My husband and I had spent the past several months indulging in a fantasy of my being taken and used. It got both of us really hot and we would end up having wild passionate sex that would fill the entire night. Ron had even dressed up several times and we would role play my being the helpless beauty that was brutally taken without her consent.

Ron came home from work on Tuesday a little early. He made a wonderful dinner and we shared a couple glasses of wine sitting in front of the fire place and cuddling. I was getting a little horny and had started to play with Ron’s cock through his jeans. Ron had pushed my tight little low cut ultra short shorts; he insisted I wear, off my hips and off my legs leaving me in my thin cotton bikini briefs. My pussy was getting wet and I could feel the wetness of my panties as Ron pushed them aside and fingered my tight pussy. I was trying to pull his cock out of his jeans to get it to my mouth when his cell phone rang. I told him to turn it off and he instead answered it. The call only lasted a minute and Ron got up leaving me lay on the couch alone.

I was upset as I asked him what was going on and he told me there had been an accident at his plant and he needed to get there as quickly as he could. He promised he would be back within the hour and adjusted his pants as he rushed out the door. I lay there still worked up and began to finger my own pussy pushing my panties down to my knees as my fingers circled my clit and then darted into the warm folds of my flesh past my swollen lips. I had my eyes closed and was listening to the sound coming from the porno flick Ron had put into the VCR before we sat down earlier. I could smell my hormones and pussy juice as I felt my climax begin to build.

I heard the door open and heard Ron’s voice asking me something in the distance. I thought he must have thought about what he was leaving behind and changed his plans. When I heard a stranger’s voice I opened my eyes startled. Ron continued as I tried to cover myself and pull my panties up over my hips. “Hon, this gentleman broke down and needs to call a mechanic from our phone, is it ok if he uses the phone and waits on a call while I have to run?” I looked at the man, a large heavy set white man, wearing a black leather jacket, a leather dew rag, a large earring in his ear and a pair of dirty ripped jeans and black leather boots. I could smell his body odor which smelled of sweat. Before I could reply to Ron he told me thanks and told the guy he called Chaz good luck. With that he ran back out the door as I tried my best to cover the large wet spot on my thin panties and looked for my pants that Ron had earlier thrown to the opposite side of the room.

Chaz got a big smile on his face and told me not to stop because of him. He asked where the phone was and I pointed to the other end of the couch and a side table. He just laughed and sat his big butt down opposite me on the couch and began dialing. I got up quietly and walked over and picked up the tiny little tight shorts Ron had bought for me and set out tonight. I tried to put them on as Chaz hollered out, “••••!” I looked and asked if there was a problem and he just replied that his mechanic must me drunk and was not answering his phone. I replied with something and tried to walk out of the room to get some clothes to cover me. Chaz barked out that he wanted a beer and to get him one. I was startled by his loud voice and demanding tone and against my better judgment walked into the kitchen and got him a Bud out of the refrigerator. I opened it and brought it back out to him handing it to him from a distance trying to stay away. He grabbed the beer and my wrist and pulled me to the couch sitting me almost on his lap. I squirmed to get away but he held me tight with his huge muscular tattooed hands. “No wonder you were so worked up, look at what you were watching” he blurted out. I turned to the TV to see a girl getting it hard and fast from a guy in each of her holes. I could not believe Ron had rented such a movie and left it in.

Chaz was a disgusting man, he was probably 6”1” and weighed probably 350 pounds. He had the look and the smell of a biker and from his actions so far did not have a lot of respect for women. He asked where I was in such a hurry to get off to and I told him I wanted to put some clothes on, that I had not been expecting company. Chaz ran his hand through my hair and commented on my being a beautiful women and it being a shame for me to be here all worked up and all alone. I told him that my husband would be back within the hour and tried again to get up. I had a thin top on that Ron had also brought for me to wear. It was tied at the back and off the shoulders. Chaz pushed me forward and took his large hands and ripped the shirt right off my body. A tremble of fear shot through my body as he laughed and said I would not need it tonight. I tried again to get up and Chaz caught me by the waistband of my tiny shorts. I stopped as I pulled against his massive grip on me.

