between he and I, but there was a extreme level of lust which he planned to continue to enjoy as long as he wanted my body. He then told Brian as you can see she was not fighting this so we could all just go with it and have things as they are with me servicing him when he wanted me and Brian having her the rest of the time, or he would convince me to leave Brian. He turned to me and this was the moment of truth, he asked me what I wanted? I couldnt believe what I said, but I told Brian that I loved him, but I did have to have this big cock for as long as Leon wanted me which I knew was not for the rest of my life. Brian looked shocked, but Leon told him he was a fair man, so he would only have me two days a week and Brian could have me the rest of the week. He also said that on those two days Sarah would be Brian’s to use as he saw fit to which Sarah agreed as long as she could have Leon once in a while.

I think Brian could see that there was no other way so we all agreed. I later found out that it turned Brian on to see me with such a well hung black stud, and once he got over the original shock he was fine knowing this was not forever.

I thought all was well and that Leon would dress and leave, but Leon wanted to be sure he had total control of the situation. So he made Brian stay and watch his beautiful blonde fiancee fuck this big black cock. I was nervous at first until Leon told me to look at Brian he wasnt going anywhere, and to let my true lust loose. He told me if Brian needed something Sarah would service him. What was I to do? Being addicted to Leon, I looked at Brian and assured him I loved only him but I had to have Leon and got back on all fours and let Leon continue his pillaging of my pussy. Leon taunted Brian by saying look at those beautiful big white titties sway as he swatted my round white ass cheeks. Leon kept making me tell Brian how good it felt to be fucked by a bigger cock and I did. He even made me take him in my ass, which bothered Brian at first as I had never let me in me back there. I assured Brian that I would let him assfuck now. Leon teased, “Yeah, now that I took her anal cherry”. I felt for Brian when Leon said these things, but he was right. I was his black cock slut.

This went on for the rest of the semester, and Leon even got so bold that he made Brian bring me to him when he wanted to fuck me. He told Brian everything he was going to do to me on our bi-weekly sex dates knowing there was nothing Brian could do about it without risking losing me. Brian even got to the point that he would appear excited to hear what was in store for me.

On one particular visit Leon told him that he had agreed to let 6 frat boys gangbang me for $50 a piece. I was apprehensive, but Leon told me I would do whatever he told me and I knew he was right. I tried to sooth this with Brian by telling him I would give him my share of this money, but Leon just laughed and boldly explained that only he would make any money out of this, and since I was so mouthy about it that Brian would be made to come with us. I thought well Brian would get to join in and have me but Leon explained that Brian’s job would only be to fix drinks for him and the other participants as he told them of our arrangement. I was so embarrrassed by what I had gotten us into, but I was shocked when Brian agreed.

Things like this went on for the rest of the sememster until Leon transferred to another school. He teased me about coming with him, but then assured me my place was with Brian if I truly loved him. Brian and I agreed that although this was a wild chapter of our lives, it would probably be best to close it with Leon gone and I agreed. However, even today after 20 years of marriage and two beautiful kids, I still at times long for the chance to ride a huge cock again. Who knows, maybe some day….


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