This happened about 2 1/2 years ago.

When I last left you, we promised you more adventures to come with my lovely wife Leslie and I.

Well, its been awhile since the last adventure I submitted, because of work, time restraints and so forth, we never were able to write until now. That doesn’t mean we havent had any adventures, oh no, to the contrary, we have had quiet a few.

Now understand my wife Leslie is not a slut, FAR from it. We just enjoy our sex life to the fullest and she only pampers me with the fantasies and adventures we act out. We don’t go out every weekend looking to pick someone up to bring home and have sex with, we are very picky and if the chemistry is right between all that are involved, then we will take it a step farther and see what happens.

Now, Leslie stands at 5’9″ tall and weighs 135lbs. She works out daily with Tai-Bo, so you know what kind of body and shape she is in. Her measurements are 36b-25-34. Her breasts are exquisite, with silver dollar sized areolas and the most gorgeous nipples any man would love. Her ass, well, is HEART-SHAPED, plain and simple. She has a Mohawk haircut below, with her lips completely shaven, INCREDIBLE.


We know some friends (whom I will call Doug & Cindy to protect the innocent) that we found out was into the lifestyle of swinging. Intrigued by this we inquired more about it. They said they were into soft swap (oral, fondling, kissing, but no intercourse except with your mate) instead of the full swap. They invited us out after dinner to a gentleman’s club that had a VIP room for couples only that had a separate dance floor and was a very intimate area.

We agreed to go and with what Leslie had on my heart was skipping a beat. Leslie had on a black mini skirt with a matching black thong and a white see through shirt with no bra that accented her gorgeous tittys, WOW.

When we arrived we found Doug & Cindy in a secluded booth and ordered some drinks with Leslie ordering wine. Now understand my wife loves her wine and when she has some she becomes somewhat flirty, also she feels good and sexy about herself.

After chatting with Doug and Cindy the DJ played a song the girls like and we all went out on the dance floor and did some serious bumping and grinding, dirty dancing style, which brought the temperature up a few degrees. having our fun on the dance floor we went back to the booth and sat down and order more drinks. The waitress came by, she asked if we would like some jello shots. The girls quickly jumped at the chance and when the waitress returned she was holding two huge syringes.

We looked puzzled and she explained it was so that we could squirt the shot in our mouths or on a body part of our choice. Now you do have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what went through my mind. We quickly did the shots in our mouths and then I order more for the group. This time when the waitress returned, I suggested we do it off a body part. The girls just grinned and asked me what I was thinking. I said lets do it of you lovely ladies breasts. Now Doug started to readily agree with my idea, while the ladies just look at us with a hesitant look.

I said, “C’mon ladies lets do it”, I then said with a grin, “I will even let Leslie go first”.

Leslie just looked at me and said, “Oh you will?”

I just shook my head yes, grinned and looked down at Leslie’s shirt as if to say, lets see.

Leslie looked around and then slowly lowered the top of her shirt to reveal her left titty, hard nipple and all. Now Doug was grinning from ear to ear and I knew for quite some time he had wanted to see Leslie’s tits and he was soaking it all in. I then took the jello shot and squirted it on my wifes titty and nipple and motioned for Doug to have at it. He didnt have to be told twice and began to hungrily suck the jello shot off of Leslie’s nipple.

Cindy looking frustrated, said, “What about me?”

So being the gentleman I am (lol) I released my wifes other titty and squirted a jello shot on her nipple and invited Cindy over. She came over and slowly took her time sucking Leslie’s titty until the jello shot was completely gone. What an erotic rush, seeing my wifes titty sucked by my friend and his wife. Leslie seemed to enjoy it as her head was leaning back on the booth and let them take their time sucking her nipples. After Doug and Cindy came up for air, we ordered more drinks and hit the dance floor for some more bumping and grinding. Doug with Leslie and Cindy and I.

Leslie was rubbing her body up against Doug and he was loving it as I was. He was feeling her ass and had his hand under her shirt and feeling her bare breasts. Cindy and I was doing the same thing, what a charge, seeing your wife doing this and you doing the same thing. I looked over again and they were both locked in a passionate kiss, exploring each others mouths. When the songs were over we went back to the booth and order more shots.

