Long story short . . . my hubby likes to see me with well endowed men and I love to oblidge him! What woman wouldn’t take advantage of the opportunity to have her hubby ENCOURAGE her to have sex with other men, especially those with “big” equipment while he watched from a ringside seat!?!

My hubby is a wonderful husband and father and is totally secure in his sexuality. He is not gay or bisexual and his desire to see the aforementioned stems from his constant efforts to please me. I love him dearly for this. For years, he shared this fantasy with me and I rebuffed him and excused it as pillow talk. We both enjoyed the banter and I must admit, it made me weak in the knees! You see, we were high school sweethearts and he had been my only sex partner in my life. The thoughts of something different after 17 or 18 years of marriage finally got the best of me and I agreed to fulfill his fantasy.

I set the rules. I was to pick the guy, the place, the time and the frequency when I played. He could have the right of last refusal up until the point in time where a date was made. After that, it was my show and he was just a spectator. That being established, I never really expected it to happen! I figured one of us would chicken out and the whole thing would just go back to fantasy talk . . . that is until it happened!

I was scared to death! Here I was waiting for my hubby for a drink after work. He was late, but he did call to tell me that he was late, but told me to get a head start on our evening. Well, I had not prepared for being by myself so I had not brought any cash or credit cards with me. He told me to run a tab, or be creative! I chuckled, and hung up.

You know men in bars! It wasn’t 25 seconds before I had an offer for a drink so I took it! Little did I know that this would be the beginning of a new lifestyle for hubby and me! A very attractive younger man, at least younger than me, about 40, sat down next to me and we began chatting. I’m usually pretty reserved, but talking with this man seemed very comfortable and non-threatening. After about 45 minutes, he asked me if my hubby was really coming or if that was just an excuse in case I wanted to leave. I assured him of the facts. He ordered another round!

After we had received our drinks, in walked my husband. He spotted me at the bar and walked over and to his surprise, found me a little tipsy. I drink socially, but rarely have more than two drinks and they are usually wine. Today, I was on a Cosmo kick! Talk about a loss of inhibition!

I introduced my “sponsor” to my hubby and he offered to pick up the tab for me, but my friend refused, saying that my company was worth the investment! I took it as a compliment and a warm feeling suddenly came over me. I realized at that very moment that soon I would be in bed with this man and there was nothing my hubby could do to stop it!

Cutting to the chase, after about another hour, in which I nursed my last drink and my hubby made up for lost time, the topic of sex came up. I don’t know what made me do it . . . perhaps the alcohol, perhaps my inner desire to have this man, I can’t say which . . . but I revealed my hubby’s desires to see me with another man! Just blurted it out! Both of them turned beet red! I thought . . . there, I said it . . . finally freeing thoughts my hubby had planted in my mind on so many occasions. It seemed like the silence would never end . . . until I said to my hubby . . . this is your chance to back out. Speak now or forever hold your peace. My friend was stunned. My hubby stood silent.

Hubby paid the bill and we walked to our cars. The first decision was where do we go and the second was how do we get there? We all knew what was about to happen and I think we were all quite confused, if not a little intoxicated. Again, I took the lead by suggesting that we go back to our house and that I ride with my new friend so he wouldn’t get lost. We all agreed. I could see the apprehension on my hubby’s face and I sensed the mixture of jealousy and excitement in his demeanor.
That got me! I was about to have sex with a very attractive man while my hubby watched! It WAS going to happen! We got into our respective cars and I told my soon to be lover where we were going. Hubby pulled out of the lot, but we were not in such a hurry. He asked me if my hubby and I were sure what was about to happen was what we really wanted. I assured him it was. For the first time, I touched him. I stroked his hand and electricity shot through my body right to the pit of my stomach!

As we left the parking lot, there was nothing but silence! Talk about sexual energy . . . you could cut it with a knife. I was in a daze of lust, power, anticipation and raw, primal emotion that I could hardly contain myself. The 10 minute drive seemed like hours.

As we drove, I made it clear that this was my hubby’s fantasy and that, although he would only be a spectator, he was as much a part of it as we were. No strings, no relationship . . . just pure, raw, physical sex! I also told him that we were not to start anything until we got home as I didn’t want my hubby to miss anything.

