This happened a few weeks ago when the wife and I went shopping for her some new bras. Since the baby, her boobs have gotten somewhat bigger and her bras aren’t fitting the way she likes. So off to Victoria’s Secret we go, if you ask me, with the stuff at her place Victoria really doesn’t have much of a secret. Ok, Ok, on with what happened.

We get in the store and start to look around and Leslie, my beautiful and adoring wife began looking around for some bras. She maybe looked for ten to fifteen minutes, had picked out about five that she was interested in and said she was gonna go try them on. Now let me describe Leslie to you. Some of you know what she looks like from past stories we have submitted and some of you don’t. She is an absolute stunner. She is 5’9” weighs around 135 and has an awesome body with her tits being her best asset, 36c or d depending on the bra and big areolas topped by gorgeous nipples that stay hard constantly.

My wife told me to follow her to try on the bras and to see what I thought of how they looked on her. There were a few men in there with there wives shopping , but mostly the store was empty, except for one gentleman that was sitting down by the dressing rooms waiting on his wife to get finished shopping.

Leslie took the available dressing room near the front, which just happened to provide an awesome angle to anyone that looked in its direction. I sat next to a gentleman that was waiting on his wife and struck up a conversation with him to pass the time while I waited for my wife. As we talked, Leslie called out for me to come and see what I thought.

Now Victoria Secrets have half doors instead of curtains and this one opened out toward the chairs that we were sitting in and provided an un-obstructive view of the dressing room and with the full mirror attached to the wall you could see the entire dressing room.

Now as I went to her door I told her to open up so I could see. When she did, no one could see her directly except me, UNLESS you had a view of the mirror which this gentleman just so happened to have.

My wife was standing there looking in the mirror, standing in just her jeans and the bra she tried on and asked me what I thought. I told her it looked awesome and that I loved the color she had picked out, lavender with some lace that left the top of her areolas just visible above the bra.

“Do you think its too tight?” she asked as she cupped her breasts.

“No” I replied, “I think it fits you perfect.”

“Nah” she said as she reached around to unsnap the bra, leaned over to take it off and stood there topless in with me still at the door with it open.

No one could see but the gentleman that had the un-obstructive view through the mirror. Who was I to complain when this happened, I love to show off my wifes body every chance I get.

Leslie reached for another white one that was completely sheer and looked just like a second skin on her when she tried it on. She adjusted her tit’s the way you women do and said, “Yeah, this one I like.”

She looks at me and then asked, “Whatcha think?’

“Love it!!” I said.

She then through it at me and said to make sure that no one comes around and if so shut the door because she didn’t want anyone to see her.

I looked at her, smiled and said, “Too late.”

“What??” she asked.

I said it was too late, that the gentleman over there sitting down could see her reflection in the mirror.

“You didn’t tell me?” she angrily said.

I told her no because she knew I liked showing her lovely tits off. She smiled and said it was ok as long as it was just him and no one else.

She then looked in the mirror and saw the older man looking and waved at him as she proceeded to take off the bra and try on another one.

I told Leslie that I would be right back and left the door the way it was and sat down by the gentleman again and started talking to him and told him to go stand guard at the door for my wife. He looked shocked and asked if I was sure. I nodded that I was and I would watch for his wife ( which he pointed out to me) and watched as he walked over to Leslie’s dressing room and stood at her door.

I heard my wife say, “OH…H-Hello…C-can I help you?”

The older gentleman said hi back, told my wife that I said to stand guard over the door and that he hope it was alright with her.

She looked at me through the mirror, gave a half hearted smile with a little anger mixed in and told him sure if that’s what her husband said.

I then watched as she took the bra off and grabbed another one to try on.

I heard the gentleman compliment my wife on what great breasts she had and that I was such a lucky man to have such a beautiful wife.

Leslie blushed as she tried on the bra and told the gentleman thank you. As she was adjusting herself to fit in the bra the gentleman asked, “What size are you?

“36 c or d, depending on the bra.” my wife said.

“Are your nipples always that hard?” he asked.

“Yes.” she laughingly said.

He just shook his head and said , “Amazing!”

I was looking around for the gentlemans wife to make sure he wasn’t gonna get busted and found that she was lost in shopping and was oblivious to what her husband was doing.

