A fast song came on the jukebox and Elizabeth pulled away from David, straightened her clothes, opened her eyes, looked around and smiled at me and suggested we all go into the back room and play pool. Well I really liked where we were but took her hand and walked into the back room, which I hadn’t really noticed before, as we were followed by David and Melody. There were two pool tables there and Elizabeth took a rack and started gathering up pool balls and suggested we play teams. The rest of us assumed she meant that it would be she and I against David and Melody and she announced that she would break.

As she leaned over to break I was watching her with rapt fascination but noticed out of the corner of my eye that the young couple had come into the pool room also and moved over to the other table. They were followed by the waitress who said they were closing the restaurant but we could still get drinks so I ordered another round of drinks for everyone.

For as drunk as she was I was surprised to see how well Elizabeth broke. One ball went in a pocket so she got another shot. Well for this one she had to lean over the table more and while her skirt had hiked up a bit for the break this time she was completely exposed to all of us. She was directly in front of me so before she took the shot I took a step forward and bent over placed my hand on the back of her knee and slowly lifted my hand up her bare leg until I came to her crotch. She was leaning over the table with her pussy look directly at me and as my hand go up to it and touched it I found that she was soaking wet from arousal so I took one of my fingers and inserted it right into her pussy. She moaned with pleasure as I tweaked my finger around inside if her and rubbed her clit with my other fingers.

After a few seconds of this I pulled my fingers out so she could make her shot and she groaned as I moved away. I knew she was a good pool player but I was still surprised when she made the shot. She moved to another part of the table this time in front of Melody and again bent over to reach this shot.

Melody did as I had by rubbing her hand up Elizabeth’s leg but instead of inserting a finger in her she started rubbing her clit between a couple of fingers and that really got Elizabeth worked up. However like me, Melody just teased her for a bit and shortly pulled her hand away and stepped back. This elicited more groans from Elizabeth but she shortly regained her senses and took the pool shot just as the waitress came in with our next round of drinks.

This one she missed and it was now David’s turn so Elizabeth came over to where I was standing, took a long gulp of her wine and leaned her chest against me and literally pulled my face to hers and gave me a long hard kiss. When we were kissing I heard David take a shot but didn’t hear any balls drop so when Elizabeth and I broke our kiss I grabbed my pool cue and sized up the table. I saw there weren’t any easy shots so I started looking to see what else I could do. I finally decided on a shot and was trying to concentrate on making it even though I could tell that David had moved over to Melody and I could tell they were making out. Just before I made the shot I felt Elizabeth move up behind me and reach around and grab my dick through my pants. Of course I missed the shot but stayed there as she stroked me through my pants.

I heard an excuse me and looked over to see Melody had moved up to the table and wanted to take a shot. I also saw that she had stepped out of her skirt and taken her t-shirt off and was standing in her heels, thong underwear and what’s called a wife beater shirt. It’s basically a thin white halter under shirt and I think women look incredibly sexy in them. And she was no exception. While she didn’t have Elizabeth’s body she still looked very sexy and unlike Elizabeth who has very light rose colored nipples, I could see that Melody had very small tight dark nipples.

As she sized up the table I saw that David was quickly trying to step out of his shorts and as Melody was bent over the table David moved up behind her and as he pulled his dick out of his boxers he rubbed it against her ass. She wiggled her butt at him but wasn’t making it easy for him to enter her like I’m sure he had in mind.

She missed her shot by a mile and it was my turn for a shot and as I moved up to the table Elizabeth moved in front of me when she saw where I was going and sat on the edge of the pool table with her legs spread. While I was doing my best to tease her to get her even hotter I couldn’t resist this opportunity so I bent down and started lapping away at her pussy. I had only taken a couple of strokes with my tongue when I felt a pair of hands reach up between my legs and grab my balls and start fondling them. I pulled away and got a big groan from Elizabeth and stood up and saw Melody with a grin on her face. I told her she should be careful what she started but she just responded saying that she would take whatever I offered. With the mood broken Elizabeth stood up and I turned around and made the shot and moved around to take another.

I saw that the young couple was standing against the wall locked in a tight embrace and kiss and as I bent down for my next shot David had walked up to Melody and pulled up her top and was sucking on one of her tits. I missed that shot and since I noticed that the music had stopped I announced that I was going to put more money in the jukebox.

Melody broke away from David and said she’d help me pick some songs and we left Elizabeth to make her shot and David with a very stiff dick in his shorts. When Melody and I got to the jukebox I was looking at the suggestions and she was right behind me with her arms around me at my waist looking past my arm at the song list. She started rubbing my dick through my shorts as she suggested a couple of songs. I picked some for myself and several she picked and when the first song started she spun around me to my front and started dirty dancing against me.

It was a slow song and on the dance floor we were grinding our hips together and I put my hands on her bare ass cheeks and pulled her tightly against me. She pulled my head down and locked me in a fierce kiss. At one point in the kiss she grabbed my lower lip with her teeth and tugged and it felt incredibly raw and sexual. She whispered in my ear that she wanted me to bite her neck and I was more than happy to oblige and moved my mouth down to her neck to suck on it. She loved it but said louder to bite her which I did. The more and harder I bit her the more she loved it until I was concerned about drawing blood. Neither of us even noticed that a new song had started until I moved up and over to the other side of her neck. I left several bite marks on that side too until she pulled up her top and pushed my head down onto her nipples.

I loved her tight dark nipples so I really went to town sucking on them and she moaned for me to bit them too. I took her nipple between my teeth and teased it by pulling it out lightly but she said to bite harder. Again I was concerned about drawing blood but I don’t think she cared. After working on that breast for a bit I moved over to the other one and started sucking on it too. I love sucking on the underneath of a woman’s breast and I gave her a very bright hickey under her nipple when she urged me to bite that one also. I took it between my teeth and really bit pretty hard this time and when I did she pushed my head down and I could tell that with her nipple in my teeth it must have really hurt but she just moaned really loud in pleasure.

I couldn’t believe she was enjoying this because I was biting really hard but she wasn’t moving away at all and still was rubbing my dick and balls with a passion. I had just moved my head back up to kiss her again when I saw a quick movement and saw it was the girl of the young couple that had followed us into the pool room.

She looked right at me sand said, “your whore is about to get fucked by her husband so you should get some money to help pay for her” and she stormed out of the bar. Melody laughed but I said we should probably go in and see if everything was ok. Melody said she was sure Elizabeth could take care of herself if she wanted but this was a long time fantasy and I wanted to see what was happening.

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