Since our first threesome occurred a while ago, my girlfriend Jane has become something of a fantasy-addict. I’ve found that dirty talk in the bedroom, instead of turning her off or irritating her as it used to, now has quite the opposite effect. A few months ago, “Jane’s” ex boyfriend, we’ll call him Bill although that’s not his real name, sent her an e-mail. Bill told her that he knew things would never have worked, but that he missed her in the wee hours. He said he missed the feeling of her body against his, the smell of her hair, and the feel of her pubic stubble against his hardening cock. Jane dutifully showed me the e-mail but seemed stunned, as Bill wasn’t usually one to be so open and explicit. She was even more stunned when I suggested calling him. I rationalized that there must be something wrong; if Bill was acting so unusually, and that she should make sure that he was ok. In reality, I knew that Bill, like myself, was perpetually hooked on Jane’s fantastic body and her above-average skills at pleasing men.

Jane and Bill talked a few times during the following week, usually late at night after I had gone to bed. As it turns out, Bill had not had a successful relationship since he and Jane split, some years before. He’d had the occasional stand, and a few half-hearted girls, but nothing long-term. Bill was a lonely man. Jane told me that Bill had jerked off while on the phone with her one night. He didn’t tell her, but she knew him and she said she could tell by the way he was breathing and by his hesitant speech that he was remembering the “good ol’ days.” Jane admitted (as if it was a bad thing) that she caught herself softening her voice and becoming much more warm with Bill, when she realized what he was doing.

The following night, I stayed awake. Jane had called Bill and was talking with him in the spare room. She was lying on the bed in just a tee shirt and panties when I walked into the room. I wish I had been paying more attention, but I could swear I saw her hand dart away from her pussy when she noticed me coming in. Ahaaaaa! Of course, I pretended not to notice and played as though I was simply there to kiss Jane goodnight. As I hovered over her, I planted a long, soft kiss directly on the middle of her forehead, while my hands gently trailed from the back of her head, down her neck, across her shoulders and down the outside of her arms. Jane responded quite needily, and immediately locked her mouth over mine, her tongue roving softly about. Bill must’ve become uncomfortable, because Jane quickly returned to the phone and I heard her explaining that I had just come to kiss her goodnight and was already gone. I was nowhere near gone. In fact, I was standing right above Jane while she lied to him.

Jane went right back to her conversation with Bill, who was obviously tense and required several more assurances from Jane that I didn’t mind their phone calls. It didn’t take long before Jane’s “Oh yeah?” and “is that so?” conversation moved in a different direction. I noticed Jane’s voice soften and immediately remembered her telling me about that in a previous call. I also noticed how her voice became more musical and flirty. I sat quietly, listening to Jane as she told Bill how much she missed their late-night loving. When she told him that she missed feeling him inside her, I knew I had to take action. I smoothly (I thought) turned and knelt in front of Jane, whose legs were swinging off the side of the bed. Jane looked at me in horror, but she couldn’t say a word without alerting Bill to the fact that she’d lied to him.

Of course, I took full advantage of this as I let my hands softly caress the area right below her belly and outward to her thighs. On the upsweep, though, I managed to “accidentally” brush Jane’s pubic mound. I felt the heat and moisture building in her panties and I knew I had her on the hook. Jane was doing her best to push me away without making any noise, but it was for naught. At one point, Bill must’ve questioned her, because she immediately stopped fighting me and assured him that she was perfectly ok. That was my opening and I was already half way through it. By the time Jane finished lying to Bill, my mouth was locked directly over her pussy, panties and all. I could feel her clit, and her small but firm lips pressing their way through the fabric. I slowly opened and closed my mouth, allowing my lips to drag to and fro, across her covered pussy. As I felt, and tasted, a drastic increase in her juices, I gently scooped the crotch of her panties aside and buried my tongue deep into her. God, was she wet. Jane liked to play this game with me, sometimes, when I was on the phone. Now it was her turn to endure some determined head, while showing no signs to the person on the line. Not so easy, is it Jane?

