I’m a European guy living in Korea and for the last 5 years I have lived with a Korean woman, Soo. Not quite my wife…but near enough. She’s an attractive 40 something with a nice figure and full 36 C or D breasts. For those who know Asia’s…she is quite large on top given that it is all natural and sports a very hairy pussy.

I’ll set the scene for a recent adventure she had. When we met she was running a western restaurant and bar. First time I went in, I fell for her. It was the cleavage. The rest followed. On the night before I was going home I managed to get her back to the hotel at 0130 when she closed the bar, we had sex for about 2 hrs and I was damn exhausted as I struggled to the airport at 0630! She had not had sex for 6 months as her previous boyfriend had gone back to Europe.,,,,and her need for a good screw was apparent. I came back some weeks later on assignment to Korea……. and we have been together ever since.

Inevitably, she wanted to know about my past sex life and I wanted to know about hers. She was divorced and left penniless, and had lived with a number of European guys in the previous 5 years. Mostly they were a lot older and started off having sex every night, but soon settled down to twice a week and she just cooked and made house,,,,which she is damn good at. One was different.

Dave was a lot younger … about 15 years younger. He had helped her set up the bar and restaurant, and friendship grew to sex. But they never lived together, and when I asked why she would just dismiss it. The more I asked, the more I knew something was odd. Slowly the story unraveled. Dave was younger, very virile ….. and very married. But as his wife was only there for visits, it still did not explain why they did not live together, Soo accepted she would never have him permanently.

Then one night when a little drunk it all spilled out. Dave was young, virile, married, well hung and insatiable. He had a cock about 8” long, but as she put it ‘like coke can’. It turns out when they went home after she was working, he would have sex with her for hours on end. After the first time, he would fuck her sometimes for 40 mins until he came……..or she nearly passed out from orgasms….then sleep for a while and start again. The reason they did not live together was she just could not take it every night, and work running the restaurant and bar all day and evening! If he was with her, he fucked her. So the solution was to limit it to weekends. By Monday her pussy was red raw, her nipples glowing and she was a satisfied woman. Usually he would stay one night more during the week just so they did not lose the rhythm. Many Korean’s only do missionary, but by the time I met Soo she was happy to get on top, doggy, anal…..it was clearly not the first time. And she also sported a clean shaven pussy…….very European.

Sex between us was good, we made each other come, we enjoyed each other…….and every night became twice a week with a grope every morning. We both wanted more … but different. We talked about swapping, but concluded we were happier if we just had sex outside our relationship. So on business trips to Singapore and Malaysia I would get girls for a night or week and have as mush sex as I could cope with. Soo accepted this and simply said her time would come……………

I had to work in China for a few weeks this last August and Soo did not want to come with me. When I was away she said she was going for a few days away with friends at Cheju Island, a resort location.. We talked when I was away, but calls were difficult to set up and anyway we don’t spend every day checking on each other. When I came back and she asked what happened. I described this young Chinese girl I had when in Shanghai. Small frame but big breasts………and how we had sex on the balcony and all the things we had done. She smiled, said that was nice and then went to the bedroom.

Shock was not the word. When she came to bed her nipples were about half an inch long…..and red. But what really caught my eye was her pussy….the hair had all gone….she was clean shaved…..first time is years. She said……..it’s payback time! When I slipped a finger is her pussy she nearly went through the roof, on closer inspection…she was red, puffy and well used.

Dave had contacted her, he was back in Korea. She described it as stepping back in time. He came to our apartment and as soon as she saw him she knew she had to have him again. They went through the niceties, slowly moved into some playing and within 10 mins she was impaled on his cock. As we talked, she described how she had tried to get it in her mouth but plain could not. He either was bigger now or she had lost the art! As she tried to give him a BJ, Soo said she could feel her clit getting wet and realized her pussy was just leaking in anticipation. She gave up on the BJ, pulled her pants off had just rammed him up her pussy. There on the sofa, he fucked her three times in a couple of hours ….just like old times.

The best part was when they went away to Cheju. She said the sex was unbelievable, they had a continuous round of drinking, walking, laughing…..but mostly screwing. She shaved her pussy, and took in every position and every hole. Soo thought she must have passed out a number of times from orgasms, excitement and exhaustion. It was the final night that was the best though.

On a beach away from the hotel they decided to go swimming with some friends they had made. Matt was about 45, American and well built whilst his Korean girlfriend Suki was about 22, had a figure to die for and small perky tits. They all went in wearing underwear but then the messing around started. Soon all four were nude with each couple kissing and playing about……….and boys were at attention!. Soo saw Matt’s cock and described it as very long but not as fat as Dave’s. Suki saw Dave’s and asked her in Korean how the hell she got it in her. The girls were laughing and joking and Soo just said…watch. With that Soo just dragged Dave to the shore, lay him down and impaled herself again on his cock. There in the moonlight, she rode him while he bit her nipples and fingered her arse. Matt and Suki came closer and Dave invited him to ‘feel the best tits in Korea’. He came around to Soo’s front and as he felt one of her breasts she said it was just natural to take his cock in her mouth. This one she could cope with! Suki came around and played with Matts balls whilst massaging Soo’s spare tit with the other. Soo just orgasmed and soon Dave filled her with come.

It was then that Soo realized that Dave was fingering Suki and she was about to come as well. She had no idea when Matt came, but she suddenly realsied she had a circumcised cock in her mouth and come dripping from her lips. They all untangled and sat and talked. Suki still sat in awe looking at Dave’s ‘coke can’ sized cock….as he got ready for round two of the night. Suki again asked Soo how the hell she took it inside ……… only this time she said, just try it! Soo moved away from Dave, and Suki just stepped over Dave and position his cock at her entrance. Matt wrapped his arms around Soo and said ‘go on, try it’. Slowly she lowered herself…grunted…moaned and eventually took it all. For the next 20 mins the young girls pussy was used in a way it had ever experienced as Matt and Soo stood watching, playing, fingering…..but I am pleased to say not having sex.

So that’s the story. Next day they came home, and I arrived that evening. Soo had got her payback and I have a permanent hard on just thinking about it. Sorry it’s so long but hope you enjoyed

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