This is a true story, and it involves my wife, ‘L’ in her second liaison with black cock!

Travelling around the UK is a fortunate benefit of the job I have. It takes me to places I may not normally choose to visit, and also brings me into contact with people I have never met before. This is because I stay in hotels all over the country, and one inevitably gets talking to people in the restaurants and bars.

One such trip brought me into contact with a group of businessmen who were over in the UK from Grenada. I was having a casual drink in the bar of a hotel in the Midlands one evening, and this group of 6 very well dressed black guys appeared at the bar and stood next to me. They were debating which of the local beers to sample, so I interrupted and gave them my suggestion. They thanked me and ordered. I told them that the beer varied in quality and taste all over the country, and that they should sample it all if they could, before returning to Grenada. One of this group, a very tall man with impossibly white teeth, came over and introduced himself as Frederick. He was about 40 years old I guess, quite tall and well-built, and bearing in mind her fairly recent escapade with a black guy, I thought to myself that ‘L’, my wife, would like him a lot!!

We began to chat about this and that, and at one point he asked if I knew of anywhere good to stay in London, as he and one of his colleagues had to visit in the next few days, and wanted to sample London life and the beer!

I don’t quite know why I said it, but I did….. “You could stay with us if you like”.

“Really? You hardly know us, but it would be so cool” he responded, with a look of shock on his face. “And could you show us some of the sights too?”

“Of course. Lets arrange the date now, and I’ll book a restaurant for you two, and my wife and I”.

“It’ll be my treat” said Frederick, as he went off to discuss the arrangement with his colleague, whom I know now to be called Astin. He returned a minute later to confirm the date. Just one night in London (a Friday), followed by a day of sight-seeing on the Saturday. Frederick confirmed that he had to be back in the Midlands on the Saturday evening for a corporate event.

I phoned ‘L’ from my room to let her know that we had two black strangers staying on the Friday night coming (some two days away), and that she should book our favourite restaurant in town for four persons.

“What!” she said. “How can you do this without even talking to me about it?” She wasn’t mad with me, just a bit frustrated that it was such short notice. I apologised and told her a bit about Frederick (I didn’t know too much about the other guy) and what he wanted to do.

“What does he look like?” asked ‘L’.

“Wait and see…!” I replied, knowing that she was now much more interested.

I had arranged to meet Frederick and Astin in a hotel bar in Central London after work on that Friday, so that I could give them a ride home. ‘L’ had booked the restaurant for 7.30pm, so we needed to get back quickly so that we could shower and change. I called ‘L’ on the mobile phone on the way home, to let her know we were about 20 minutes away, and to vacate the shower (she takes ages in there…..God know what she does!!). She told me to cut the sarcasm, as she was already dressed and ready.

When we arrived home, I opened the door and invited my guests in. You could smell the bath salts that ‘L’ had used. Lavender, I think. “Hi love, we’re here”.

‘L’ came down the stairs and into the lounge, and I stopped dead in my tracks! She was wearing her slinky, long white dress that is buttoned up at the left-hand side, and has a high neck and no sleeves. Wow! She usually only ever wears it for me, and has never worn it outside of the house let alone to a restaurant, and definitely not in front of people she’s never met before. It’s very tight, a bit see-through, and doesn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination. I reckon I knew what she was wearing underneath……some Agent Provocateur underwear I bought her for her birthday. I could see the outline of the thong!! Dead give-away!

My two guests introduced themselves and seemed quite nonchalant by what they saw. “Cool bastards”, I thought to myself. Yes, they certainly gave ‘L’ the once-over, but then started to chat to her quite comfortably. I poured drinks and then showed the guys to their rooms, and encouraged them to shower and change. ‘L’ in the meantime had clearly liked what she saw, as she asked me quite openly if I was expecting her to be fucked by either, or both of them.

Well, what would you have said? Of course I wanted to see her fucked by them! That’s why I invited them to stay. “It’s entirely up to you”, I said in a dismissive tone. “But you are dressed to kill”, I added! “That dress is just for our special occasions”.

“I think this might just be a special occasion”, she replied, and winked at me.

The restaurant is a Thai cuisine, and the tables are set with benches as seats. Comfortable for two either side. Well, you can guess who ‘L’ sat next to. I sat with Astin…….nice! Anyway the drink and food and conversation flowed, and ‘L’ seemed to be getting on particularly well with Frederick. It was only after about an hour that I noticed that ‘L’ was looking a bit flushed. I thought it was just the drink, until I realised that Frederick was only using his left hand to eat and drink. His right hand was under the table! I stared at ‘L’ who winked at me and said “I’m glad that the buttons on this dress open up easily!”

