Here is another adventure with my lovely wife Leslie. We have submitted some true life experiences to this site and have had a great response. My wife and I had our third child recently (we had to take a break awhile) so we have now just begun to live again. This story happened about a month ago when a couple friend of ours were headed out of town and asked if we would watch over their 18 year old son and make sure he got to school and such. Being friends as we were it was not a problem, we would just make sure he wouldn’t throw any wild parties and get into mischief like young men tend to do unattended.

Well we didn’t expect what happened to happened. You see Jimmy lived across the street with his parents and as we told you earlier that we were just to make sure he didn’t get into any mischief. Well things were going great the first couple of days but on the third day, or should I say night, we had a major storm system come through with high winds, hail and some pretty severe rain. Well this night it was rainy like cats and dogs and Jimmy called us from his cell phone to let us know he was headed in and he would let us know when he made it inside his house.

About 9:45 there was a loud crash of lightning and thunder and the lights went out on the whole block. Now being in the middle of summer like it is here in Texas it gets extremely hot even at night, and tonight was no exception. We did the usual, lit candles and just waited for the storm to ride its way through.

Well around 10:30 Leslie commented it was about time for Jimmy to be calling us, then we heard the doorbell ring. Leslie, who was dress in a pair of short gym shorts and a t-shirt with no bra went to answer the door. It was Jimmy and he was soaking wet. He commented that he locked the keys in the house and had no way of getting in. Now his parents weren’t due to be back until tomorrow night so we ushered him in and got him some dry clothes to change into.

By now it was going on midnight by the time we got Jimmy some dinner and got his room ready, AND it was fucking HOT as ever in the house. The rain had subsided but we were still without lights and air conditioning, so we opened some windows, said our goodnights and went to bed. Now the guest room that Jimmy was staying in was down the hall and across from our bedroom, so when you stood in either doorway you could see partially into the others room.

The way we have our bed set up in the room is against the wall that when the door is open you can see right onto the bed from the other room. Now being late and hot we left the door to our room open. I watched as my wife Leslie took off her shirt to reveal her gorgeous breasts with big areolas and slid her shorts down to reveal a black lace thong panty. She then proceeded to climb onto the bed and crawl like a tiger to where I was laying.

“Wanna get lucky?” she whispered in my ear.

“Of course!” I said, “You know me I always want to have sex with you.”

She looked at me and said that if I play my cards right she would give me some, but first let’s make sure that Jimmy was asleep. So we just laid around and talked about how both our days went and so forth. It was really getting hot inside the house and Leslie said she was getting up to get her some ice water. By this time it was past 12:30 so we assumed Jimmy was asleep by now, so Leslie didn’t bother getting dressed and just went into the kitchen in just her black lace thong and nothing else.

I watched as my wife walked down the hall and out of sight toward the kitchen. I heard her dropping the ice in her glass when I looked down the hall and saw Jimmy going to the kitchen also and he and Leslie were both unaware of each other’s presence.
Now I just waited and got instantly hard at the thought of an 18 year seeing my 33 year old MILF and waited for the scream Leslie was about to give out. It never came. Instead I heard Leslie say, “Oh my God, Jimmy, you’re up!”

“Yes ma’am, I am sorry, I was thirsty .” Jimmy stammered out.
I heard my wife then say that it was ok but she couldn’t move away from behind the refrigerator door because she was just in her panties.

I got up and eased my way down the hall and peek at around the corner to the kitchen and could see that Jimmy’s back was to me and that Leslie was looking straight at me.

Jimmy then said, “M-M-Miss Leslie, (that’s what he calls my wife) I’m s-s-sorry, b-b-but you sure are beautiful.”

My wife just nodded and told him thank you and she then said, “Jimmy this is kinda awkward for us both and if your parents ever knew you saw me like this they would kill us both.”

“I WON’T TELL, I PROMISE!!” “Please may I see them?” he asked.

My wife looked puzzled and said, “See them?”

“Yes ma’am, may I see your t-t-tittys?” Jimmy stammered out.

“JIMMY!” my wife lectured him. “NO you may not, why would you ask such a thing?”

Jimmy lowered his head and said, “Never mind, I-I’m sorry.” and started to turn around.

I quickly ducked around the corner and started back to our room when I heard Leslie say, “No wait.” “Tell me why. Tell me why you want to see my tittys?”

Jimmy turned back around and with his head still down said, “I have never seen a real womans tittys before, and plus you are a gorgeous MILF.”

“MILF?” she asked. Then she realized what it was and said, “Oh, a Mother YOU Would Like to FUCK!”
“Is that what it stands for Jimmy?”

“Yes ma’am.” he shyly answered.

I peeked around the corner again and my wife made eye contact with me, smiled and said to Jimmy, “Well you are not going to FUCK me Jimmy, NEVER! But, I will let you look at them just this once, but you can’t tell anyone not your friends not my husband and especially your parents….AGREED?”

Jimmy’s eyes lit up and his head snapped up and said, “Yes ma’am I promise, no one will ever know!!”

