This is how it ALL started for us.

Like most of us horny men, I have a fantasy of seeing my wife with another man; either seeing her show off some flesh or having sex with another man.

It all started out innocently enough with us in our bedroom. When we were having sex, I would bring up with my wife about seeing her with another man. At first she became angry with me and said she only loved me and only wanted to be with me and NO ONE else, but after a period of time bringing it up at the oppurtune moments, she would ask me, “WHY would you want to see me fucking another man?”

I would reply, “BECAUSE you are so beautiful and it has ALWAYS been a fantasy of mine to watch you.”

She smiled and said, “Well live with it, that’s all it’s going to be, a fantasy.”


We had a mutual friend who I will name Scott, (not his real name), who would drop by from time to time, sometimes planned and sometimes unexpectedly. Scott was a handsome, clean cut man, very well built, and standing 6’2″. When Scott would stop by to visit, Leslie, would be in her usual casual wear consisting of denim shorts, loose fitting tank top with no bra.

Now before I get to carried away let me explain what Leslie looks like. You can see that she is 5’9″ tall and weighs 135 with a 36b-25-34 figure. Her breasts are incredible with silver dollar size areolas that when her nipples become erect they become tight like quarters, AND could cut glass if needed. Her ass, what can I say about her ass, PERFECT and heart-shaped. She has an all over tan except for her lower half which by my request, has a thong tan line, mmmmmmmmmmmm. Her pussy lips are shaven except for a whisp of hair above it which is called a mohawk cut.

One particular night when Scott came to visit, Leslie was in the shower. I invited him in, fixed us a beer and proceeded to watch tv, unknowing to Leslie. Leslie normally comes out of the shower and walks around with a towel over her head and nothing else when she knows we are alone. I hoped THIS time would be one of those times when she walks in the living room with Scott there.

I heard the shower stopped and waited for Leslie to come into the living room as she normally did. While Scott and I were making small talk and watching tv, I began to get so fucking excited at the thought of her walking in and him getting a glimpse of OR seeing my gorgeous wife naked. Then, as hoped for, Leslie walked around the corner with the towel over her head drying her hair butt naked, she looked AWESOME! Scott and I were admiring her when I cleared my throat and said, “Ugh , Honey we have company.”

Leslie looked up and saw Scott and I admiring her and screamed, then ran back into the bedroom. Scott just smiled and said how beautiful she was. Then Leslie screamed at me to come into the bedroom.

When I got there, Leslie was livid, she was so mad and embarassed that she let me have it because I didnt tell her Scott was sitting there. I lied and said I had tried but she came out too quickly. She then replied there was no way she could go back in there and face him after he saw her naked like that. I said it was ok and told her how proud I was that he was able to see my gorgeous wife the way he did. She looked at me and said, “REALLY?” I grabbed her hand and placed it on my rock hard cock and said, “REALLY!” She just smiled and said she still couldn’t back in there.

So I walked back in and told Scott. He said he was sorry for what had happened, but commented on how beautiful my wife was and that I was a very lucky man. I told him how embarrassed Leslie was, he said he understood and that it was best he left. I stopped Scott and told him to wait a minute and went back into the bedroom.

By now Leslie had put on a pair of yellow satin panties and her satin robe. I could tell by how her nipples were poking through the material that she was a bit excited. I told her what Scott had said about her and to at least come out and say goodnight. She again said NO, but after much begging she finally agreed.

Scott was sitting in a chair when we came around the corner. He stood up and said he was sorry about the incident and that he was leaving, but, first wanted to say how lucky I was and how nice it must be to fall asleep and wake up next to such a beautiful woman. Leslie broke into a smile and said, “How sweet,” and gently kissed Scott on the cheek. I wasn’t upset at all because we had known Scott for quiet sometime and have seen her kiss him on the cheek on different occasions, BUT, when she leaned up to kiss him her robe which was loose already, fell open to the point that you could see half of her right titty all the way to the areola. She didnt bother adjusting because she unknowingly knew it was that way.

Scott looked down and his eyes grew bigger and she said, “What?” I cleared my throat and pointed down to her exposed titty and she looked down and yelled, “NOT AGAIN!”

Thats when I grabbed her before she had a chance to go to the bedroom again, wrapped my arms around her and whispered in her ear, “Now would be a great time to live out my fantasy for me.” She said, “NO!” I held her tighter and started pressing my hardening cock against her satin panties and said, “Baby PLEASE?”

