I discovered my wife’s adultery by accident. I wasn’t following her or spying on her, I was just driving down the street. I saw her getting out of a car in the Town and Country Motel parking lot as I drove past. Of course, I turned around and parked across the street from the motel to see what was going on. I kept my eyes on the car she got out of and after several minutes, she came out of the motel office and got back in the car. I watched them go behind the office and park at the end cabin. I didn’t know it was Joseph with her until he got out of the car and led her into the cabin.

Joseph was a technician at the computer lab where she and I both worked. She knew him better than me (obviously!) I wasn’t as shocked that she was fooling around with a blackman as I was at how aroused I became at the realization. My dick actually got stiff as a board thinking about her in that cabin with him. The thought of his black dick sliding in and out of my wife’s hairy pussyhole painted pictures in my mind…breathtaking pictures that made me tremble with desire. I knew I was supposed to be angry but I was too excited to notice. Like I was in a dream, I crossed the street and made my way around behind the cabin they were in. Fortunately the high bushes concealed me from onlookers as I creeped up to the patio windows looking for a seperation in the curtain. I found it part way down near the bottom. Shamelessly, I kneeled down and bent at the waist until I could see into the room.

My wife was naked to the waist, her bare breasts jiggling with every movement of her head. She was sucking Joseph’s black cock rapidly, like she sucks mine, bobbing up and down on the dark stalk like it was her favorite candy. As I watched her sucking his big cock like a woman in love, I reached to adjust my hardon. The moment I touched it, I ejaculated all over myself. I was hotter and hornier than I had even been in my life. I couldn’t take my eyes off my wife and that stiff black dick in her mouth. When they started stripping everything off, I opened my fly and started fondling myself again. I was as stiff and hard as I’d ever been in my life. I knew he was going to fuck her and for some reason, that excited me as much as it did him. When he pushed her down on the bed, her legs parted immediately. She was hot for it! Her pussy glistened with moisture and the desire to have his thick black cock buried inside her was written all over her face. I almost shot off again when he started feeling her up and tongue-kissing her.

Joseph knew she wanted it too. He drew back the foreskin and rubbed the choclate head of his big dick up and down the hairy crevice between her legs, stimulating her clitoris and wetting his dick at the same time. I could see his smug smile as she lifted her hips and tried to help him get it inside her, revealing her desire for it. aroused, eager to submit, and anxious to be mounted, she was the sexiest white woman in the world! As she tried to coax him into putting it in, she grabbed at his arms, whispering”…fuck me, Joseph – fuck me!” I didn’t hear the words but I saw her lip movements and I’m certain thats what she said. My desire for her was so great, when he finally parted her labias and pushed every inch of his big, black dick deep inside her married white pussy, I shot off all over the bushes. Instead of being depleted and semened out, I recovered quickly and watching him pound that big cock into my orgasming wife’s pussy had me hard again in no time. I watched his dark balls bumping against the white cheeks of her upturned ass as he gained total penetration and really started to deep fuck her. My wife’s eyes were closed and her face was flushed as she writhed and grunted beneath him, urging him on with her hands.

When he buried it inside her and held it there, I knew he was cumming. I started cumming myself, getting off yet again as I watched him shoot off deep inside my wife’s tightly stretched and fully filled vagina. As her own orgasm joined ours, Dede opened her eyes and looked right at the window. I ducked out of sight, but for a brief instant our eyes touched and I knew she saw me. And, since I was ejaculating when our eyes met, she probably knew I was turned on by what I saw more than angry about it, too. I didn’t chance looking in the window again even though I wanted to. I just left, retreived my car and drove home to wait for her. When she came home and our eyes met, she immediately put her hand between my legs to squeeze and fondle the throbbing hard-on she knew I would have. She unzipped my fly and fondled my cock with both hands, pleased that I was still aroused…pleased that what I saw made me want to fuck her too. As I lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to the side, she asked me if I got excited watching Joseph fuck her. I told her I got so excited I masturbated while he was fucking her…that I ejaculated watching him hammer his black dick into her married white pussy, as I slipped my throbbing cock into her stretched pussyhole. As I buried my dick in my wife’s loose, cum-soaked pussy, it felt just like it did outside that motel window watching Joseph stick it in her! It felt like it was ME! As I slammed my dick all the way in her, imitating the way Joseph had fucked her earlier, Dede lifted her hips and pulled at my pistoning ass with both hands. “His cock is bigger than yours, honey but you’re fucking me exactly the same way!” Dede moaned as I hammered between her legs just like he had. “Fuck me, Joseph” she whispered as I stiffened between her legs, “Fuck me with your big, black dick!” I quickly added what cum I had left to the cum Joseph shot into her pussy in that motel room with images of him pumping his big, black dick into Dede’s sweet pussy filling my head..

We spent the rest of that night fucking like rabbits. We talked about Joseph and and how hot we were for each other afterward…how hot we were at the time too. We talked about her fucking other guys with me interacting with them and her, taking photos, jerking off and enjoying it with them. She liked the idea of doing it with me watching. She said she had a glorious orgasm when she saw me staring in that motel window. She knew from the look on my face that I was as excited about it as she was. She knew she should have trusted me with her desire for other guys instead of doing it on the sly and she promised never to do it again. What could I do? If got off twice watching her get fucked when I wasn’t expecting it and my emotions were conflicted and confused, I shuddered to imagine how many orgasms I might get knowing ahead of time, wanting it and anticipating it right along with her. I thought about it alot and decided I didn’t care what anybody else thought. I got off on it good and I liked it. I wanted to do it again. I wanted her to do it again. Other men, many of them complete strangers, shared our bed and used Dede like a whore right in front of me after that. Her fucking some stranger and me watching her get it became our favorite and most frequent kind of sexual activity. I couldn’t believe how good it was for me. Everytime was the first time. And, Dede is unbelievable! With me right there beside her, she relaxed and really got into what she was doing. She enjoyed the thrill of those othermen and their strange cocks. She liked fucking them! And, she fucked’em with the same lust and enthusiasm she fucked me with, having orgasms with almost all of them and multiple orgasms with many.

But the thing she did best was talk to me by way of the things said to the guy fucking her. She made comments to enflame his passion, saying things she knew would further arouse him, things she knew I liked to hear her say. She could induce me to climax with a carefully worded phrase or two at the right moment and she knew it. She particularly liked it when the guy she was fucking got off at the same time I did. That always made he feel like she was fucking us both! We’ve been 3 waying like this for 8 years now, and, if anything our commitment to each other and the bond between us, is stronger than its ever been. So I guess a voyeuristic spectator with a small cock and a whore-at-heart dick loving, cum craving, ass fucking slut for a wife, can live happily ever after. In fact, we’re going to visit a couple brothers in their motel room later tonight. They aren’t twins but only 2 years difference in their ages – one’s 26 and the other’s 28. They want to “oreo” Dede. My dick’s hard already.

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