“Why” I asked.

“Cos”, she whispered, “Frederick’s black finger has found its way passed a couple of the buttons, and into my knickers, and he’s doing some amazing things! Can we go home now?”

Astin turned to me and remarked, “Oh here we go again! We’ll have to leave soon anyway because Frederick will not be able to contain himself.”

I paid the bill and we got up to leave. As ‘L’ rose from the table, I could see that three of her buttons were undone just below waist height, showing her bare thigh and hold-up stocking top. As she turned to let me help with her coat, I couldn’t help but notice a damp patch on the back of her dress, just below her ass. Wow, she must have been pouring juice over Frederick’s finger(s). I looked over to him, and saw that he too had a damp patch on the front of his trousers, and a rather large bulge!

In the car on the way home, Frederick, ‘L’ and Astin all sat in the back as I drove home, with ‘L’ in the middle. I adjusted my rear mirror to try and see what was going on, but it was dark, so I saw very little. Something was definitely happening as ‘L’ was squirming around. I assumed Frederick had put his fingers back where he’d had them before!

When we arrived home, Frederick literally lifted ‘L’ off the floor into his arms and carried her to the sofa. He leant down to her and kissed her very enthusiastically, but then backed away. Then he beckoned Astin across, and whispered something into his ear. Astin got down on his knees in front of ‘L’ and without asking, put his hands under ‘L’s dress and yanked down her thong. She stepped out of it, and threw it onto a chair.

Frederick turned to me and said, “Will you let me fuck your wife?”

“I don’t really know”, I replied. “I suppose so”.

‘L’ sat up and without any hesitancy said, “Definitely!” With that she unbuttoned the slinky, white dress, and stepped out of it and stood in front of Frederick in just her white bra, hold-up stockings and shoes. The thong of course had already gone! Astin and I sat down and decided to watch the proceedings from there.

Frederick approached ‘L’ and put grasped her waist pulling her towards him. He kissed her very hard, and his tongue must have been right down her throat. He reached behind her and removed her bra. With ‘L’ now only wearing her stockings and a smile, she stood in front of Frederick, looked into his eyes, and said “I’m the only one here with very little clothing on. Not fair!” She proceeded to remove his shirt, and as she took it off, bent over to kiss and suck his nipples. He just stood there. She then knelt down, and untied and removed his shoes and socks, before sitting back on her haunches. “Now then, I felt something quite large in here”, as she put her left hand down the front of his trousers. Her right hand in the meantime was unbuckling his belt. Then she pulled down his trousers and his pants in one go, and what greeted her was this swollen black dick, at face level. I swear I’ve not seen anything like it before.

‘L’ led him to the sofa where he sat down. She bent over to kiss him, and began to stroke his cock at the same time. It grew very quickly, and within seconds it was standing erect, and it certainly wasn’t small! She knelt in front to him and began to lick his shaft, from top to bottom, up and down. He head bobbed over the tip of his cock, and she began to suck him off. After a few minutes, Frederick stood up, and ‘L’ sat on the edge of the sofa. She put her hands around his ass and pulled him towards her again, taking his cock deep into her mouth. There was no conversation between any of us at this stage, just concentration. Her fingers began to delve in between his ass cheeks, and he suddenly froze as she touched his ass.

“That’ll make me come too quickly”, he whispered. “I want to taste you now”. With that he pushed her back onto the sofa, and kissed and licked and nibbled her entire body, starting from her face, working across from ear to ear and heading ‘south’, stopping only to draw breath and bite her nipples. He avoided her pussy at first and went all the way down to her toes, and back up again. I could feel a stirring in my groin! “This was good to watch”, I thought.

I hadn’t taken my eyes off the proceedings for a while. But I just glanced to my left to see what Astin was doing. He had his cock out of his pants and was wanking away for all it was worth. It certainly didn’t seem as large as Fredericks, but big nonetheless. I wondered if he was going to join in at any stage.

Frederick, in the meantime, had arrived at ‘L’s pussy. He was lapping away at her clit, and had buried two fingers in her pussy, pulling them out periodically to taste them. Her eyes were close and she was moaning like mad! He lifted her legs high into the air, and began to lick her ass. “Oh my God”, she yelled. “That feels great”! He must have spent a good five minutes licking her there, before inserting a very well lubricated finger up her bottom. ‘L’ sighed out loudly as he got back to sucking her clit, keeping one finger pushed high up her ass. Within seconds, ‘L’ was twitching. I knew that she had cum, and that made my erection all the more painful.