She pushed me away and stood there for a minute thinking. Then her facial expression changed to a “I’ll show YOU” look and turned to Scott and said, “Scott, my husband’s fantasy is to watch me naked in front of another man and to see me fuck another man, Would you like to fuck me?”

Scott’s mouth fell wide open and nearly hit the floor as did mine, we both looked at each other in total disbelief. Leslie then looked at me, took off her robe and let it fall to the floor and was standing there in her yellow satin thongs and nothing else, her nipples were so erect and so beautiful. NOW my cock was about to burst from the excitement, then she asked Scott again, still looking at me and said, “Well DO you, DO you want to fuck me Scott?”

It was all I could do to keep from cuming right then and there. He looked at me and I shook my head yes and watched as Leslie went up to him and kissed him passionately and deeply as he caressed her ass and tittys. Leslie’s look and soft moan told me she was enjoying the kiss and caresses. She then broke the kiss off and took his hand and led him to the sofa. As she passed me she said, “If you want to see me getting fucked by another man, you had better take a seat and be prepared to watch.”

I quickly pulled up a chair, took out my cock and began stroking it to the sight I was about to witness.

My wife sat at the edge of the sofa and pull Scott towards her and proceeded to undo his pants, which fell to the floor. She gasped because Scott didnt have on any underwear and was sporting a nice erection that was a little bigger than my own 8″ cock and much thicker.

She began to rub and lick it as she kept her eyes on Scott and asked, “Do you really want to fuck me Scott?”

“Yes!” was Scott’s reply, “For a long time now.”

My wife then lowered her head down onto his cock and began to take as much of him down her throat as she possibly could. Leslie has always been a great cock sucker as well as a great fuck and Scott was enjoying this pleasure as I was.

This went on for a few minutes until Scott told her to lean back on the sofa. Leslie did as she was told and I watched as Leslie slid her panties off her ass to reveal a very wet pussy, and laid them at my feet. He then grabbed his cock, positioned his self between her spread legs and began to rub his cock head up and down her pussy lips.

Leslie then said, “WAIT”. “We need a condom.”

Scott replied, “No problem, have one out in the car. I’ll go get one.”

Scott then got up, walked out the bedroom and to his truck to retrieve a condom without a stitch of clothing on.

When we heard the door slam, my wife asked, “Are you SURE you want this to happen?” I looked at my lovely wife laying there naked, about to let another man have only what I have had since our marriage and I replied, “Yes, very much so.”

She smiled back with loving eyes and said, “It’s because I love you that I am going to do this, that’s the ONLY reason.”

“I know.” I replied, leaned up, kissed her and then heard the door shut and waited on Scott.

Scott came back in, got back on his knees and started to roll a condom on his still hard cock.

Leslie looked at me and said, “Well, your fantasy is about to come true baby.”

I then watched as Scott spread her legs, grabbed his cock and slowly started to ease into Leslie. She let out a loud gasp as Scott continued to slide the length of his shaft inside my wifes waiting pussy. It took a little while for her to get used to the size of his cock because he was somewhat thicker than myself, but he slowly managed to get it inside her. I shot my load just watching the entry.

As Scott’s pace began to quicken, Leslie began to moan louder and louder meaning she was nearing the first of many orgasms. She wrapped her legs around him, looked at me and said to Scott, “Fuck me while my husband watches.”

Scott obliged her and began pistoning in and out of her like a jackhammer. Scott was fucking Leslie with some real force and was lifting her ass up with each downward thrust.

She was loving it and was saying, “Fuck me harder, harder!” He was fucking my wife and was loving every minute of it as I was.

He started to tense up and I could tell it wouldnt be long before he would be coming.

Leslie knew this and said, “FUCK ME SCOTT, FUCK ME!!!”

He could hardly contain himself.

Leslie screamed, “CUM ON MY TITTYS SCOTT, HURRY!!”

He began to moan louder, pulled out his cock and in a very swift motion, ripped the condom off and began shooting his cum all over my wifes titty’s, stomach and even some hit her on her face.

“YES,YES!” she screamed as each spurt fired from his cock.

Both exhausted from such a fine performance they began to kiss and lay there exhausted.

After a few minutes Scott cleaned himself up and got dressed, looked at Leslie and myself and said thank you and let himself out the door.

I went over to my wife and eased my again hard cock into my wifes just fucked pussy and began to make love to her.

Leslie looked at me and smiled and said, “Well baby your fantasy came true, Did you like it?” I began to pump faster and faster into her and answered, “What do you think?”

More Adventures to come….

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