I made a quick call to the wife before I boarded my flight. I reminded her that Boyd would be by to replace the kitchen sink around noon that day. I asked her if she was still wearing the thin cotten pink “lounge around the house” dress she looked so great in that morning. She playfully answered OF COURSE and added she still did not have a stitch on underneath. I felt my pants stir. I had just had her and I already wanted her again. It was going to be a long three days. Be a good girl and leave poor Boyd alone I also added. Boyd was the local handyman in our neighborhood.He worked cheap and that was key since our fixer upper home was built in the forties. He was around 65, maybe 5’10 with silver hair and thin beard,still very physically fit and absolutly adored the little wife. Every male in the neighborhood did actually since she was 23 and most of them were closer to retirement age. She joked that I had moved her to a retirement community. It all worked out well because she enjoyed the attention being a huge tease since I met her in college.

I had come home early one day earlier that summer and found her chatting with Boyd in the front driveway. It appeared he had interupted her bikini clad carwash. She looked tremendous as her sun kissed 5’4 hot little body was displayed nicely in a yellow bikini top showing lots of tan cleavage and short denim cutoffs that really called attention her great legs. I wasnt the only one that noticed that day either as Boyd took great care taking mental notes from the top off her brunette hair that was pulled up in a ballcap to the tips of her little pink toes. It didnt bother him one bit that I had arrived as he continued to watch her finish her car thoroughly enjoying the show. I teased her later she was going to cause an accident or heart attack someday if she kept that up. I truly enjoyed watching him enjoy watching her. I secretly wished that he could see just how perfect her perky 34b titties looked on her small frame naked. Boyd was always quick with the compliments. He had told her she could be a real life magazine centerfold. That scored big points. He joked that when she was ever ready,he would knock off the dust on his old polariod and not charge her a dime.I actually thought I would even like to see that happen Older men can say just about anything and it comes across cute I found out.

She said she had started some laundry and didnt even realize it was noon and she had never changed out of her dress. She was still au natural under her pink dress when Boyd and his sixty to seventy something year old helper came to the door. It wasnt until Boyd told her that she would make a berlap sack look sexy that she noticed how clearly visable her nipples were thru the thin cotton material. She also said he made no attempt to NOT stare at her lovely small tits. She admitted that for a few moments there in the kitchen,the more he stared, the STIFFER her nipples actually got. Thier conversation was cut short by a phone call from her sister. She took the call in the guest bedroom that was directly across the hall from the kitchen and not shutting the door as she chatted. She said that part was on accident actually getting completly caught up in her girl talk phone conversation. 20 minutes had past when she heard whispering from the kitchen then realizing both Boyd and his helper were stealing more than a couple of glances thru the doorway at her lying on the guest bed chatting on the phone.

She thought about what they could see. A little leg maybe? Thats it. OK…maybe from where they were… ALOT of leg,maybe a little chick of her sweet round bottom but thats certainly it? Deep down,maybe she did want to pose for his old polariod. This was a round about way of showing off to him a little.Who cares if the helper was around too! She told me she had to fight to keep focus on her phone conversation as she inched the hem of her dress up ever so slowly. She could feel thier long hot glances and see their shadowy reflection in a picture frame mounted on the opposite wall. After the second hem adjustment they both stopped trying to be sneaky instead just stopped in the middle of the kitchen peering thru the open door. She fought to extend her conversation making a final bold adjustment for her onlookers certainly exposing most of her beautiful ass to their hungry view even parting her firm tan legs a bit. Too much she even thought. She ended her phone conversation and heard her onlookers move away beginning starting to pull out the old sink. Her heart raced and she walked past the kitchen into the garage to continue her laundry. She told me she thought she had gone to far and it was no longer comfortable. She told me she made a point to stay in the garage doing laundry until the bulk of thier task was complete.

She had no idea how much time had passed when Boyd came to look for her. He immedaitly informed her that the helper had gone to the supply store to pick up a part they needed to finish. She told me he looked flustered and little nervous. She admitted she also did not know what to say. Boyd told her he needed to be completly honest. He had never seen a women with a body like my wifes in many,many years and hell…maybe never. She was stunning in every way. He told her he joked about his polariod but after the last hour could think of nothing else other than seeing her completly nude. My wife said she blushed ,told him he was sweet and assured him IT wasnt anything like he thought IT was under that dress. She said Boyd let her finish her statement and simply replied ..your right,its probably better.He told her, It would mean alot to an old man if he could see her…just once.

It was her turn to be flustered. She asked,what just take off my dress right here,right now..just like that? All Boyd did was nod anxiously. Her mind raced..this was crazy. I cant do this? Even for a sweet old man. Without thinking anymore,her body on auto pilot she stepped away from the laundry baskets to the middle of the open garage floor.Grabbing the hem of her dress she put a disclaimer that he could never tell a soul making sure to make eye contact. He nodded again as she slowly raised the hem of her dress upwards almost feeling faint at the thought of what she was doing. In an instant she was completly and totally nude in front of Boyd holding her dress in one hand. She allowed him moment to take in her nakedness. Her hard 34bs stood straight and very perky against her flat stomach.The garage was hot so beads of sweat had already formed on her tan skin especially between titties.The sweat and white tan lines around her very erect nipples even appeared erotic to her. She looked damn good she thought to herself.

She ran a hand over her amazingly hard nipples and firm tits downward stopping short of her white bikini bottom tan line and small dark bush. She always kept herself very neatly trimmed.
She looked for a reaction,a word from Boyd. He looked speechless.She said he managed the word sandals. He told her in a broken sentance if she would take off her sandals also. She kicked off her sandals now standing in her barefeet 4 feet in front of him looking like twice the centerfold he ever imagined. She said what happened next happened so quickly it felt surreal. She turned to put her dress oo over her head when she felt Boyd move quickly behind her.Her Dress never made it over her head. He roughly grabbed two handfuls of firm tits with his rough hands simultaniosly kissing her neck. His fingers pulling on her stiff nipples. The combinations sent pleasure shooting up her spine. Almost immediatly she could feel herself ache down below.

Boyd pressed his hard erection in his jeans against her bare ass.He placed his hands over hers and placed them on each side of the washing machine.Softly,Boyd told her to spread her legs apart. One strong hand dove straight down to her bush to the outside folds of her tight pussy. A fraction of a second later he had already easily penetrated her with two fingers finding her slit soaking wet. She said she moaned loadly despite the roughness and could think of nothing but having him. He lifted her to her tip toes with the upward thrust of his fingers inside her. She could hear his toolbelt and belt being hastily undone. It was only another half second of anticipation as he pierced her with his 6 or 7 inches of hard meat from behind.He spread her legs further as he thrusted. He continued to tug on her nipples and enjoy her slick naked hard body from behind. She told me he pounded her sweet little ass very nicely. His pants were still around his ankles as he finally began to grunt thru his load he buried deep inside her. And that was just day one !

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