I’m not much of a writer but I just have to share our experience with those of you who have posted before and helped me show my beautiful, shy wife that having naughty fun is neither impossible nor rare.

Jane is 45, raised Catholic, and has always been very modest and shy. Some months ago, we began reading stories on this site and looking at pictures. Jane was sure she could never actually do anything of such nature but she really got wet and hot when we would role play when we fucked.

Jane’s boss is ten years older than she and has often mildly flirted with her. She shared that with me and we from time to time would role play her seducing him and fucking him. I openly encouraged her to encourage him and seduce him. We talked more, role played more, and Jane would continue to say she could never actually do it.

Over the three years Jane has worked for Fred, on occasions when his family has traveled out of town, we have had him over for dinner a couple of times. Fred is a sports fans, as am I, and these evenings were always cordial as he was knowledgeable about sports and current events. Nothing even slightly erotic had ever arisen.

One evening Jane mentioned that Fred’s family was going to the west coast again. I told her the time had come for her to seduce him when we invited him over for dinner. Jane again said she could never do that, but that night she was a tigress in bed when I played the role of Fred discovering her sexual appetite and then feasting on her. In the days that followed, Jane returned to saying she could never actually DO anything like that.

In due course, the evening arrived when Fred came over. Jane had continued to say that she couldn’t ever come on to Fred so I didn’t think anything was different other than the high energy role playing we had been practicing. However, after dinner, Jane mixed up a blender full of golden magaritas drank two before either Fred or I finished our first. At this point, I realized something might actually be happening.

We had dressed for dinner so Jane had on a modest blue dress and , I thought, panty hose with heels.

When Jane turned the conversation to Demi Moore, I knew she was at least approaching the idea since this had been part of our role playing. I grabbed the cue and mentioned how hot Demi’s strip scenes were in the movie. Jane had that look on her face when she pensively said “every woman dreams of being a stripper and admired by men but we can never be bold enough to actually do it.” I said “Well why don’t you drink another margarita and strip for Fred and me.” Jane feigned blushing and scolded me “don’t talk like that in front of Fred!” Fred half blurted and half stuttered out “It would my fantasy come true to get to see your body.”

Now I knew it was on! Jane continued to be shy but the margaritas, Fred, and I were encouraging her on.

Jane began to strip for us and I grabbed the camera. Jane first stepped out of her dress and when she dropped her slip from her shoulders, we discovered she was wearing a black bra, black garter belt and black stockings! I was snapping photos at a record pace!

I was already rock hard but thought my dick would explode when Jane stepped over to Fred’s chair and kissed him. I snapped this photo as she leaned over to kiss him.

Some serious rubbing and touching went on until Jane unzipped Fred’s pants, pulled out his dick and, bending straight legged, buried his dick in her mouth! Clothes were being rapidly removed as this wrestling match moved into the bedroom where soon they were both totally naked and were rubbing, kissing, and licking all over each other. My camera was still going fast and furiously when Jane pushed Fred back onto the bed and straddled him.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more erotic than my beautiful wife’s hand taking hold of Fred’s dick and guiding it into her wet and hungry pussy.

Instantly Fred was arching up as Jane rode his dick. It was spellbinding to see his dick driving into her over and over. As she came again and again, I became determined to use the heat of this moment to fuck Jane in her ass – something we had never actually done before. After, Fred exploded into her pussy, I knew she would slide down to taste the mixture of her pussy and his cum on his dick. As she did, I put down the camera, moved in behind her and dropped my pants. His cum was oozing out of her pussy, so I rubbed a lot of it around and into her asshole. As I attempted to enter her, she was so tight that my dick was bending but not entering. I was afraid I might be hurting her but slowly, her rosebud began to relax and suddenly, I was in. She kept Fred’s dick in her mouth but was moaning and I could tell it was from passion. The passion of what I had just witnessed and her tightness around my dick were too much for my control and I quickly exploded into her.

We are now talking of more daring adventures.

Hope you all enjoyed this account a small percentage of how much we did.

By the way, Jane says things are very professional at work but, from time to time, Fred will comment how much he appreciates our hospitality when his family is out of town. An encore is definitely in the works!

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