My husband and I were in Florida for a business trip. I had some things going on and he came along for the fun of it. We were on the coast and we went to a little bar. We went in and the place was packed. There were about 100 guys in there. We sat at a table and a waitress came over. Nice crowd, I said. Yeah, we’re having a wet Tee-shirt contest in about 30 minutes. You should enter, first prize is $500. My hubby and I laughed. I said no thanks. She said are you sure, it’s free to enter and there aren’t that many contestants. Not many tourists here this week. Just local girls. I said no thank you and she said if I changed my mind just go to the area to the left of the stage and tell the bouncer I wanted to enter. I just couldn’t imagine my 34 year old body up there with a bunch of young twenty-somethings.

We got our drinks, and then another as the show was starting. The first woman, a mom from the area they said, was pretty. She was tall, had big droopy boobs ( what you guys call hangers) and her but was kind of flabby. My husband said I was hotter than she was. Now he was goading me into getting up there. The next girl was younger than the first, but chunky. They poured water on her and her big round boobs and dark nipples showed through. She got a big round of applause. I got another drink. An older woman my age, skinny and kind of flat came up. I finally looked at my hubby, more than a little buzzed, and said I could beat these girls. I just don’t want to mess up my clothes for the rest of the night. Hubby said he thought that I got up there in my panties and they gave me a tee to wear.

We went up near the stage. That seemed to be the thing. I went to the other side of a metal divider, like they have in front of stages at concerts. I went to the table and said I wanted to enter. They told me to sign a release and then strip to just my panties and shoes and put on their tee. I was behind the barricade but everyone could see so I took off my dress and put on the tee, then took my bra off. It was a really small tee. Really tight across my chest. Guys were yelling at me to show them my tits! I handed my dress and bra to my hubby and went near the stage to wait my turn.

They called me and I went up, let them pour the water on me, and danced around. My husband said the water dripped between my legs and that my boobs and bush were visible through the tee and my white panties. He said the guys near the stage could probably see my lips. Yummy! I then came back to the waiting area next to the stage to wait to go back up for them to call out the winners. I was standing about 5 feet from the guys on the other side of the barricade when an older guy, about 45 to 50, called out to me.

Sexy white panties, he said to get my attention. Come here. He was nicely built, tan with short hair and shorts and a hawaiian shirt. I walked a few feet closer to him and said what? He said let me see your tits. I said no and he said how about for $20? I looked at him and then at my hubby and then said to the guy, Let’s see it. He pulled out a twenty and I reached over and took it. I then pulled up my shirt showing him and everyone my puffy little nipples. I put my shirt down and he was laughing and high-fiving other guys.

He said how about your pussy? Show us that. He pulled out another twenty. I looked at the bouncer and he made no move to stop me or the guy from what we were doing so I reached out and took it. I turned, bent over and pulled my panties down, showing my lips and little brown eye. he reached out and barely grabbed at my ass as I moved away, pulling my panties back up. I turned around and he said come here.

I moved a little closer. He then said he’d give me $20 more if he could rub my boobs. I said I don’t think you can do that here, especially from that side of the guard rail. He spoke to the bouncer and looked to give him something and then he was let over into the area. He walked up to me and said, well what do you say now? I said I don’t know, looking at my hubby. He seemed to be watching and I know he was cool with whatever I let happen.

The older guy said How about I give you fifty and you let me touch your tits and pussy. I was buzzed, turned on and also kind of taken by surprise. He grabbed my arm and said come here, and we backed up to a table beside the stage about 15 feet from the crowd. I sat on the edge of the table. He put his hand in my shirt and felt me up, squeezing and pinching my nipples. They got hard of coarse and I was enjoying the touch.

Then he reached down with his other hand and pulled my panties to the side and started playing with my pussy. He was rubbing my lips and clit, sticking a finger inside me and taking advantage of how wet I was. He had a finger in me and was playing with my clit with his thumb while groping my boob with his other hand. I leaned back and closed my eyes, enjoying the attention on my clit. Just as I began to cum he pulled his finger out and moved closer to me, still rubbing my clit.

I was cumming harder and suddenly I felt something at my pussy and then I knew it was his cock as he pushed it inside me. Now, here I was buzzed, horny, cumming and then suddenly shocked that this guy was putting his cock inside me. I stiffened up and opened my eyes to look at him, still enjoying jerks of orgasm. He leaned in to me and said I am already inside, let me do this. I paid you a lot of money and made you cum. I promise I’ll be quick. Let me do this.

He kept moving his hips, moving his dick in and out of me. I am frozen, not knowing what to do. It was sudden, but also felt good and I was into the guy. If we had left the club together my husband would have been watching me suck and fuck this guy for a few hours, I don’t doubt. I was also turned on that he took what he wanted. I have had a fantasy about something similar to this. Amazingly, it was dark and the show was still going on so very few people realized what was going on. My hubby saw it but assumed I was saying ok the whole time. A few of the guys friends were watching as well as the bouncer.

He started to talk dirty to me. You have a tight pussy, fucking hot pussy. Does my cock feel good in your little pussy? I moaned yes as he pumped me and fingered my clit. He reached up and pulled my shirt up over my boobs, letting them pop out. He was squeezing them as he pumped me faster. He did me for about 3 or 4 minutes and then I felt his cum shoot into me. After he shot, he pulled out and put his cock back in his shorts and zipped up. He said I had a sweet, fat pussy. I guess that refers to my big lips. He just walked off and back over with his friends who were high fiving him.

I walked over to my hubby and he was smiling at me. Have fun? he asked. I said yes, that was hot. I was called to the stage and as I walked by the guy and his friends, I heard him say to them so I could hear, That was some good pussy, bet she sucks like a champ. The guy doesn’t realize that if he had tried to hook up instead of being an ass, he would have found out that I do suck like a champ. I went up and got some good cheers, especially from the guy and his friends. I didn’t win though. I got down and changed into my clothes, not worrying about anyone seeing me this time. I had another drink and then we left and went to our hotel. My hubby got a nice blowjob and then some hot sex.

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