I redirected my eyes back to the dressing room and saw that Leslie had taken the bra off and was now trying on the last one.

“Your breasts are incredible!” the gentleman said.

My wife kind of laughed and replied thanks and adjusted herself once more. He then asked a question so boldly that I thought my wife would slap him for.

He asked, “Would you mind if I felt of your breasts and hard nipples?”

My wife stopped cold looked at him then me and the mirror and just smiled. She then continued adjusting the bra and said, “You have to ask my husband if you want to feel my tits.”

With that she motioned me over and said, “Honey this gentleman here that you told to stand guard over my door has a question to ask you.”

I said ok fire away, but the gentleman was silent. My wife sensing the man was nervous came on out and said, “He wants to feel my tits, is that ok?”

I looked around the store and it wasn’t very many there, just his wife and few others and no one was trying anything on, the clerks were out of eyeshot helping others and I said, “Sure go for it.”

My wife told him to hurry and get inside the room with her so not to attract attention and as he did I shut the door behind him. I stood guard and watched for his wife as my wife told him to sit down and be very quiet. The gentleman did so and my wife straddled his lap, reached around her to unclasp her bra. She then took it off and threw it out the way and told him, “Here you go.”

The gentleman looked at me and then Leslie and I told him he had better hurry up or his wife would catch him. He then reached out and grabbed both of my wifes tits with his hands and began to massage and tweak her nipples. Leslie’s loves to have her tits caressed and this was no exception.

“You like them?” she asked.

“Oh very much so.” he whispered, “May I taste them?”

My wife looked at me and I told him, “Make it quick, your wife is almost finished.”

He leaned forward and engulfed my wifes hard nipple and began to suck on it hard. Leslie was looking at him sucking her tit and whispered seductively to him, “MMMMMMMMM I love to have my tits sucked.”
She then threw her head back and grabbed his head and pulled him closer to her tit and began to slowly dry hump this total stranger.

“Oh yeah , suck my tit!” she whispered, “Suck it hard!”

The stranger did as she asked.

Leslie then pulled him off that tit and moved him to the other one and said, “This one needs attention too.”

He readily started sucking on the right one as my wife looked up at me and whispered, “Where is his wife?’

“She’s almost ready to check-out .” I said.

“Let me know when she gets closer.” she whispered again.

She then got off the stranger and told him to stand up. When he did my wife unzipped his pants and grabbed his now hard cock and was jacking him off in his pants. The man was in another world as Leslie whispered too him. “Cum for me.”

She pulled his cock out so that he wouldn’t cum in his pants and started to jack him off faster. The whole time she was topless and in her tight rocky mountain jeans.

“Tell me when you start to cum.” she whispered to him.

He just shook his head as he leaned his back against the wall and watched my wifes tits shake in rythym to her fast hand job.

He started to whisper and said he was about to cum. My wife then got down on her knees in front of this stranger and directed his cock to her tits. She looked up at him and whispered, “CUM ON MY TITS!”

With the order my wife had given him he let out a low moan and started to cum on my wifes tittys.

He didn’t cum much, I guess because he was nervous about his wife or whatever the case may be, but he did shoot two streams on my wifes tits.

The stranger had his eyes closed as Leslie continued jacking him off to get every drop out of this mans cock onto her tits, rubbing the head over her nipples.

Leslie stood up, kissed the stranger on the cheek as he said thank you a thousand times while putting his cock back in his pants. I told then hurry that the coast was clear and I let the man out of her dressing room. Leslie then grabbed some napkins out of her purse and cleaned herself off as I went and sat down next to the gentleman as if nothing happened and waited on Leslie.

His wife came up behind him and apologized for taking so long that there was just too many good things to choose from. He just smiled back and said it was ok that he managed to pass the time. They went to the register and as they were checking out Leslie came out of the dressing room. We got in line behind them with ALL the bras she tried on. As the stranger and his wife was leaving he turned around and mouthed the words thanks you.

My wife and I just waved as they left. She looked up at me and asked if I enjoyed shopping with her.

“Without a doubt.” I said.

Now tell me I am not a lucky husband.

More adventures to cum!

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