We are very good friends with Betty and Jeff and know both of them as kidders so as soon as Jeff got to our table he told Elizabeth that he thought that as over dressed as she was she’d probably be way too hot for that bar in the summer. We all laughed and that broke the ice and I explained why Elizabeth was dressed like she was and they joked with her about accepting bets. They practically dragged us out of our booth and told us to come and sit with them in one of the larger corner booths. I think the guys just wanted to get a better look at Elizabeth and the women wanted to make her squirm.

Since the skirt was no larger than a small napkin she obviously flashed David who was standing at that side of our booth. While sitting, the skirt just barely touched the seat in the back so her bare ass was against seat so she had to be careful while getting out but even so all eyes were glued to her as she stood up. Her ass was completely exposed until she managed to pull the skirt down as far as it would go and I could see that she was really blushing.

With as much as she’d had to drink she lurched forward and David grabbed her by the waist to keep her from falling over. That was a pretty funny sight because Elizabeth is 5’11” in her bare feet so with the heels she was 6’4” and David couldn’t be more than 5’5” or 5’6” so his face was right in her boobs as she put her arms around his shoulders to steady herself and it was also a very sexy sight. I’d secretly wanted to see her with another man and seeing his hands on her waist and face literally touching her breasts and her arms around him was a real turn on.

We knew all knew David and Melody were swingers so I don’t think it came as a surprise to anyone when he tried moving his hands down onto her ass but by then she had regained her balance and was pushing herself up and away from him. Jeff cleared his throat and grabbed Elizabeth by the elbow and steered her over to our new booth and helped her down into the seat and I moved in next to her as she scooted into the booth. Since Betty and Jeff could tell Elizabeth was drunk Betty quickly moved around the booth and scooted in next to Elizabeth with Jeff next to her before Melody or David could sit there and do who know what else.

The waitress brought Elizabeth’s third drink over drinks for the others too so I assumed that they were well known there. Elizabeth started to down this drink too but I took her arm and whispered in her ear that she might want to take it easy now that we had company. She gave me a small smile and thanked me and put her glass down.

Their drinks came and they all ordered without having to look at the menu’s and they all also ordered a second round of drinks. Elizabeth whispered in my ear that she wanted to dance so I got up and put some money in the jukebox. My knowledge of country music is very limited but I knew a couple of the songs so I chose those. I walked over to the table and took Elizabeth’s hand and she stood up, adjusted her skirt after mooning everyone at the table and we walked onto the dance floor. It was a slow song so I put my arms around her waist and we swayed to the music.

After watching us for a song the others joined us on the dance floor and as we got more into the music I moved my hands down onto Elizabeth’s ass cheeks. There really wasn’t much material in the way but I moved what there was up so my hands were directly on her ass and pulled her close to me so she could feel how hard I was. I kept noticing David watching us and didn’t know how either of us would respond if he came up and wanted to cut in but the song ended and we all headed back to our table.

The other couples had finished their first drinks and were on their second and Elizabeth had just finished her third when the waitress brought all our food at the same time. Elizabeth ordered a fourth drink I ordered a second and everyone else ordered their third and we all sat back and enjoyed the food.

A couple of times while we were eating Betty had to excuse herself to go to the bathroom and shortly after we finished eating she mentioned to Jeff that she was having a lot of intestinal distress and that they should go home. Jeff really didn’t want to go but being a good husband he said he’d gladly take her home so they got up and left.

Elizabeth had finished her fourth drink and David and Melody had finished their third but I was nursing my second since I would have to drive home and I was getting anxious to see where things went from here. Elizabeth said she had to go to the bathroom so I got out of the booth and helped her up and as she stood up she didn’t lower her skirt right away, waiting until she was walking away. I assumed because she’d had so much to drink that she just didn’t think about it but I was completely turned on by how sexy she looked that I didn’t think anything about it.

While she was gone both David and Melody commented on how sexy Elizabeth looked and that they’d never seen that side of her. They’d known her longer than I had and said they never would have thought she’d go out in that outfit. I told them that she was always wanting to go out dancing so I thought that the dancing part of the night really helped make up her mind about going along with the bet.

Sure enough when she came back from the bathroom she asked me if I’d dance with her again so I got up and put more money in the jukebox but this time I let her pick the songs. When the music started it was another slow song and we continued where we’d left off on our last dance and I put my hands back on her ass as she nuzzled her face into my neck.

We were both swaying to the music when I opened my eyes and saw that David and Melody and one of the other couples had joined us on the dance floor. I closed my eyes again but soon I felt a tap on my arm and I opened my eyes. I could see that Melody wanted to dance with me and David wanted to dance with Elizabeth and I wasn’t sure what to do until Elizabeth broke her grasp on me and moved over to David.

I took Melody in my arms and of course it was a completely different feeling. Whereas I’d had my arms against skin with Elizabeth, with Melody they were against clothes but also Melody was much shorter. However, what was different was looking at Elizabeth now. Both Melody and I watched Elizabeth and David dancing and while he started with his arms around her waist it wasn’t long before he had moved his hands onto her ass like I’d had mine but since his arms were lower it was an easier reach for him.

As drunk as she was I was still surprised when she didn’t resist his hands at all because she’s always insisted that she isn’t interested in anyone but me. Even when the song ended and switched to a new one they didn’t change positions except for his hands to get bolder in their exploration.

Watching this I was getting even more turned on and I’m sure Melody could tell since we were pressed to each other and she could surely feel my arousal. I could feel her hot breath on my neck while I was watching Elizabeth and David and I became aware of her light occasional kisses on my neck. I saw that David was moving his hands down Elizabeth’s thighs and them moving them back up the inside of her legs and I was sure that when his hands reached her crotch he rubbed them against her bare shaved pussy because I saw her part her lips in an almost sigh of relief. She never opened her eyes as he continued to stroke her legs and pussy and he was spending more and more time with one of his hands buried in her crotch.

It was at that point that he then moved one of his hands around her and pulled one part of her top aside to reveal one of her bare breasts and as he moved his hand back down he gently started kissing and licking her nipple. I turned to look at Melody to see if she was watching this also and as our eyes met she raised her face up and we met in a very passionate kiss.

We didn’t break our kiss till the end of the song but when we did I saw that David was now tugging at Elizabeth’s nipple with his teeth with his hands wrapped around her ass and in her crotch and she had her back arched looking straight up with her mouth open in almost ecstasy.

I looked around and saw that the other couple had left the dance floor and there was only one young couple left in the bar and they were looking at the four of us with rapt fascination. They looked in their very early 20’s and I’m guessing had never seen anything like this before. Either had I for that matter.

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