My hubby and I went to our regular nightspot to hang out and have drinks. We both like to go there to relax and talk and dance with others. I especially love the attention I get from the other men. Tonight this one guy is giving me the serious moves. He is coming on strong. Most guys play cautious when they realize I am there with my husband. Not tonight. This guy was grabbing my ass on the dance floor, grinding his hips against mine and kissing my neck. Daryl was at the table talking with a blond and her two friends. He said he noticed what the guy was doing but knows I will keep him in line. We return to the table and the guy continues to buy me drinks. Finally, we all decide it is time to go. The guy agrees and says he will walk out with us. As we head for the car Daryl looks at me and asks, “Did him squeezing your ass turn you on?”
“You saw that, huh?” I answered. “Actually it did. I’m very wet.”
“What would you do right now if I wasn’t here with you?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think I could control myself. Of course, I wouldn’t let myself get this drunk or horny if I was alone. ”

Daryl opened the back door to the car and offered the guy a ride home. He explains he is too drunk to drive home. The guy says thanks and hops in. Daryl looks at me.
“How would you like to pretend that I’m not here?”
I was pretty drunk, but still not sure. “Are you sure?”
“I wouldn’t offer if I wasn’t sure.”

I gave Daryl a big, deep kiss and got into the back seat with the guy. Without talking much, me and the guy start making out. He put his hand in the top of my dress. After about ten minutes I fling my shoes into the front seat. Next my zipper is coming down. Dary looked back to see my dress around my waist and the guy releasing the front clasp of my bra, making my boobs pop out. The man continued kissing me on the mouth as he fondles my boobs and nipples, making them hard. I started going for his waste, pulling his tucked shirt out of his pants and over his head. He had a large, muscular upper body with a lot of chest hair. I pushed him back and began kissing his neck and chest and then sucking his nipples. I pinched one and he let out a moan. By this time the car pulls into a rest area at a local lake. Now Daryl turned around so he could see everything in the light of the moon. Just as the car was stopped, I had made my way down to the guy’s stomach. I kissed and licked his belly while unbuttoning his pants. He hiked his hips up to allow me to pull the jeans and boxer shorts down. I kissed him on the neck and mouth as I stroked his cock. He had a nice size cock, not too big, not too small. It fit his frame fine. He puts his hand around my back and pushed his hand into the back of my panties, kneading my bare ass. As I stroked with one hand the other cupped his balls, playfully squeezing them. As I did this his cock got even bigger. I bent down, looking up at Daryl and smiling, then looked down at the cock and began to lick the tip. Slowly I ran my tongue around the top of his member, absorbing the texture in my mouth. I then opened wide, putting just the head in my mouth. It felt as though my mouth was full. I began to make slurping and moaning noises as I somehow took more and more of it into my mouth, stroking him with one hand and squeezing his balls with the other. My head began to bob up and down. The man leaned back with his arms on the seat and closed his eyes. He began thrusting his hips up and down, pumping his cock into my mouth. I turned my head and Daryl saw the new cock sliding in and out of his wife’s beautiful face. My face! After a few minutes, the guy began to moan and grunt. As he came, I moved back to allow his sperm to splash on my chin and boobs. Although don’t like the taste and won’t swallow, I love to feel hot cum on my neck and tits. I reached for the guy’s shirt and wiped the cum off of me.

I leaned back in the corner of the back seat. He kissed me on the mouth, and his slowly deflating penis perked right back up. He ran his hands slowly down me sides giving me goose bumps. I have shorter black hair that makes me look a lot lighter in color than I am. My skin is pale white. My boobs are decently proportioned for my body, round and perky with puffy nipples. He pulled my dress and panties over my hips, exposing my neatly shaved black pubic hair. Kissing her every inch of the way, he moves down from my neck and over my breasts. Kissing, sucking, rubbing. Down my stomach again massaging my sides. I spread my legs as his slow moving head makes its way to my other lips. Using his tongue to pull them apart, he begins licking the middle of my vagina, from the opening to the clit and back again pausing to suck and nibble on my clit which drives me wild. Occasionally he would stick his tongue in my opening and fuck me with his tongue, then he would return to my clit. As I get more aroused, the fleshy area around my pussy begins to swell.

After massaging me with his tongue and lips for over ten minutes, I grabbed his hair and pushed myself against his head so hard I almost broke his neck. Flailing and panting I let out a groan that turns into a scream as I cum on the guy’s face. Most orgasms may tire you but this one made me want more. I reached down between his legs and began to jerk at his penis, making it come to life once more. I felt like I was fighting a snake. Pulling him on top of me I began rubbing my clit and lips with the tip of his huge dong. The great head covered half of my crotch. Licking his hand, then rubbing his saliva over the tip of his penis, he began to push it inside of me. Closing my eyes, I clutched his shoulders and let out a squeal, which turned into a loud whimper as he entered me. Slowly, for minutes, he worked his way inside me, the whole time as I kept my eyes closed, panting and moaning. Finally he was all the way in and I let out a sigh and opened my eyes. Now he started moving back and forth, up and down. As he pushed down, his buttocks clinched to drive further into my pussy as I began to think he was about to come out of the top of my head. My groans turned to squeals again as I bucked against his motion. I was cuming, clawing, and digging into his back with my nails and pushing his hips with my legs. I was cuming hard now and it was lasting a long time. When I was done I pushed him over off of me onto the seat beside me. I leaned forward across the seat and kissed Daryl on the mouth slow and deep. Then in one motion I leaned back, grabbed his dick, and straddled the guy in the backseat where I was facing Daryl and he could see the guys cock splitting me in two. Now I was having fun. I was riding him and performing for Daryl. His huge cock was now sliding effortlessly into the hole in my pussy he created. My juices were running down his shaft onto his balls, which were tightening. When he told me he was about to come I lept off of his cock and laid down in his lap and began sucking his cock again. When he announced he was coming I wrapped my lips around his huge tool and swallowed every drop he shot out with the exception of what I couldn’t keep in my mouth. As the guy attempted to catch his breath, I lay in his lap, smiling at Daryl.
“Did you enjoy yourself, Dear?” I purred.
“Not as much as you guys,” Daryl shot at her.

I got out of the car, put my clothes back on and got into the front seat with Daryl. We drove the guy, now sober, back to his car. Conversation was limited as Daryl was horny out of his mind and me and the guy were exhausted. When we dropped him he shook Daryl’s hand and gave me a kiss and left. As we were driving home I leaned over and began to give Daryl a blowjob. The events of the evening left him weak and he shot his load in about a minute or two. To his surprise, I swallowed it all for him.

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