After our last vacation we didn’t talk much about what happened. Lisa did say it was a great experience for her overall and the situation itself made her more excited than she ever expected. She liked the fact that she felt safe with me there and she was even more turned on knowing I was watching her ‘be bad’. Every now and then, Lisa would crack a joke or make an innuendo about the ‘size’ of something and she would give me a look, or a sly smile – secretly reminding me of what happened. I still had a hard time believing that it did happen. Somehow I thought it was a fluke, and it would never ever happen again. But it did.

Several months later Lisa called from work one Tuesday to say she was meeting up with some folks from work for drinks. She would call me when she was on her way home. She said there were some people from out of town that had flown in for meetings and they were all going to grab a bite to eat. I didn’t think much of it and continued on with the evening at home. At around 10:00 the phone rang. It was Lisa calling to say she was still with a few of the people from out of town and she would call me when she was heading home in about an hour or so.

At 11:30 the phone rang. Lisa said she was having a great time and was going to leave in a few minutes. She was slurring her words a bit and I told her I would come pick her up. She said she was fine, she was with ‘Michael’ from California and she would call me back in a few minutes.

About ½ hour later she called again. She said she was fine. She said she left her car at the restaurant and ‘Michael’ was going to drive her home. She said he was going to stay at our place since it was getting late. I had a feeling something more was going on from the playful tone of her voice.

They arrived at the house about 30 minutes later. Lisa had had too much to drink, it was obvious. She introduced me to her friend and told me to pour some drinks. She went to the living room as I got the drinks. When I returned, Lisa was on the floor with her hand on his thigh and he was on the couch. She was rubbing his leg as I handed them the drinks and didn’t stop even though she knew that I noticed this. We chatted for a few minutes and then she went to the kitchen to get more ice. She called me over, saying she was having trouble with the icemaker.

She pulled me aside and kissed me on the lips. She apologized for drinking too much but said she was just having fun. She said she thought Mike wanted to have fun too. I asked her what she meant by that. She said, “He kissed when we got in the car and he wanted to take me to a hotel.” She told him she couldn’t but she suggested they come to our house. She said she knew I would understand. I said, “Understand what?” Lisa said, “You know!” and just smiled. She turned to go back to the living room with Mike while I continued to work on the ice.

A few minutes later, she said she was going to show Mike around the house. They went upstairs and I few seconds later I heard the door close. I didn’t know what to do at this point but I knew at that moment what was probably going to happen.

20 minutes later I decided I needed to know what was going on up there, so I went upstairs. I heard whispers and muffled laughing through the door. I knocked on the door and a few seconds later Lisa opened it. She was fully dressed but her clothes were obviously disheveled by Mikes groping.

Mike was lying on our bed, his shirt open and Lisa sat on the bed next to him. Mike began to look uncomfortable and Lisa explained to him that I was fine with this, but… ‘My husband likes to watch’. She told me to sit down on the bed and then she turned to Mike and kissed him deeply.

As things heated up I could see Mike was having a hard time getting comfortable. Lisa unzipped his pants and I could see he was very big but not hard yet. Lisa stroked him as they kissed but he was clearly not accustomed to this scenario. Finally Lisa turned to me and said “Why don’t you go downstairs and see if the dog needs to go out.”
I said “OK maybe that’s a good idea”. Unbeknown to both of them, I had already gotten my camcorder out and ready I case something did happen. She called me over to give her a kiss and she said she was ok, she was just having fun. I placed the camcorder on the amour, pointed it towards the bed and went to take the dog out.

As I walked the dog all I thought of was what they might be doing. My wife with this man she just met. In my bed. The guy was big that’s for sure. She was probably getting drilled by him at this very moment. I was frantic at the thought of it. Yet it excited me immensely that she was feeling such desires for another man. And this other man felt he could fuck my wife with such ease. No problem, she obviously wanted him to fuck her and he is doing just that.

I walked for a long time before heading home. When I came home I could hear the muffled sound of the headboard of the bed banging against the wall upstairs. It became louder and faster as I imagined how this guy was fucking my wife. I went upstairs to see if I could peek in and see what was going on. I cracked open the door and I saw Mike was on top of Lisa, her legs were spread wide. Her hands were on his lower back, pulling him deeper inside her as she arched her back. I could see they were totally oblivious to anything but their own passions so I continued to watch them. The lights were low, so I could not see everything but I could hear the familiar sound of wetness as his slid in and out of Lisa’s pussy. This guy was very big. I could see the thickness more than the length and it was obvious she was enjoying what he was doing to her. I could see he wasn’t wearing a condom either. Every time he slowly thrust inside my wife I heard the sounds of her wetness. I could hear my wife gasp and softly moan as his strokes became longer and deeper, “Fuck me, fuck me, so big, you’re so big”. A few moments later she began to moan louder and then her body started to shudder and shake in a massive orgasm. I soon closed the door and I left them alone.

So, Lisa had been fucked once again. This time, in my own bed. That was weird. I wondered if he came in her. I didn’t think she would let him do that. But maybe he had. I would have to wait to find out…

A few minutes later Lisa came downstairs. She was wearing a robe and nothing else. She kissed me and said “Thank you for letting me have fun”. She said Mike was going to sleep in the guest room and I should go back to bed with her. When we lay in bed she snuggled up next to me and almost immediately fell asleep. I felt strange as I laid there with her. A few minutes later Lisa rolled over onto her side. I turned on the light near the bed and looked at her lower back and hips. It was then that I saw Mikes dried semen she had told me about earlier.

The next day Mike left before dawn to catch his plane, so we never saw him again. I’m sure he had a great story to tell his friends about my wife. Later I asked Lisa how it was. She said he was great but was concerned about me watching him. Once I left she said he was really much more comfortable. She asked if I minded that she was alone with him. I had a hard time answering that question. Lisa interrupted and told me not to worry, that he had pulled out before he. Apparently he came while I was walking the dog. He came on her ass, she said, after he fucked her from behind for 20 minutes or so. But she said he was raring to go again in few minutes and he made her cum as well. I thought about, but didn’t mention, that I watched her cum with his cock buried in her pussy.

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