I am getting excited and at the same time wanting Ron to come back in and save me from this horrible man. I could feel my pussy begin to flow as I was pulled back and the shorts literally ripped right off my body. Chaz was not gentle at all and as I came back toward the couch he jerked my panties back off my body. He said “You didn’t have these on when I came in so what the hell are you wearing them for now?” I started to cry a little and he just ripped the lace half cup bra from my body leaving me totally nude in front of this smelly ogre. He pulled me on top his lap and pushed me down onto my stomach. I could feel his massive fat cock beneath my belly as he firmly smacked my ass with his bare hand. I yelled out in shock and in pain as my ass felt hot. I could feel my pussy lubricating from the treatment I was getting. It was almost like Chaz knew exactly how to put me over the edge. Chaz gave me four more quick hard smacks before starting to massage my cheeks. I could feel the heat rise off them and I could feel the juice run from my pussy.

Chaz got up and carried me over to the fireplace. He set me on my knees in front of his massive frame and ordered me to take out his cock. I had tears running down my face and wished Ron would walk back in but at the same time I could not wait to see what kind of cock this horrible man was packing. I removed his belt buckle and then unzipped his jeans. I reached in and felt an enormous cock. I thought he must have had something in there but as I pulled it out into sight it was his real cock, at least 10” long and as big around as my wrist. It was the first uncut cock I had ever seen and his foreskin covered the head. It had a strong musky smell and was hot and wet and I could feel it pulsing in my hands. Chaz picked me back up and carried my 115 lb. frame like a rag doll over to the door. He opened it and carried me out to the trunk of my car and bent me over it right out in our driveway. He held my head down and I felt his massive hard cock run over my spread ass and pussy. He told me he was going to fuck me like the little porn watching slut that I was and was going to fill me with his hot sticky cum. I loved the sound of him talking dirty to me and I felt his massive cock ram into my hot soaked pussy almost splitting me in two from its size. I felt his massive baseball sized balls slap my clit as he began driving in and out of me as hard as he could. My tits were ground into the trunk of my car and I knew I would leave a dent.

I felt my own orgasm build and felt my cum run down my leg escaping from around his fat dick as he would pull out of me and then drive back in as hard as he could. All the time he talked dirty to me calling me his slut and his whore. The more he talked to me the hotter I got. I felt him dump his first massive load into my womb as he held onto my hips pulling him deep inside me as his cock erupted like a volcano. He pulled out of me and twisted me around and stuck his still hard cock into my mouth before I could say anything. I could taste his cum on his cock and could feel his pulse as his cock rammed in and out of my mouth stretching me and gagging me as he used a handful of my hair to pull my mouth on and off of him.

I had never been treated so rough or so much like a slut, but I was so hot I knew I would cum again if I could just get him to use my pussy again. I was moaning around his cock and I wondered if any of the distant neighbors could see what was happening. I wondered if any of them would call the police. Chaz was bellowing out for me to suck his dirty cock like a good little slut and to clean his cum from his dick so he could fuck me with it again. In a minute Chaz pulled me to my feet and then put me back up on the trunk on my back, he pushed my legs over my head and rammed his still massive hard cock deep back into my pussy and started pounding me right back where he had left off before he came last time. I started my own orgasm again and opened my eyes to hear Ron’s voice.

“Happy Anniversary Baby!” I looked up to see him watching me get pounded by this horrible disgusting man and he had a big smile on his face. “Anniversary?” I muttered. “Yes, baby, its’ been two months since our fantasy began about you being taken by a stranger.” Ron was smiling big as what was happening began to sink in. Chaz looked up and said “Hi!” as he dumped another load deep into my already used and stretched pussy.

Ron and Chaz brought me back inside and Ron explained the Chaz was really Brian, a vice president of operations at the plant where he worked. Brian, Ron and I spent the rest of the night making slow to rough passionate love. I love Ron, he will do anything for me.

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