Later that year we agreed to take a vacation together – without our kids. On that trip, Lisa truly became, what is often refered to as a ‘hotwife’. Here’s what happened

We went to the caribbean to get away from it all for a few days. We did the normal vacation stuff for the first few days, sun, fun, beach dinner, drink, boating, just a regular good time. On the next to last night we planned a sunset cruise on a sailboat leaving from a nearby port. We were greated by a friendly crew and some other nice people on the 60 foot catamaran. As we left port and I was getting drinks at the open bar, Lisa struck up a conversation with the boats captain. He was a mid-20s guy, about 6′ tall and pretty well built from what i could tell. Lisa called me over to chat with them as we sailed. The crew served dinner and champagne on the ship, and as the evening progressed i noticed lisa drifting over to talk with the captain more often than i would have expected. Every time I looked up they were talking and seemed to be enjoying each others company. I suspected something was up here, but didn’t say anything to Lisa. As the the cruise turned to port lisa began to tell me what a nice guy the captain was and how the crew was so accomodating to us. She gave me a look and then said, ‘so what do you think?’. I asked her what she meant and she said she wanted to find out where they were going after the cruise was over – since they were locals they would surely know where a good place would be to have a drink. But I had a feeling she had more on her mind than drinks.

Before we left the hotel for the sail, Lisa had suggested we bring our own bottle of champagne and as we pulled into port around 10pm Lisa told me to open the bottle. She had no touble coaxing the crew into have a glass of champagne with us as we waited for a taxi to take us back to the hotel. She asked “Tom” where we might go to have a nightcap. He suggested a bar within walking distance, where he and the crew would be going after they closed up the ship. She said ‘Great we’ll see you there!’.

Lisa and i walked towards the bar and as we did, she again said how nice Tom was. She asked if I minded that she was flirting with him. I said it was obvious to everyone on the boat and that maybe she should try to tone it down a bit but i wanted her to enjoy herself. Then she said ‘so you don’t mind if we play?’ I wasn’t sure what she meant or what to say, so said i wanted her to enjoy her vacation and i want to make sure she was safe.

We arrived at the bar a few minutes later and ordered drinks. The boats crew of 5 arrived a few minutes later. We all talked and drank until 1:00 or so when the bar began to empty out. I noticed that as i would talk with one of them 2 or more of them would gather closer to lisa and they would put thier hands on her back and leg as they talked with her. She seemed to savor their attention and made no move to back them off. I could tell the the guys had really taken a liking to Lisa. she has such a fun personality and looked great in her short black skirt. Plus she was drinking like a sailor right along with them as she sat at the bar. We all were having a good time, and later I told lisa i needed to use the restroom. she said no problem, she was ‘in good hands’ and gave me a wink and a kiss.

I had to wait a few minutes to get in the one person restoom and when i returned to the bar lisa was nowhere to be found. I figured she went to the ladies room herself and waited for her at the bar. And I waited. And waited. I began to get very nervous about her whereabouts.
The I noticed Tom was also nowhere to be found. My mind started racing through the possibilities. Had she gone off with this guy, maybe he had forced her to leave the bar with him. She would never leave without telling me. About 10 minutes later she appeared from the back area of the bar and sat back down next to me with a grin on her face. She asked me to order her a drink and that’s when I pulled her away and asked her where she was. i told her I had been very worried about her.

She just said ‘We’re all set!’. I said what do you mean, ‘We’re all set?’
she said ‘he’s cool with it, we’re all set!’. She explained that she and Tom had gone into the back of the bar where there was a photo booth and had taken some photos in the booth. She showed me the low quality photos of the 2 of them. In the photo, she was clearly sitting on Toms lap, kissing him, his arm around her waist. She said it started inocently enough, but once inside the booth it was obvious there wasn’t room for the two of them. so he told her to sit on his lap. He suddenly kissed her she said. I asked her what she did – I’ll never forget the words she said: ‘I kissed him back’. She told me how he said this is wrong, she was a married woman and she said that it doesn’t matter and that I was ok with it.

She told me she wanted to invite him back to our room for a nightcap and asked me if i was ok with that. I said it was up to her if she wanted to it was ok with me. We left the bar shortly after that, he followed our taxi in his own car. When we got to the room lisa asked me to get ice from teh machine down the hall. As I left with the ice bucket she said ‘take your time’ and smiled and then closed the door. As i walked down the hall i imagined what might be happening.

I returned a few minutes later and they were on the balcony. i could see they were kissing, and he had his hands under her dress and Lisa had her arm around his waist. She had to hear me come in the room, but she didn’t stop kissing him right away. A few seconds later, she looked over to me, smiled and then began kissing him again. I knew at this point exactly what my wife wanted, no mistaking it now. She looked up a minute later and said I should pour them some drinks. I put together the drinks, handed them to them and then lisa excused herself to the ladies room and said ‘you two should talk’. She walked by me with that cat-who-ate-the-canary look and grabbed something from her dressing table.

Tom and I sat on the balcony chair, I was still kind of shocked at how far this had gone already. There was a momment of uncomfortable silence then Tom said I had quite a lovely wife. He said that I should be proud of how she enjoyed herself and knew how to have fun. I told him I was pround of her, but that she sometimes gets carried away.
He asked if I knew what she had said to him. I had no idea what he was talking about.
He said ‘your wife said you’re ok with this, are you?’. I knew what he meant.