This time the girls decided to do it off our chests since we did it off theirs, so we obliged, because….Ding-Ding, a light went off in my head. If you are reading my mind you will know what comes up next. After the girls did their thing with us, I then suggested that we do some shots down below the belt.

Cindy then spread her legs and said, “I’m first!”

With that we squirted a jello shot on her bare pussy which just happened to be pantyless and Doug went down on her first, then me and then Leslie……

Now Leslie is not bi and never thought about it, so I figured she wouldnt do it, but….

Doug looked at her and said, “Leslie, your turn.”

I looked at my wife and said, “Yeah baby, its your turn. Come do a jello shot.”

The look in Leslie’s eyes were what I had seen before, it was the I’ll show you look, and being a little tipsy, leaned over and began to take a jello shot off Cindy’s pussy. “Fuck!” was all I could say as I watched my wife taste her first pussy. Doug was encouraging her on as was Cindy. I watched as Leslie slowly moved her tongue up and down Cindy’s pussy and then began sucking the jello shot off. I almost came in my pants. When Leslie was finished, I spread her legs and eased her panties over and said to Doug and Cindy, “Your guys turn!”

Leslie just leaned her head back as I put the jello shot on her pussy. Doug came over first and and took his sweet time on my wifes bare pussy lips, then Cindy joined in and both of them were eating her pussy. My cock was rock hard at this site. This went on for quite some time and I could tell Leslie was beginning to enjoy it. Doug was the first to finish and then Cindy, both of them were smiling and wiping their mouths and saying at the same time, “Gawd her pussy tastes great!”

What happened next surprised the shit out of me. Before I could get it out of my mouth about (DING-DING) your turn ladies, my WIFE said, “Okay guys, its our turn to do you guys on your cocks!”

Doug’s mouth flew open as did mine and we both unzipped our pants and said, “OKAY!!”

With that Cindy put a shot on me and Leslie did the same with Doug and both of the ladies went down on our cocks at the same time. Man what a feeling, having your friends wife suck your cock and watching your wife suck his cock. Leslie was really going to town on Doug’s cock as Cindy was doing me, all this was in the club!!

The girls stopped and said we better stop before we get caught. Much to our disappointment we had to agree with them, because we didnt want to go to jail.

So Doug suggested we go to their place and get in the hot tub.

I asked my wife Leslie and she said, “Sure why not!”

We then paid our tab and followed each other to Doug and Cindy’s house. Once we got there we proceeded to strip and get in the hot tub where the fun really began to heat up, but thats another adventure, so stay tuned…….
Leslie and the Jello Shots pt.2

When we last left you Leslie and I left with some friends of ours Doug and Cindy to enjoy their hot-tub after a night at a gentleman’s club doing jello shots off our wives bodies. Read Leslie and the Jello-shots pt. 1 to catch up to where we are now.

When we finally got to Doug and Cindy’s, we all stripped and got in the hot-tub, Doug and I were first, followed by Cindy, and then we all watched as Leslie was the last to strip down. What a site it was, her standing in just her black thong panties slowly lowering it to get in the hot tub. When we all were in, we had the normal chit chat and then we broke out the jello shots again which we had bought from the club and proceeded to continue were we had left off.

I applied one on my wife’s breasts and began to suck it off and then Doug followed suit. Cindy then joined in on the fun and before you knew it everyone was doing each other in one form or the other with the shots. Now after we had finished all the jello-shots, we were all pretty much horny and the tension in the air was nothing but sex.

I was sitting on the ledge of the hot tub with my wife on my lap and Cindy and Doug across from us. Leslie was stretched out with her pussy just above water and Cindy leaned over, looked at us and began to ease down between Leslie’s legs. With my wife resting on my lap I eased her ass up a little exposing her beautiful pussy more and invited Cindy to have a taste of Leslie.

Cindy went down on Leslie and began eating her lovely pussy. A low moan came out of my wife’s mouth as Cindy continued… Doug and I were enjoying the show when Doug snuck in behind Cindy and began to slowly fuck his wife. Cindy was moaning as Doug was fucking her and my wife was letting out moans one right after the other as her pussy was being eaten by Cindy.

