As we left you last we introduced Jimmy our neighbors 18 year old son that came over to spend the night when he locked his keys in their house during a torrential thunderstorm that knocked out the lights all over the block. During the visit my wife Leslie got up to get a drink of water, thinking Jimmy was asleep she went in the kitchen in just her thong panties and nothing else. To her surprise and mine, Jimmy went into the kitchen also and to make a long story short, asked to see her tittys and then he felt of them, he then went back to his room and Leslie to ours and we fucked each other silly while he looked around the edge of his bed thinking he was hiding. To read the whole story look in the archives under “Leslie and the Neighbor”.

Well this past Labor day weekend we invited his family over that Sunday for a cookout and just lay out and be lazy by our pool. Nothing really happened that day, but the next day, Monday, things became rather erotic and fun.

How this came about, I was talking to Jimmy’s parents about the deck I was gonna start and to see if his dad would mind helping me out that next day, to my disappointment he and his wife had already made plans to spend the whole day and part of the night at his bosses house in a neighboring city about 90 miles away. He did tell me however that Jimmy was gonna be staying at home that I should ask him and that he was sure he wouldn’t mind helping out. So later on in the afternoon I took Jimmy aside and asked if he would mind helping me out with the deck and that we would just make a day out of it and feed him for his help. He readily accepted the invitation. We all then enjoyed the rest of the day and watched some football and ate barbeque.

The next day dawn so sunny and I with anticipation of finishing my deck and hoping for some “extra” rewards to happen.

Jimmy came over around 6:30 that morning as I instructed and we sat at the kitchen table talking about how we were going to do the deck while I was drinking a cup of coffee. A little while later around 7, Leslie walked around the corner with a half asleep look on her face to join us in the kitchen. Now my wife sleeps in mostly her thong and nothing else, although I would have loved her to come in there like that, but, she had her silk robe on, the one that accented her erect nipples.

She grabbed a cup of coffee said hi to Jimmy and sat at the table across from me and beside Jimmy. When she did this her robe in front opened forward to give an un obstructed view to whoever would be willing to take a chance to see. Being across from her I couldn’t see nothing but cleavage, but Jimmy being beside her I am sure saw her whole right titty again all the way down to her pretty erect nipple.

I told Jimmy why don’t he go on out to the deck and start to get things ready that I would be there shortly. He said ok and got up and proceeded to walk out to the backyard near the pool where we were going to build the deck.

When he was clear from ear shot, I looked at my half asleep wife and said, “Nice view sunshine.”

She looked at me with a puzzled look and said, “What?”

I said it again and told her that Jimmy got his day started out real sweet with the view he had given him. She looked at me still puzzled and asked what I meant. I leaned over and kissed her and eased my hand into her open robe and cupped her titty and said, “THIS is what I mean.”

She looked down and said, “OH MY GAWD!” “Was my robe open the whole time he was sitting here?”

I shook my head yes and told her she must have planned it that way, although I new it was innocent being that she was half asleep, but it did turn me on as much as it did Jimmy.

“NOOOO!! I didn’t plan it honest!” she exclaimed. “Oh Gawd I feel awful.” she remarked.

I told her don’t worry about it that he had seen them before AND felt of them and after all he was 18 and fixing to start college. The whole time I was grinning from ear to ear.

She looked at me and knew what was going through my mind and asked, “What are you up to? Are you glad he saw my tits again?”

“Why DUH?” was my reply back, “Who wouldn’t be glad.”

“SOOOOOOOO, go on tell me what you really want.” she sheepishly asked.

“Well…” I started to say but before I could say anything she interrupted and asked me, “You want me to FUCK him don’t you, that’s what you want, you want me to FUCK Jimmy huh?”

Looking at her with that busted look I started to say something and she interrupted me again saying, “Is that what you want honey, to see a young 18 year old fucking your wifes pussy today?”

“Well its not going to happen, he is our neighbors son for heavens sake!” she retorted.

She then smiled at me and said, “Although I may tease him and let him see my tits again when I lay out topless, AND I will let him feel of them but I will NOT fuck him, understood?”

I just grinned and shook my head in acknowledgement.

“Now go on out to Jimmy and get started on the deck, I will be out later.” she ordered.

I walked outside and we started on the deck, the first few hours were uneventful, just setting poles and so forth and as we began to frame out the deck, Leslie walked out in a pair of short shorts and one of my white cotton tank tops that I wear under my shirts sometimes, it was thin and almost see-through. You could tell by the way she walked that she didn’t have a bra on because her tits were swaying as she walked. She was carrying some lemonade for Jimmy and I and as she approached closer it was really plain to see, especially from the sides, that she did not have a bra on, half her tittys were working their way out on each side of the shirt.

“Thought you gentlemen would like some lemonade.” she stated as she handed Jimmy then myself a glass of lemonade.

