When we walked into the pool room Elizabeth was bent over the table and David was kneeling on the floor with his face buried in her pussy and the young guy was standing against the wall rubbing his dick through his pants. He stopped really quick when I looked at him but I just gave him a small smile and he slowly started rubbing again.

Melody and I moved to the other end of the pool table and before she sat on the edge of the table she reached down and removed her panties. She laid back on the table with her legs over the side and I pushed her top up around her shoulders to play with her tits as I watched David eating Elizabeth out. I saw I’d been even rougher than I’d thought on Melody’s neck and tits because there were hickys and red bite marks all over both breasts and both sides of her neck. I was leaning forward and kissing from her breasts down to her pussy and then back up and when I got to her breasts Elizabeth was looking right at me and we both had a nasty smile. I’m not even sure if she was aware at this point if it wasn’t me between her legs but she I could tell that she was really enjoying what was happening.

I stood up to better watch what was going on but kept my hands roaming over Melody and into her pussy then back around, rubbing her pussy juices all over her body. I saw Elizabeth approach what I knew was an orgasm and she looked absolutely fantastic as she shook from some other man giving her pleasure.

She always likes more and as the orgasm passed she kept grinding her pussy against David’s face. He pulled his face away and she urged him to not stop until he again pulled his dick out of his boxers and with one motion plunged it into her pussy burying his entire shaft inside her. He just held it there for a few seconds as she squirmed against her and as he looked over at me with his wife he started pounding away in Elizabeth.

I saw he was about average length like me, about 6 inches or so but she seemed to be really enjoying it. I decided since he was screwing my wife I could screw his so I undid my shorts and kicked them off, grabbed my dick and started playing it over the opening of Melody’s pussy. I could tell that David wasn’t going to last long so just as he was starting to cum I rammed my dick hard into Melody and started pumping away.

David hadn’t lasted more than 20 strokes in Elizabeth before I could tell he was blowing his load deep into her and I’d never seen anything so sexy. I was pounding away in Melody and when David was spent he pulled out and sat on the edge of the pool table. Elizabeth moaned in disappointment and while still bending over the table she reached between her legs and started fingering herself to finish what David had started.

The young guy was still looking at Elizabeth as he was playing with himself through his pants and looking at me and I gave him a slight nod and that was all he needed. He unzipped his pants and a monster cock sprung out. I was amazed, it was certainly the largest one I’d ever seen and I had no idea if he’d even be able to get it into Elizabeth.

She’d been married 3 times before me but I knew that those were the only other men she’d ever had and she’d always said I was the largest guy she’d ever been with so I knew she was going to be in for a real ride with this kid. He quickly pulled a condom out of his pocket and pulled it out of it’s wrapper but struggled for a bit to put it on. I couldn’t tell what kind it was but I didn’t think they had his huge cock in mind when making them. He finally got it on but it was still about two inches short but he wasn’t going to waste any more time with it.

From experience I knew that she’d be real wet by now and with David’s cum mixed in I figured she’d be well lubricated but I was fascinated to see if he’d be able to really get much inside of her. Well duh, she’s had 3 kids I should have known because when he moved up behind her and placed that monster at the entrance of her pussy I could hear her sigh with relief to tell she was going to have another dick inside of her.

He was teasing her a bit, probably getting some lubrication on his dick, by moving it up and down on her soaking wet slit and as he was doing that she just backed up right onto his dick. I could tell she was pleasantly surprised because she let out a large gasp followed by a very “Oh God” and I think he thought he hurt her because he started to take a step back but when she felt him move away she backed up more keeping him inside of her and even sliding further down on his large veined pole.

He started slowing stroking into and out of her and with each push he drove that huge cock a little bit further and further into Elizabeth. I was so enthralled with watching him fuck my wife I almost stopped my pounding into Melody but she was keeping me moving by doing most of the work. The young guy finally had as much of his cock in Elizabeth as I thought he’d get in. I could see on the strokes in, the end of the condom was right at her pussy lips and with every stroke she’s let out a sigh/grunt and she was constantly exclaiming “God, God, God…”

I wouldn’t have thought it was possible but it looked like his cock had grown even larger and it looked to me like it was as thick as her wrist and he was now rhythmically driving in and out of her. She was reaching behind her to grab his balls but since he wasn’t all the way in her she could just barely reach him.