I said this is all new to us, but I know Lisa is a very sexual woman and she has desires that she has sometime gotten carried away with. He said ‘well it looks like she’s getting carried away again, and if your not going to stop her, then I’m deffinately going to fuck her’.
Hard to imagine this is happening, but somehow all I managed to say to him was, ‘just don’t cum in her, you have to make sure you pull out’
He nodded and said no ‘problemo’.

So, I was stunned at this point. Had Lisa really told him that I was ok with this? It must have been while they were in the photo booth. At that point lisa returned, wearing only a see thru teddy and a thong. Now I thought, there was really no stopping her. She came over to me and gave me a big kiss and said ‘this is what you like isn’t it?’ I looked at her outfit and said ‘yes!’. She said ‘no, not that, silly!’ (meaning the outfit). Then she said ‘You want to watch me don’t you? Well don’t you???’

Before I could answer, Lisa straddled Tom, who was seated in a chair on the balcony and started kissing him again. He put his hands beneath her thighs, stood up as my wifes legs wrapped around him and carried her to the bed.

I watched as they groped each other on the bed. I could hear lisa and him breathing heavily and I could see his hands grabbing her tits and ass as they kissed. Toms hand moved to the inside of Lisa’s thigh and I watched as my wife opened her legs wife to allow him to touch her most pivate areas. The room was dim, but I could see him move her thong to the side and begin to stimulate her clit. Soon I heard the unmistakable sounds as her pussy began to get wet and ready for was to come. Lisa reached down and unbuckled his pants. She unzipped his pants and reached inside to feel his cock. He was really excited now and he stood up and removed his pants and shirt. He looked at me but didn’t say anything, then got back on the bed with Lisa. I thought to myself he wasn’t that big maybe 7 inches or so but he wasn’t totally hard yet.

He started by going down on Lisa, getting her even more excited. She had her first orgasm a few minutes later and then after catching her breath, I heard her say to him, ‘now it’s you’re turn’. My wife lowered her down towards his mid section and began to suck. I could hear the sounds of her mouth sliding up and down on his cock, but it was too dark to see and her hair was in the way.

My wife sucked him for about 10 minutes as i sat on a nearby chair, crawling out of my skin. She was really doing this, soon i imagined, he would be fucking her. She just met him a few hours ago, now my wife was giving him the blowjob of his life and he’s going to fuck her.

He was breathing heavily and i was sure he was going to cum in her mouth any second when lisa stopped and whispered something to him. I didn’t hear what she said, but a few seconds later she leaned over towards the end of the bed were i was sitting. She kissed me and asked if i was ok with this, to which i said ‘yes, if she was having fun, it was fine’. She kissed me again, went back to the and laid on her back. Tom asked her if i was ok, she said yes and then leaned on top of her.

My wife spread her legs and got on top of her, he began to push against her hips. I saw her hand reach down between them and and wrap around his cock. He was very hard now and although not long, he was very thick. I saw that her hand didn’t seem to be able to completely go around it as she angled her hips and guided his cock into her. After a few minutes she looked over to me and asked me to hand her a pillow. I wondered why as I handed it to her. she was still on her back with him inside her when I handed it to her, she kissed me and said she was having fun. Then Lisa pulled the pillow under her hips. This was to give Tom a better angle as he fucked her.

Tom fucked her for what seemed like hours, but was probably only about 45 minutes. They changed positions several times and she would look over to me to make sure i was not upset as they moved around on the bed. After fucking her in the doggy position for a few minutes, Tom pulled his cock out and came on her ass. Lisa reached back and caressed his cock as he finished spurting on her back and down the crack of her ass.

The room was very quiet for a few minutes. He rolled off Lisa, exhausted it seemed. It was pretty late he said, so he got dressed and sipped his drink for a few mintues while sitting on the bed next to Lisa. She was still nude, I remember his cum was still glistening on her ass as got up from the bed to clean up in the bathroom. While she was there, he thanked me and said she is the hottest woman he’d ever fucked. When Lisa returned he kissed her goodby and he left our room.

I looked at Lisa and she seemed to be glowing, so content and happy. She looked at me and said: ‘I’ve been fucked!’ and gave a heavy sigh of contentment. She said he just fucked her. She asked me if I was ok? was I shocked by what i saw? I said I was ok, that I never imagined what it would be like to see what I just saw. I asked her if he was too big for her and she laughed. She said he was really thick but not long and she said he was very good. I asked if she came and she said she came 3 times while he was inside her, which is just the way she liked it.

We were both tired and Lisa fell asleep quickly. Before falling asleep, Lisa said she loved me for giving her the freedom to explore and have fun. I thought to myself that although I knew where this was leading as the night drew on, I didn’t do anything to stop Lisa, or Tom for that matter. I was excited when it became clear that she wanted him to fuck her. I didn’t know why, but I knew wanted to see it again. I thought how it would have been nice to be able to tape it and view it afterwards.

As she lay there next to me, I thought about how this man we just met had used my wifes pussy for his pleasure and how they both knew that I was watching them. I remembered how Lisa opened her legs for him and guided his cock into her, how she sucked his cock, how he came on her. My wife did had just gotten fucked, and I saw it all. I thought how it would have been nice to be able to tape it and view it afterwards. Had my wife become a slut? Was I going to be able to handle this? All questions that had no answers, but I knew now that she had a sexual appitite i had never seen before.

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