Jane began to talk very explicitly to Bill, breathing heavier and heavier with each phrase. She told Bill how she missed his cock, his mouth and his hands, and even that she wished she could be with him again, if only I would understand. I get such a kick out of that shit. Bill must’ve taken the bait, assuming Jane was fingering herself while he jerked his cock, seventy odd miles away. It wasn’t long at all before I could actually hear Bill coming, through the phone. Jane followed suit less than a minute later. After she came, she got off the phone quickly, telling Bill that she had to work in the morning and that it was later than she imagined. In reality, Jane then raped me, repeatedly, well into the morning. Thank goodness neither of us really had to work

While she was aggressively pounding up and down on my cock, I naturally mentioned Bill and how horny he must’ve made her. I can never resist a good icebreaker. Jane never missed a beat, but told me that they weren’t meant to be, though that didn’t stop her from thinking of their late nights, from time to time. She told me, between gasps and grunts, that Bill had moved into a new apartment, sans room-mate, and that he’d asked her if she would help him christen the rooms some day. I asked her if she had thought about it and if she wanted to do it, and she said “it would be fun.” I quickly took the opportunity to suggest that it might be more than fun, and that it would turn me on to stay in a local motel while she fucked and sucked her ex-boyfriend before coming home to me. Jane must’ve been a changed woman after last time, because it took almost no time for her to agree. It was set. Jane called Bill the following night and told him that she would love to help him, but that it had to be kept secret from me (as if.)

A date was set, not surprisingly for the following weekend. On Saturday night, I was to be working a double shift, while Jane drove to Bill’s apartment and had her wicked way with him. I was actually sitting right beside Jane, waiting to be dropped off at a nearby Motel6. Jane would meet Bill, fuck his brains out, and then come straight back to the motel where she would have her second cock of the hour. Neither of us realized that wasn’t to be.

It was about 3:30 in the morning. I had long since dozed on the motel bed, excited beyond words, but afraid to jerk off for fear I’d ruin the evening. I was looking forward to feeling Jane’s stretched, loose pussy wrapping itself around me. Jane startled me awake, when she came in the door. Her clothes were wrinkled. Her hair was sticky and disheveled. Her makeup was smeared…and she was smiling BIG! My cock sprang up. Both it and I instantly knew that Jane had been handled hard, and that she had enjoyed it immensely.

Jane shed her clothes instantly, revealing her taught little body, smeared with dry cum, red marks, carpet burn, and even hand-shaped welts on her ass cheeks. Her sweet little pussy was a deep shade of pink and was swollen to almost twice its size. Cum and juices ran down the inside of her legs. She wasted no time in mounting me. Jane came to the bed and slowly, almost painfully, swung one leg over me and sank straight down onto my cock. I shuddered as I felt and heard the squish of her ultra-wet, used lips sliding down its length.

Jane leaned toward me and kissed me, deeply but gently. I could taste the salty mixture of her saliva and someone’s cum on her breath. So, Jane had been given a mouthful. I wondered how many times they’d fucked, and how many times she’d cum. He’d obviously shot more than a few loads into and onto my Jane during the night. Little did I know, the best was yet to come. Jane broke the kiss and said “be gentle with me, lover. I’m a bit sore.” She held my hips with her hands, slowing me to a kinder pace. Apparently I had already been bucking for all I was worth. Fuck, this was hot. Jane began to tell her story.

She arrived at Bill’s house at the agreed time, only to find Bill and his ex-roommate sitting on the couch, glued to the football game. Jane was furious when Bill told her that he never believed she’d show up. Bill told Jane to hang around for a while, while he got rid of his friend. Bill made a few feeble attempts to hint to Justin that it was time to go. Justin seemed not to notice. Bill was fast becoming frustrated with Justin for not leaving, and finally told him so. Justin calmly told Bill that he remembered not getting laid once because Bill was home (even though he was sleeping) and that now it was his turn to cock-block Bill.

Angered by Justin’s cocky, vengeful demeanor, Jane growled “that’s what you think,” as she strode over to Bill, knelt, and jerked his pants to his ankles in one swipe. Bill’s cock (about the same as mine) stood like a fucking piling, and Jane said she just took it straight into the back of her throat. She said she wished that there had been time to tease Bill, touch and tickle his cock, lick its shaft, and make him beg for her, but Justin had pissed her off and now Bill was going to get laid, no matter who was present. I came at that exact moment….launching a barrage of sticky fluid up into Jane’s well-worked hole.

Out of the corner of her eye, Jane noticed Justin’s mouth agape as he sat, motionless on the couch, watching her deep-throat Bill. Bill was in a state of shock, she said, and stood silently motionless, letting her work his prick. Jane told me that while she was sucking Bill’s dick, her anger gradually subsided, partially because of having beaten Justin at his game, and partly because she’d never sucked cock with a stranger watching before, and she found it very arousing. Before long, Jane admitted that she was slurping Bill’s dong for all she was worth, as much for Justin’s benefit, even though she still thought he was an asshole, as for Bill’s. Jane sucked Bill until he finally exploded in her mouth, ribbons of his sperm shooting from both corners of her mouth, as he filled her with more thick cum than she could hold. Jane stood up as Bill fell weakly back onto the couch, a look of sublime satisfaction and utter confusion on his face. Justin then told her that was the hottest thing he’d ever seen and asked if it was his turn.