Frederick backed away, and I could see that his face was covered in pussy juice. Lucky man! I was desperate to join in at this stage, but I realised he hadn’t yet fucked her, which I wanted to see! His cock was also twitching as he leant forward and took a condom out of the pocket of his discarded trousers, and rolled it onto his cock. “Well prepared”, I though to myself. He then rubbed the tip of his cock up and down her pussy lips, before pushing it in a little. He teased her for what seemed like and eternity, before plunging deep inside her. ‘L’ grunted loudly as he started to thrust very deeply. “Fuck me as hard as you can”. And he did!

This black stud was really going for it now, and a loud slapping noise was heard as he pistoned in and out of ‘L’. I thought he was beginning to get a little too rough, and it worried me. He was really giving her one! I shouted at him to slow down a bit, at which point he withdrew, and turned ‘L’ onto her hands and knees. He then entered her from behind, and began to fuck her really slowly, quite a contrast to what had been happening a couple of minutes before. Slow, deliberate, deep thrusts, and this was clearly hitting the right spot, as ‘L’ was beginning to grunt again. This went on for some time. I watched intently as he inserted his thumb into ‘L’s ass and asked her if she wanted his cock in there. “Try”, she mumbled. This is the woman who has only had anal sex once before, during a previous encounter with a black guy. She doesn’t let me do it!

Try he did! He pulled his cock out of her pussy, and his thumb out of her bottom, and started to lubricate his cock with spit. Then he slowly, but deliberately began to feed his large, condom-covered cock into ‘L’s ass. She winced several times, and got him to back off, before he finally had the whole length buried in there. Then there was no movement at all whilst she got used to the feeling of it in her ass. He leant forward and kissed the back of her neck and ran his fingers through her hair, before reaching round and massaging her tits and her clit. This was obviously good for her, as it was she who started to move, gently rocking back and forward on his cock.

Suddenly, Astin got out of his chair and ran across the room like a madman, with his cock standing proud out his trousers. He was wanking his cock really hard and just as her got to where Frederick and ‘L’ were beginning the next phase of their fucking, he shot a load of cum up ‘L’s back. It splattered everywhere, onto the sofa and into her hair, but it didn’t stop her moving on that big black cock. “Oh, that’s hot”, she said. It was dribbling down her side as Frederick picked up the tempo. He began to thrust in earnest, and once again, I started to worry about the power of these thrusts. Luckily it didn’t go on too long as he suddenly shouted, “I can’t take too much of this….I’m going to cum!”

“Cum inside me”, was ‘L’s response, and with that, he pulled his cock out of her ass, pulled off the condom, and tried to shoved it straight back in. He didn’t quite make it though, and his buttocks clenched together and he roared as he spurted his cum all over ‘L’s bottom. He kept on wanking his cock for a few moments after, and then stood up to admire his handiwork, leaving ‘L’ on her hands and knees, panting.

I decided that I had to have some of this, and quickly removed my clothes. ‘L’ hadn’t yet moved as she tried to relax, and I simply ‘climbed on-board’. It took me about two minutes of pussy fucking, that’s all, before I felt the need to cum. I pulled out and gestured that I wanted to cum in her mouth. She sat up and took my cock in her mouth and sucked just once, before I squirted! There must have been loads, because she spat most of it out onto the now sodden carpet. Honestly, there was sperm everywhere! Astin’s had run off her back, Frederick’s was dripping off her ass, and now mine!

“Oh wow, that was good”, said ‘L’.

“You betcha!” Fredrick agreed. “Sorry I didn’t cum inside you.” To tell you the truth, I was rather glad that he hadn’t!

I turned to Astin and asked him why he didn’t get fully involved. He replied that he never indulged with “one of his boss’s conquests”, but was always present. Bizarre! Frederick and his associate must have been regulars at this sort of thing. Judging by their earlier comments and all their actions, this was clearly a common occurrence for them.

“So what about seeing the sights tomorrow?” I asked.

“We’ve just seen and experienced all the sights we wanted to!”

And with that, Frederick and ‘L’ went off to bed together, Astin retired to his room (no doubt to wank again), and I slept alone on the stained sofa! I couldn’t really believe that I had just let a man whom I hadn’t known very long, fuck my wife quite vigorously, all watched by another complete stranger! Then I let them spend the night together in my bed! I must be mad.

I reckon that ‘L’ must have been fucked quite a few more times during the night, because I lay awake listening to every squeak and every movement. There were 4 used condoms in the bin the next morning!

I love my wife!

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