Leslie’s head was tilted back enjoying the pleasure Cindy was giving her and I whispered in her ear, “Baby, you look SOOOO hot, getting your pussy ate by Cindy!”, she just moaned more acknowledging she was enjoying it too.

I could tell Leslie was about to cum because her breathing became heavier and her legs began to twitch.

“Ohhhhhh, Ohhhhhh!”, was all she was saying, then “Yessss, Oh Yessss, I-I-I amm c-cu-cumminnnnnggggg!” as she had a huge orgasm flood her body, making shake and then become limp.

Cindy, after pleasuring my wife was getting pleasure from Doug. She now stood up and had her hands on the edge of the hot-tub and Doug was picking up the pace and began to fuck his wife senseless.

Leslie eased her way over and began sucking Cindy’s breasts. Now understand Leslie had never done anything like this with a woman, except maybe a kiss, but never what happened at the club or what I am about to tell you. She always knew I liked to watch her, whether it was flashing a trucker while giving me head, or even the time with our friend Scott, (see She Did It for Me), but to have her do THIS!

She got up and eased over to where Cindy and Doug were fucking and began to kiss Cindy and fondle her tittys and nipples. She glanced back at me and smiled, knowing that I like to watch and proceeded to lower herself down to the height of Cindy’s breasts and took a titty into her mouth and began to suck it. Man, I didn’t think I could get much harder, but I somehow did watching Leslie.

She began to suck the nipple and then tounge all around the outside edges like a pro.

“Oh Fuck yes!” Cindy yelled, “Suck my titties!!”

Leslie began sucking harder and alternated between each nipple. I was now jacking off watching my wife when she said to me, “Like watching me baby?”

I just moaned and shook my head in approval.

She then asked, “Did you like watching Cindy eat my pussy?”, “It felt sooo good to me.”

I just shook my head. She then concentrated on Cindy as her moans became louder and Doug’s fucking began to get faster and he yelled, “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!” and with that Doug tensed up and yelled and shoved his cock deeper in to his wife and Cindy simultaneously let out a yell and both of them came as my wife continued to suck Cindy’s tittys.

When they, Doug and his wife came back down to earth from their orgasm, my wife came back over and told me, “I want you to FUCK me in front of Doug and Cindy.”

I said, “Are you sure?” knowing that Leslie was a little tipsy.

“Yes, Fuck me Now!” she said, “You know you want to”.

She was right, I had told her that I liked to be watched as I like watching, even though we had only had sex on an unexpected occasion with Scott, we really didn’t know what to expect here with our swinger friends.

Thoughts were going through my mind like, “If I am fucking Leslie, what if Doug comes over and joins in?” (knowing I would enjoy it if it happened) or “What if Leslie changes her mind suddenly and freaks out?”

You can imagine what was going through my mind if you had been in a similar situation. Not knowing what to expect I went with the flow and had my wife sit at the edge of the hot-tub as I leaned up and eased my cock into her.

“Oh yeah baby” she said, “You like this don’t you?”

I just nodded my head yes and proceeded to fuck my lovely wife. She looked over my shoulder at Doug and Cindy and said, “They’re watching, They’re watching you fuck me. Do you like that baby?”

Fucking her faster I said, “Yes.” Leslie then leaned in and whispered in my ear – what she said made my cock harder inside her and almost made me cum.

“Want them to come over and help you?” she asked.

I just looked up at her with puzzlement. “Really?” I asked.

She smiled at me and told me how much she loved me and said, “I know you want me to get fucked again by another man, Why not Doug?” “And why not have Cindy help?”

It was more than I could stand, my pace quickened and I said I was cumming and shot a huge load into my wife’s pussy.

“Mmmmmmmm, I take that as a yes then!” Leslie said.

I just leaned up and kissed my wife and shook my head and said I would love to watch that.

Doug and Cindy watching us, came over and said that was awesome.

Leslie then said, “Doug, would you and your wife like to continue, and FUCK me while my hubby watches?”