Seeing this was more than I could take and I blew a load inside of Melody and afterward I just stayed in her watching Elizabeth and her new young lover banging away. I saw that David was leaning against the other pool table and he was hard again and stroking his dick looking at the action and Melody wiggled out from underneath me so she could watch Elizabeth and the young guy pounding into her. I heard a noise behind me and I looked back and the waitress and another guy were standing in the doorway to the pool room and he had his hands under her shirt and was playing with her tits as they both watched the action too.

I could see that Elizabeth was having another orgasm and as it started she started shaking and I could tell that she was having the longest one I’d ever known her to have. She had her back arched and she just kept shaking for at least a minute or more and suddenly she moved forward and he slipped out of her.

He had an instant look of dismay on his face and a raging herd on but she said “lay down, lay down.” As he was laying down on his back I saw that the condom had broken and the end at the front of his cock had rolled down a bit and was at least three inches from the head of his huge cock and it looked like a little tube top now only covering about 3 or 4 inches of the middle of his cock. Even though her top had been pushed away leaving her tits exposed, Elizabeth ripped the whole top off as she moved over and straddled her young lover. She slowly lowered herself down until his cock was at the entrance of her pussy and she slowly lowered herself down on to it.

I was enthralled watching the large pole slowly disappear inside of her and she had her eyes closed and was almost hyperventilating as she took a little more with each downward motion. She finally had about as much in her as she’d had when she was bent over the pool table and she was back moaning and exclaiming “Oh God” with each stroke until finally she opened her eyes and looked around until she found where I was and while looking right at me she raised herself up until I could see almost his entire cock and she suddenly relaxed her leg muscles and slid all the way down his cock until it was buried completely in her and she was not sitting directly on him.

She let out a large yell of “yes” and at first I was worried she was hurt but right away she kept repeating “yes, yes..” and then occasionally she would also yell “God” again and I could see that again she was having a huge orgasm. The young guy was moving from side to side under her but he really couldn’t move up and down much since she had him pinned down but even that movement seemed to drive her crazy because she just kept shuddering from her orgasm. Finally after at least two minutes she seemed to calm down a bit and started moving back up and down on his huge pole. This time as she’d rise up to the end she wouldn’t even pause as she would then slide all the way back down until he was completely buried back inside of her.

As her orgasm ended it broke the spell of the rest of us who had been watching enthralled, and Melody moved down and started sucking my dick and seeing this, David walked over to Elizabeth and was jerking off right in front of her. She reached out and grabbed his dick and pulled him towards her and as she was riding the huge pole inside of her she took David’s dick in her mouth and started sucking her juices off of him.

I couldn’t believe how sexy it was to see my wife who had always been so reserved suddenly riding one huge cock and sucking on another one while I was watching. The scene was so erotic I had a hard on before Melody even took me in her mouth. It didn’t take me more than 5 minutes or so before I came again in Melody’s mouth and seeing me come in his wife’s mouth, David suddenly pulled away from Elizabeth and came all over her face. She was so turned on that she tried wiping most of it off with her hands and sucking it off her fingers but she smeared some of it on her cheeks and that made her look even sexier with one man’s cum shiny on her face.

She was getting tired and slowing down so her new lover rolled her over on her back got up between her legs and shoved his cock into her swollen pussy. He pushed her legs up against her chest and her feet were up in the air as he was pounding his full length in and out of her. Once again I could tell she was approaching another orgasm and suddenly he started making grunting noises and as her orgasm hit her I could tell that he was coming and she started yelling “that’s the best, oh God that’s the best” as he came inside her during her orgasm.

As soon as he was finished gushing into her he rolled off and she whimpered as his still huge cock slipped out of her. She just laid there on her back exhausted and looking like she was about to pass out. Melody walked over to Elizabeth and kneeled between her legs and started cleaning the two loads of cum out of her. Of course this sent Elizabeth into another orgasm before Melody was finished and got me hard all over again so I got behind Melody and entered her pussy once again. This is a fantasy I never thought would come true but it was incredibly hot watching Melody eating out my wife as I was fucking her from behind.

I finally came inside of Melody again and with that she finally stopped eating out Elizabeth and as we all relaxed the waitress came up to Melody and they started kissing. I was surprised this whole time she had been watching. Finally my heart stopped pounding and David and I managed to help Elizabeth to her feet and between us we got her out to our car. We didn’t bother cleaning her up or dressing her so when we got home I had to wake her up enough so she could help me getting herself into the house with just her skirt bunched around her waist. I just took her shoes and skirt off after pouring her into our bed and she was asleep before I got around to my side of the bed. She smelled like cum, her hair was disheveled, she had dried cum on her face and I never thought she looked sexier.

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