My wife and I have been married for a little over two years now and quite often we make bets with each other on various matters. Sometimes the bets are for money other times they are more of a dare nature.

A couple of months ago we made a bet that she said she was certain of and I was equally certain I was right. Since our last bet I’d been thinking what some really good stakes would be for a new bet and I’d come up with a great idea so when this one came up I proposed my terms.

I’d done a lot of looking online for sexy outfits and I finally found the stuff I was looking for. The skirt was red and called a Lycra Mini Flirt Skirt and all told it was 7 ½” long from top to bottom, and the top was called a Long Sleeve Tie Top in a red tropical print. The top tied at the breasts so basically her entire midriff was bare from below her breasts to the top of the skirt that would rest on her hips. I also picked out a pair of 5” spiked heel sandals.

When we decided the bet I pulled out the pictures I’d printed out of the skirt, top, and shoes and kept with me. I told her that she’d have to wear that outfit and nothing more when we went out for dinner and dancing in a couple of weekends. She was surprised that I mentioned dancing because I really don’t like dancing and was even more surprised at the outfit. However she was confident that she was right so we agreed on the terms of the bet.

As soon as we got home I went online and ordered the outfit and it came in a few days and she just laughed at me for wasting the money on the outfit because she was sure she’d win the bet.

Unfortunately for her in another few days we found out that I was indeed right and she lost the bet. Now she was really hesitant to proceed with the bet but I really needled her about welching on the bet and she finally agreed to try on the outfit. About a year before we met, for her 45th birthday, she had decided to splurge on herself and had gotten a tummy tuck so with her great firm size c breasts she had a fantastic figure of a 21 year old.

She looked incredible in the outfit and I kept telling her how fantastic she looked and we had fantastic sex with 5 minutes of her coming out of the bathroom with it on. Finally after about a week of my convincing her she looked fantastic she agreed to go out in the outfit with the stipulation that she get to pick the location. I reminded her that I said we’d go to dinner and dancing so she mentioned a place I’d never been before but knew it was on the outskirts of town.

We finally decided we’d go out the next Thursday evening. All day at work I could hardly concentrate knowing we were going out with her in that outfit. I really didn’t think anything would come of it but I knew it would be very sexy walking around and dancing with her in that outfit.

When I got home she met me at the door and she looked stunning. She’d put a lot of makeup on which she normally doesn’t do and I wanted to have sex with her right then and there. She said she’d only get up the nerve to wear that outfit once and she didn’t want me complaining that she hadn’t lived up to the bet by our staying home and having sex right then and messing up her makeup and hair. I could tell that she’d had quite a bit to drink because she was already slightly slurring her words but I didn’t blame her at all because it was a very minimal outfit and really didn’t hide much.

She drives a little roadster and we decided to take that and as I held the door for her and she got in her skirt barely came to below her crotch and as she spread her legs to swing them in I could easily see that she’d completely shaved her pussy. That was a real nice surprise because she knows that I love that.

I didn’t know much about the place she’d said we’d go to other than we’d passed by it several times and a couple of friends of ours always talked about going there. When we got there I mentioned I was surprised to see that there were only a couple of other cars in the parking lot. I had only moved to town when we got married so I was still relatively new to the area and she said that’s why she’d picked that place. She said it was always dead on Thursday nights and it wasn’t unusual to have the place to yourself after 8pm or so.

At least now I knew why she’d picked that place because she knew I wouldn’t get home till 7pm and by the time we would dance we could possibly be the only people there except for the employees. I didn’t mind and was just proud to be with such a good looking sexy woman.

We got out of the car and again I got a clear view of her pussy and we walked into the bar. Inside it looked pretty much like I expected it to judging from the outside. It looked like a cowboy bar with peanut shells on the floor and all sorts of pictures of show horses and bucking horses. The one thing our friends had said about the bar was that they had fantastic onion rings and the best hamburgers in town.

It was arranged with a dance floor in the center of the room and booths all around the edges and a very large bar at the back. We looked around when we walked in and Elizabeth steered me to one side of the room away from two of the three other couples in the place. The couple that was on the side of the dance floor that we were on was engrossed in conversation as we walked up but as soon as the guy saw Elizabeth he just stopped in mid sentence and looked at her open mouthed. The woman with him looked to see what he was looking at and she looked pissed as we walked by and sat in a booth two down from them. I could hear her giving him grief about staring at Elizabeth and Elizabeth seemed to get a real kick out of that also.

We hadn’t been sitting long before the waitress came up and asked us if we wanted anything from the bar. She had a slightly amused expression on her face and I assumed she thought I was there with a hooker so when I ordered drinks I said I’d like a glass of Chardonnay for my wife and a bourbon rocks for me. Saying Elizabeth was my wife seemed to take the waitress by surprise but she said she’d be back with our drinks.

I could tell that Elizabeth was very uncomfortable but she was doing her best to look composed but her hands were shaking as I took ahold of them above the table. I told her we could leave if she wanted but she said she’d be ok as soon as she had a couple of drinks.

When the waitress put her drink down Elizabeth took it and downed it before she could even put my drink down and take out her order pad. The waitress again looked very amused at this and when I said it looked like Elizabeth would like another drink she just smiled and turned and went back to the bar.

We picked up the menus and by the time the waitress came back with Elizabeth’s second glass of wine we’d decided on what to order. Once again as soon as she got her drink Elizabeth took a drink of it and when I was finished ordering for us I asked the waitress to bring Elizabeth another glass of wine because she’d just finished her second one.

I could tell that Elizabeth was calming down now because she was looking around less furtively and slurring her words even more and I asked her how much she’d had to drink at home. She said she’d had a bottle and a half of wine so with the two glasses she’d had here I knew she had to be really toasted.

I was starting to feel bad about making her go through with this when she exclaimed, “oh my God.” I thought she was surprised about the waitress coming back or something but I looked where she was looking I saw our good friends Betty and Jeff and another couple we knew, David and Melody had just walked in. They almost immediately spotted us and walked over to our table and as the guys got a look at Elizabeth they both got a real glimmer in their eyes.

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