With that my wife slowly closed the door and walked towards Jimmy until she was just inches away from him.

“What do you think ? Are they what you expected?” she asked.

I could see through the moonlight that her nipples were erect and Jimmy just continued to look.

“Well Jimmy, Are they?” she asked more sternly.

“Ugh, O-Oh YES Ma’am they are!” he shouted.
Leslie then looked over his shoulder at me and smiled because she knew I was enjoying the show as well. As Leslie was looking at me she suddenly squealed and said “Jimmy!!” and backed away.

“I-I-I’m sorry I’m sorry!” he sacredly replied.

“Jimmy you just grabbed my tittys!!” “Why did you grab my titties?” Leslie shouted.

“I am sorry I have never felt a womans titty before, I am so sorry!” He cried out.

My wife then walked back to Jimmy and said, “Hurry up and feel them and get back to bed and DON’T say a word to NO ONE!!”

Jimmy reached out and grabbed my wifes tittys and started to massage them for at least 2o seconds then scurriedly head back to his room. I barely got back into bed when he reached the hall.

My wife soon followed afterwards, came into the room, slid the covers back, slid my boxer briefs down over my hardening cock to my ankles, and began kissing her way back up to my cock.

“Mmmmmmm, is this for me?” she asked as she started running her tongue up and down my cock.

I look down the hall to make sure Jimmy wasn’t up and looking in and asked her “What about Jimmy?”

“What about him?” she reply, “Do you want him to join us?” she said laughingly.

“Noooooooo! He’s our neighbors son!” I whispered.

Leslie laughed and looked at me as she continued nibbling and licking my cock. “I know that silly, I was just joking. Don’t be paranoid, he has already copped a feel of this MILF.”

My wife then opened her, mouth and took my whole cock down her throat and began giving me the best head I had had in awhile. I was in heaven watching my cock appear then disappear in my wifes mouth.

“I know I watched the whole thing.” “It made his day, AND mine.” I said.

She continued sucking my cock and I asked her “What if he sees us?”

“What if he does?” she replied, “Let him watch for heaven’s sake, he’s 18 and probably never been laid. You know how shy he is plus he already has felt up my tittys and seen me near naked”

She then engulfed my cock again. I somewhat agreed with her, he was awfully shy and I remember I would have loved to seen my next door neighbors wife making it with her husband at that age, besides Leslie was a MILF. So I just eased back and enjoyed the tongue she was giving my cock.

Leslie sucked my cock a little more then got up off the bed, slid her panties off and crawled back on the bed and straddled me. My cock was resting in the crease of her pussy and she was sliding back and forth on it as her hands grabbed the headboard.

“Thing he would like seeing me like this if he looked this way?” she seductively asked.

“Or would he like watching me do this?” she asked as she grabbed my cock with one hand and steadied herself on the headboard with the other, pointed my cock at the opening of her pussy and began rubbing my head between her lips.

“OR….What about him seeing me do this?” and slowly lowered herself on my waiting cock and just sat there. “Think he would have like to have seen that?” she asked with her eyes closed.

I looked down the hall again and could see laying on the floor by the guest bed hiding all his body except the top part of his head from the eyes up, Jimmy watching my wife sitting on my cock.

I looked back at my wife and said, “I am sure he would love it.”

“MMMmmmm I hope so.” she said. She then proceeded to get in a slow rythym on my cock and started to fuck me.

This went on for awhile with her slowly riding me. I could see from the corner of my eye Jimmy still watching.

“Would you like him to see you fucking me baby?” I asked her.

“Oh yeah!” she said, “That would be hot knowing he wanted me even more.”

“Well he is looking at you right now.” I said.

With that she whipped her head around and saw Jimmy duck behind the bed. She looked at me and just smiled and got off me and said, “Fuck me Doggy!!”

She positioned herself so that when Jimmy looked again he would be looking right into her eyes as I was fucking her.

I positioned myself behind her and slid my cock into her wet waiting pussy and began fucking my MILF wife.

“That’s it baby, FUCK ME!!” she screamed, “FUCK me HARD!!”

Jimmy looked around the edge of the bed and saw me and my wife fucking and Leslie never broke eye contact with him.

She eased up off her elbows and was on her hands to give him a better view of her swaying tits as she was getting fucked.

“Oh yes baby, OH YESSS!” she screamed as she had the first of several orgasms. “FUCK MEEEEEEEE!”””

I looked at Jimmy and could see that his eyes rolled in the back of his head and we both knew that he was cumming.

“Cum for me baby, CUM FOR ME!!” she shouted. It was not only for me but for Jimmys sake.

I told her I was cumming and she had another earth shattering orgasm as I emptied my balls into her pussy.
We looked at Jimmy and saw him ease behind the bed and heard him get into bed satisfied.

I lay on top of my wife and asked her if she enjoyed it and she quickly answered with a smile..”Of course I am a MILF remember?”

Laughing we both got under the covers and went to sleep. The next morning nothing was said and the day went on like normal with Jimmy going to school, the lights back on and each of us going to work.

Until next time…

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