When we arrived to our house, hubby was already there and had made some more drinks. Not sure who needed them more, but we all started on one. As we sat in the family room, I moved close to the object of my attention and rested my hand on his leg. I put my drink down and decided that was enough alcohol for me. I wanted to remember this experience! Hubby took a chair across the room and just watched the proceedings. As I stroked his leg he began to nibble at my ear and kiss my neck while caressing my breasts through my blouse. I was on fire!

I tried to wait, but I could not resist the temptation to touch his crotch. OH MY, I thought! I have hit the jack pot! While he was kissing my neck, I tried to crane my head in order to get a view of what was hidden by his trousers.

Hubby fidgeted some and was saying something, but my attention was elsewhere. I had to have this man and I had to have him now! I undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants and began to unfurl what was the most amazing thing I had ever imagined! My hubby is very small in his private area and was my only reference when it came to penises. What I felt, then saw, was almost a religious experience! As I unencumbered his manhood, for the first time I knew I was about to find out what it felt like to be a woman! Hubby even let out a gasp! I was still fully clothed but had his pants off in seconds. I mumbled something like “Oh my God” or something like that and said to my hubby “can you believe the size of this”? “You are in for a real treat”, I said, knowing full well that it was me who had the ultimate pleasure in my hands!

I immediately put my mouth near his penis and began to lick it from the base to the tip on the underside while gently stroking his full length with my left hand. I could not believe the sheer mass and the weight of his penis. I marvelled at how thickly veined it was and began to wonder how it would feel as it slowly entered me. I took as much of him as I could in my mouth and used both hands to caress both his balls and stroke his shaft.

This went on for about 10 minutes before I could stand no more. I removed my mouth form his dick and took off my no soaked panties and lifted my skirt. I told this stranger to fuck me! NOW! As his manhood hovered over me I was lost in a haze yet fully focused on his cock. I guided him to my waiting womb and he slowly entered me. I moaned, I screamed, I cried, I LOVED his cock! I needed his cock! His cock was now a part of me! He held still yet I came with unknown ferocity! Hubby could see the sheer delight on my face and he knew at that moment that things would never be the same between us.

As my new lover delved into places previously unvisited by any man. I knew that this would not be the one and only time that I would feel such pleasure. As glorious as my hubby must be feeling, I was in a state of euphoria. As jealous as my hubby must have been feeling, I knew that this experience would be repeated over and over again. No way was I NOT going to taste this forbidden fruit on repeated occasions. This would not be possible!

My womanhood was being ravaged by an amazing animal, with a life of its own, and I was its prey. With every stroke, one orgasm ended and another began, yet I begged for more! Deeper, harder, faster . . . all commands I made for my own pleasure of my captor. I was his, totally and completely, to do with as he may without regard to any outside forces. My hubby became a helpless pawn in this sexual frenzy that was this man’s penis. It was the beginning and the end for me. My entire self become a slave to it and I wanted nothing but more of it.

The entire encounter seemed endless but probably took no more than 45 minutes. It ended with an enormous eruption of his seed that filled my womb and created a river of pleasure that flowed forth. I was spent.

I looked into the eyes of a man who 2 hours ago had been just another person walking the same streets in the same town as me, yet here we were, completing my evolution into womanhood together. We did not speak. We did not kiss. We did not embrace. He removed his dying, yet still formidable, penis from me and it felt as though my life-force had been vanquished through my vagina. He left without saying a word.

After some time had passed and I began to gather my composure, I looked over at my helpless husband of 18 years and saw a combination of pain and joy in his eyes that was indescribable. He sat there in a chair, his tiny manhood limp and spent on his leg and he knew that his world had changed forever. I began to chuckle to myself and thought until this point in my life, that little pecker was my only source of sexual satisfaction and I wondered how that could be! It seemed SO small, yet there it was! I love that man, I thought. Yet, I realized that I loved another man’s penis and the two will remain linked for eternity.

I had become something that I never even dreamed of previously . . . a true size queen!

And the quest goes on . . . . !

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