Doug looked at me and I nodded my approval and told them its her decision.

Leslie then said, “I love him very much and this is for him to enjoy as well, but the only way you can fuck me is if you wear a condom.”

Doug said no problem, got up and went to get a condom out of the house. In the meantime Cindy eased back down as my wife was still on the edge of the hot-tub and got between Leslie’s legs and proceeded to lick her pussy. Leslie leaned back on her hands and just moaned.

Then Cindy stood up and kissed my gorgeous wife full on the lips. The kiss lasted a pretty good while, long enough for Doug to come back with the condom.

He said, “Hey, don’t start without me!”

Leslie broke the kiss and motioned him over and said, “Well GET OVER HERE then!”

Doug walked over to where the ladies were and stood there as he watched his wife disappear again between my wife’s legs. Leslie then reached up and grabbed Doug’s cock and began to suck it.

“Oh Fuck!” was all he could say.

I looked up at him and said, “She is a great cocksucker, isn’t she?”

He just smiled and said, “Your damn right she is”.

Now think of the sight that was before me, my wife sitting on the edge of the hot-tub, my friends cock in her mouth being sucked and his wife between my wife’s legs eating her pussy. To top it off, I FORGOT about the camera and didn’t get any pics, lol. Oh well, I still have the memory in my mind and trying to relay it to you so you can picture it too.

Now watching my wife being ate and sucking a cock, I began to realize that my wife truly loved me for doing these things. She was at a little more at ease because of the drinking we all had done, but I knew the real reason why.

Leslie was moaning, and Doug was moaning as well from the great blowjob he was receiving. Doug told me he wanted Leslie and was I sure it was ok. I looked at Leslie and asked her.

“Yes baby, it is. Just enjoy and know I am doing this for you.” she said.

Doug then eased back in the hot-tub beside his wife, rolled the condom on his cock and with his hand gripping his cock, slowly slid it in my wife’s pussy. Leslie’s head went back and let out a soft moan as did Doug.

Now, I am pretty well-endowed – a little over 8″ and Doug’s cock was a little smaller then mine, maybe 6 1/2″ – but it still made her moan. She later told me it was just the thought of me watching her and her knowing it was turning me on and not about the size at all.

Doug began to slowly ease in and out of Leslie’s pussy – he was completely enjoying fucking my wife. Cindy was now sucking her tittys. What a fucking sight this was.

“Oh yeah, Oh yeah” was all Doug could say.

Cindy then asked her husband, “You like her pussy baby? You like fucking it?”

Doug’s reply, “Oh yeah!” and he continued fucking Leslie, harder and faster this time.

Leslie’s tittys were bouncing back and forth from the force of Dougs fucking.

“Fuck me Doug, Fuck me!” Leslie yelled as she looked at me and smiled.

“That’s it, that’s it baby, give it to her, fuck her hard!” Cindy added.

Leslie never took her eyes off me as Cindy sucked her tittys and Doug fucked her. She smiled and mouthed the words “I love you” as Doug’s pace quickened and said he was about to cum.

Leslie then looked at Doug and said, “Then FUCK ME Doug, fuck me and show me you are about to cum!”

Doug then let out a loud moan and withdrew from Leslie and in one swift motion, took off his condom and shot his load all over Leslie’s stomach. Doug’s wife lowered her head and took the rest of Doug’s load down her throat as Doug continued stroking his cock. Cindy, after finishing with Doug, raised up and licked the cum of my wife’s stomach. Damn, I still cant believe I watched this all.

We all cleaned up and said our goodbyes and Leslie and I left to head home. On the way we talked about what happened and how hot it had made me.

I asked her if she enjoyed it, she nodded her head and she said, “I ONLY did that for you baby, understand I have no desire to fuck another man or woman.” “I do these things to please you because I love you.”

She then leaned over and kissed me. I could only think about what a lucky man I am, knowing that she DOES do these things for me and I shouldn’t abuse the gift she gives me. That is why we have adventures with other people once in a blue moon. As a happily married couple, we understand the privileges we both have and the joy we have in making each other happy.

See you next time with another one of our adventures.

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