“Thank you Ms. Leslie.” Jimmy said.

“No problem sweetie.” my wife answered back. “You guys looked like you guys could use something cool.”

“So how’s it coming?” she asked.

I told her it was going really well that we were thinking about taking a break and jump in the pool before lunch.

“Really?” she asked, “I wanted to get in the pool and lay out on the float before we had lunch, is that ok?”

Both Jimmy and I said it was fine and then to my surprise and I am sure Jimmy’s excitement, my lovely wife asked Jimmy, “Jimmy, SINCE you have already seen my tittys and there is nothing to look forward to,…Do you object if I lay out topless before we eat?”

Jimmy looked at me and then Leslie and back at me looking for an answer. I said it was ok with me if it was ok with him. With that being said Jimmy readily told her it was more than ok.

“Good!” she said, “I will go get my bottoms and get in the pool.” and walked back towards the house.

Jimmy looked at me and I told him I knew that he felt of my wifes tittys and that it was ok that he had, but, from now on it was Leslie that dictated what would happen. He shook his head in acknowledgement. I then told him whatever happens from now on stays here between the three of us and that to just go with the flow. He sheepishly smile and said “Yes Sir.”

I then said lets get in the pool and cool off. Being already in our shorts we just jumped in and started to relax with the cool water. We heard the door open and close and saw my lovely wife walking our way in a yellow thong bottom and the same tank top that she had on and started to get in the pool.

“Oooo its kind of cool this morning.” she said. “My nipples may get hard, so Jimmy be aware they may look different then the way you saw them a few months ago.”

“Yes ma’am” was all that Jimmy could say as Leslie pulled the tank top over her head and eased in the water to get on her float.

I looked at her and told her they were very hard and that I am sure Jimmy hasn’t seen nipples like that before. Leslie just told me to hush that I was embarrassing him and that he has probably seen lots of girls hard nipples as good a looking young man as he his.

Jimmy just kind of hung his head and started swimming to the other side of the pool and back again to us.
Leslie was now situated on the float and asked jimmy if she embarrassed him with what she had said. He just shook his head no and told her she hadn’t, and that the truth is he really hadn’t seen or even felt of another womans tittys other than hers that night. He explained that he was really shy and somewhat nervous when it really came down to that. It wasn’t that he couldn’t find dates, it was just that nothing ever really happened with the girls.

Leslie looked at me then look again at Jimmy and asked if she could ask him something very personal. He shook his head yes and said anything, that he felt he could really talk to us.

Leslie then came right out and asked, “Jimmy, are you a virgin?”

He looked down and whispered, “Yes ma’am.”

She then told Jimmy to look at her, which he did and proceeded to tell him there was nothing wrong with that and that he was a good looking young man that any woman would go for. She then told him to just hang in there the right one would come along.

Jimmy then raised his head and shocked us both when he said, “But I would love to lose my virginity with you.” He then caught what he had said and started apologizing profusely.

My wife just looked at him and said it was nothing to be sorry about , that it was only natural to want an older woman to do that but even though she was very flattered it would not happen.

Jimmy just lowered his head and said ok.

Leslie looked at me and smiled , I then started splashing everyone, told them to lighten up and lets have some fun today and not worry about anything. Then I told Jimmy lets get Leslie off that float, he just grinned and with my wife objective laughingly we turned her over in the water at got her completely wet. She came up out of the water, had her hands on her head to get her hair out of her face almost like in the beer commercials and the water running off her tits was so incredible that Jimmy and I just stared with smiles on our faces.

My wife noticing the stares she was getting smiled and said, “You two like what you see?”
Only thing me and Jimmy could do was shake our heads yes, because of the coolness of the water and a slight breeze that was blowing mad her nipples so erect they were jus mesmerizing.

“Ok you two, you have stared at my tits enough, now get back to work.” she sternly suggested.

With that Jimmy and I got out of the pool and watched as Leslie got on the float to get some sun. We just looked at each other and I whispered to Jimmy, “She has an awesome set of tits, huh?”

Jimmy looked back and my wife and smiled and said, “Yes sir, and LOOK at her nipples!”

I looked back and saw that my wife was laying flat on her back on the float with her hands over her head and her nipples standing straight up. Gawd was she looking so fucking sexy.

So the rest of the evening past and was uneventful, just the normal working on the deck, staring at my wifes ass and tits, working, staring and did I mention staring at my wifes ass and tits?
The time had come, it was around 9:00 pm and we had completed the deck, ate and was just lounging around the pool. Leslie still had her thong on and the white tank top that she wore to start the day, she had been drinking wine all day and I an occasional beer while Jimmy just had the regular soft drink.