Jane said she grinned evilly at Justin and told him that he wasn’t getting a turn, that it was Bill’s night, despite his best efforts to cock-block his friend. Bill groaned in feeble agreement, but made no visible effort to move. Jane was wet, horny, and very frustrated. She knelt in front of Bill and began to stroke his limp dick back to life. When he was half-hard, she started to lick the last dabs of cum from his hole, giving him small spasms. Soon, Bill’s meat was hard and tall again, and Jane said she couldn’t wait. She finished undressing Bill and nearly jumped out of her clothes. It felt weird and exciting to be naked in front of a stranger, especially a stranger who she thought was a jerk, but she found herself performing for her rude audience. Jane licked her fingers and spread her pussy lips, which were already soaked. She straddled Bill’s legs and, hanging her perky tits right in his face, slammed up and down on his rod. She said she had her first, though small, orgasm the moment she put his cock inside. Bill was regaining energy, and was beginning to thrust upward to meet Jane’s ass as she rose and fell above him. That was when she felt the hands.

Jane said she jumped when she felt a set of hands firmly grasp her shoulders and push her down onto Bill’s cock with more force. She jumped, but she experienced her second and bigger orgasm. Justin had decided to involve himself in the act, but strangely neither Bill nor Jane made any effort to stop him. Jane said that half of her wanted to jump off Bill and kick Justin’s nuts up through his skull, but that it felt so good to be fucked with their combined strength that she didn’t want to interrupt her momentum. Justin’s hands soon started to roam Jane’s body, swirling between her shoulders, hips and very intentionally across her nipples. Jane said her nipples immediately got harder and all negative thoughts of Justin were forgotten. Jane was in the middle of her third orgasm, Bill’s cock locked in the death-grip of her spasming pussy, when she felt Justin’s body against her back. Justin was now naked, and Jane could feel his considerably large log pressing against her back.

Jane looked at Bill as if to question Justin’s presence, and said that Bill just shrugged indifferently and continued pumping his cock up into the depths of Jane’s belly. Justin was now intentionally rubbing his cock on her lower back and ass cheeks, dangerously close, Jane thought, to Bill’s lap. Jane let go of Bill, held up by Justin’s rough hands clamped tightly around her tits, and leaned back, grabbing Justin’s cock with both hands. I felt her loosen some and she seemed to get even wetter when she told me it was the size of a soda can. Justin evidently had a fairly short, but extremely fat cock. Jane knew as soon as she touched it, that it would stretch her like never before. She also knew she had to have it.

Jane stood up, hearing the suction sound as her lips reluctantly released Bill’s hard cock. She spun so her ass was against Bill’s belly and sat back down onto him, resuming her humping with considerable speed. She then grabbed Justin, maybe too tightly, by his fat dick, and dragged him straight to her mouth. Jane sucked Justin’s wide, hairy cock like a mad woman. She said she could take him all the way to the base, but that the width hurt her jaws. Justin was already panting and throbbing and Jane knew he wouldn’t last long. She said she slowly sucked and teased Justin, to prevent him from cumming too soon, while she rode Bill like a machine. After Bill came inside her, Jane stood up and turned around, bending over onto the couch and waving her wet, sticky ass at Justin. Justin wasted no time in grabbing her by the hips and jamming his overly large rod into her. Thankfully she had been fucked already, she confided, or she may have hit the ceiling.

I came again. Jane rode my slowly softening cock while she told me of the night’s events. She had been fucked alternately by Bill and Justin both, and occasionally while sucking the other, for a total of three and a half hours. Jane told me that she has never felt so thoroughly used, or been so completely sore. She estimated that Bill and Justin had each deposited no less than four loads of cum into her mouth and pussy. Justin had fingered her ass, while ramming into her very forcefully, from behind. She had given some thought to letting Justin and Bill have her ass tonight as well, but in seeing how rough and aggressive they both were, she decided against it. No matter, I was thoroughly spent and yet somehow still horny. My beautiful Jane had driven 70 miles to fuck her ex, only to be fucked hard by both him and his big-dicked friend. We slept past checkout that next day, but it was well worth the extra fee. Can’t wait for the next adventure. It’s great when she comes out of her shell.

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