Jimmy looked at his watch and said it was time that he head on out to get ready for his early class at college the next day. Leslie looked at me and then said, “Stay around a little bit Jimmy and we will go swimming again, then I am sure my husband would want to take pics of me in the pool and you can watch if you want to….Is that ok honey?”

“Sure if its ok with Jimmy, he is the one that has to go to class tomorrow.” I replied.

“Is that ok Jimmy?” she asked. Before he could answer she said, “Good.”

My wife then asked me to please get her another glass of wine and grab the camera that she was going to get in the pool. I grabbed her glass, got up and headed to the house to refill her glass. I turned around and watched as she stood up in front of Jimmy and pulled her shirt over her head to reveal her tits. Now even though Leslie had tanned topless today, she normally tans with a top on for me because I like the tan lines that accent her beautiful tits. She then eased her self down into the water and started float and swim around the cool water.

“Damn it is colder tonight then normal, I have goose bumps…..especially my nipples!!” she laughingly said.

“Oh well, its not like you haven’t seen then before huh Jimmy?” she flirtingly asked.

He sheepishly replied, “Yes ma’am.”

My wife looked up and saw me coming with her wine and the camera and she said, “Good, you got my wine and camera. Take some pics of me before my nipples go back down.”

I gave her the glass of wine to take a drink and then started to take some pics of her playing in the pool. With the darkness over head and the tan lines she had made the pics awesome. Jimmy was enjoying the show as I could see the start of an erection growing in his trunks. Leslie could sense it too and she really started to play it up. She asked us both if we objected to her taking off her bottoms which we both readily agreed upon. She slid out of them and tossed them on the deck towards Jimmy. She then looked at me and winked and I then began to remember the conversation we had at the table this morning over coffee. Was she really going to seduce Jimmy and possibly let him fuck her? I didn’t know but I was hoping upon hope that it would lead to her popping his cherry.

She began to pose with so many different poses and it was so erotic, taking pictures of the wife while another young man was watching intently. I think we filled our whole memory card up with pictures when she swam toward us and told us to get in the pool with her. Jimmy jump in immediately and then I told her that I ran out of memory on the camera and she said that it was good because she didn’t want Jimmy in any of them.

She then leaned into me and whispered, “Want me to fuck him and pop his cherry?”

I just smiled. She then looked at me and whispered again, “I am going to let him fuck me, just sit back and watch.”

She pushed off the edge of the pool and told Jimmy since she was naked in the pool that he needed to be too. I looked at Jimmy and told him you heard the lady and I started to laugh.

Jimmy turned blood red and started to stutter something when Leslie said, “Here let me help you, jump up on the deck.”

Jimmy looked at me and I shook my head that it was fine and he jumped up on the deck with his legs hanging in the water. My wife then grabbed hold of his swimming trunks and started to untie them and ease them off him. It was somewhat hard as was Jimmy but she managed to free them over his hard-on and finally get the trunks off him.

“Hmmmm what do we have here?” Leslie said smiling. “Is this for me?”

Looking at Jimmy my wife reached out and grabbed his cock and said, “Tonight you will be a virgin no more, Is that ok with you?”

Jimmy just shook his head wildly in approval and watched as my wife had a hold on his cock. My wife told him to just relax and let her do the work and she will teach him how to treat a woman.

Leslie looked at me and said, “He’s pretty well-endowed honey.” and with that she started to engulf his hard-on in her mouth. Jimmy wasn’t that big, but he wasn’t that small either, He was right at about 7” long and pretty thick.

Jimmy was in shock at my wife having his cock in her mouth, and my wife could tell and started to hum as she licked and sucked on his cock. It wasn’t but a minute or two and Jimmy started to tense and was cumming in my wifes mouth.

“Mmmphh!” you could here Leslie say with his cock still in her mouth. She was having a hard time swallowing it all. I counted 5 times that Jimmy’s cocked jerked his cum in her mouth. You could see the cum start to spill out the corners of her mouth, but my wife hung in there and took his full load.

“OH MY GAWD, OH MY GAWD!!” Jimmy kept saying as Leslie continued to suck him dry. His hands had such a tight grip on the edge of the deck , his head was thrown back and his teeth were clinched tight as Leslie swallowed as much as she could.

She finally let off of his cock and said, “DAYUMMMM Jimmy, you came at least a gallon boy.”

Jimmy just started apologizing profusely for cumming so quick, but Leslie stop him and said don’t worry about it, you will get hard again and we can continue, but first you have to help me now. Leslie then climbed out of the pool, stripped out of her thong, laid a towel down and asked Jimmy, “Have you ever ate a womans pussy before Jimmy??”

“No ma‘am.” he said, “Havent had the chance to try.”

“Well tonight you get your chance to try on my pussy.” my wife said as she sat on the towel, leaned back on her hands spread her legs and instructed Jimmy to lower her head down between her legs.

He did as instructed and Leslie proceeded to tell him to spread her pussy with his thumb and forefinger and gently run his tongue up and down her pussy. Jimmy did as she said and you could her a soft moan come out of my wife, “Yeah like that.” she sad, “That is good.”

She then instructed him to insert a finger in her, to work his tongue faster, she then helped spread her lips more and told him how and where to find her clit. Once Jimmy found her clit it was all over. You could her my wife moaning louder and louder as he ate her pussy. Jimmy took to eating pussy like a duck to water and Leslie was enjoying it tremendously.

“Oh yeah.. Oh, Oh Y-Y-Y-eahhhh!” Leslie screamed as she started to cum. Jimmy stopped thinking something was wrong and my wife grabbed his head and pushed it back down on her pussy and screamed, “DON’T STOPPPPPPP!”

It was somewhat comical to watch her do that. She held his head down between her legs and closed her legs around him until her orgasm subside. When it subsided she looked at Jimmy and asked, “Are you sure you havent ate pussy before Jimmy?”

“No ma’am.” was his reply.

“FUCK!!! That was awesome.” she said.

Leslie then looked down and saw that he was hard again and told him to climb up between her legs. Jimmy started to climb between her as Leslie grabbed his cock and started to direct it to her pussy.

“Now go slow at first.” she said, “It will make it last a little longer this time.”

She led his cock to her entrance and told him to push and leaned back as I watched this young studs cock start to disappear in my wifes pussy.

“Mmmmm.” Leslie smiled and said. “Hows it feel Jimmy?

Jimmy was a loss for words as he just held his cock inside my wife.

“Jimmy? Jimmy?” Leslie laughingly said. “You ok?”

“Oh yes MA’AM!! It feels so good.” he said with a mile long grin.

My wife looked at me and smiled and said, “I think he is in shock honey.”

She grabbed hold of his ass and told him, “Start fucking me now Jimmy.”

He started to move his hips a little and my wife was matching his thrusts as they started fucking. He was pulling his cock almost all the way out and then back in again, he had his eyes closed while doing this.

Leslie leaned up and kissed his neck and then ear and lightly bit his earlobe and told him to fuck her harder and faster. Jimmy’s pace started to quicken and the moans were getting louder from them both.

“OH yeah, Jimmy FUCK ME!!” Leslie screamed, “FUCK ME HARD!!!”

That put a charge in him and he was now fucking my wife like a jack hammer, pulling out and slamming in her with such force that they began to move on the deck.

“Oh GAWD!!!! OH GAWD!!!” Jimmy kept saying.

He looked down at my wife and saw that she was enjoying his virgin fuck and then his eyes directed to her swaying tits that were going in all directions from the force of their fucking.

“Like my tittys, Jimmy?…SUCK THEM, SUCK MY TITTYS!!!” Leslie demanded.

Jimmy leaned down as my wife grabbed a tit and directed its hard nipple in his mouth. “Oh yeajh, that feels good with your fucking.” she said. “Are they what you dreamed they would be like? She asked.

Jimmy just shook his head as he continued to fuck and suck my wifes pussy and titty.

“Ohhhhh!!” “OHHHH I-I-I am gonna C-C-CUMMM!””” Leslie screamed out.

“I’m I’m CUMMINNGGGGG HONEY!” as she looked at me and said.

She was having an incredible orgasm from this young studs fucking she was receiving. You could tell Jimmy was not about to last any longer and Leslie coming back down from her orgasm sinced that and told him she wanted to feel his cum on her tittys and stomach.

“Cum on my tits and Stomach Jimmy.” she instructed.

“CUM FOR ME!!!” “Do it baby, DO IT NOW!” she sternly said.

Jimmy started to tense and pulled his cock out of my wife, started to jack off and cum torents of cum from his young cock. This stud had already came a gallon before and never thought he would have so much left, but he did and shot jet after jet of his hot cum all over my wifes tits, stomach , hair and even hit a few drops on her face.

“DAYUMMMMMMMM!” I said as I watched him continue to shoot.

Leslie grabbed hold of his cock and started to suck the rest of him dry with her mouth. Jimmy was grinning from ear to ear after the fucking.

Leslie looked up at him and asked, “Well Jimmy, How does it feel to lose your virginity from fucking a MILF?”

“AWESOME Ms. Leslie, AWESOME!!” “Thank you so much.” he happily said.

He looks over at me and told me thank you too as he stood up and help my wife up and handed her a towel to clean her self off with. She told him thanks you and proceeded to walk back to the house naked and told me to meet her in the shower. We both watched my wifes ass sway as she disappeared in the house.

I shook Jimmys hand, told him thank you for the help on the deck and told hiom to let himself out because I had a appointment with my wife in the shower.

He smiled and went his way and I went mine..

More adventures to follow.

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