I like to go to a local “couples” club here in the Houston area. They allow singles in during the week and “couples” only on Saturday night. There is a lot of eye candy for every taste and kink. Sometimes I will take my lady and sometimes I go it alone. This is a detailed account of one of those times where I went at it alone. I have altered the names slightly.

It was on a Friday night when I noticed Krissy and Gerry dancing together on the dance floor. I felt that someone was looking at me when our eyes met. I was looking right into Krissy’s eyes. Up until that point there had not been much going on. When our eyes locked she flashed me a big Texas smile and went back to dancing with Gerry but I noticed her whispering something in his ear and then he turned her around on the dance floor and looked over at me as if he was giving me the once over to see if I was OK. I nodded to him when he looked in my direction and he turned her back around and continued dancing.

After he did, he began to be more aggressive, in his touching of his wife while they were dancing. It was a slow song at the time and he caressed her ass and squeezed and manipulated her dress so the bottom of her ass was showing out from under her dress. She was wearing a black jersey type dress that was very form fitting. She also had on an orange lace thong. She was not wearing a bra because Gerry pulled the front of her dress down as they continued to dance and played with her very nice well rounded breasts. This all took place within the length of two slow songs. After the two songs were over they returned to their table and sat down. Lucky for me they were facing the bar. And I was facing them. Krissy is about 5’7”, 120 pounds, blond hair and green eyes and has and extremely attractive face.

Krissy continued to make eye contact periodically and I ask the waitress who was waiting on them if she would ask them if I could by them a drink. They have to accept your offer before hand. You cannot randomly send couples drinks. This is done by the singles to see if there is any interest. Well, just my luck, they accepted and she took them their drinks. That was about 11:40 p.m. The music and the drink continued and so did the eye contact. Several fast songs came on and Gerry and Krissy went to dance. Single males are stuck at the bar unless they are asked by the couple or single lady to come and dance. That’s only fair since you didn’t bring anything to trade. I was just sitting and watching and Krissy was dancing with Gerry but they were dancing for me, looking the entire time in my direction. Gerry was behind Krissy and he pulled her top down to reveal to me those two very luscious, very well formed breasts. He fondled them but she never took her eyes off of me except when he pinched them a little bit to hard and she had to close her eyes because of the pain sensation.

Krissy was getting turned on and she began to show some exhibitionist traits of her own. She worked up the front hem of her dress “accidentally” while she was looking at me to expose her orange lace thong and grinding her ass against Gerry’s crotch. I looked at her and smiled and she smiled back and Gerry spun her around and pulled up her dress and exposed her ass. The dance floor was very crowded and no one except the three of us seemed to notice what was going on. This went on back and forth through out the night but they never came over to say hello as is custom and she never did come and ask me to dance. That was all fine and good with me. It was getting late, about 1 a.m. or so and the club closed at 2 a.m. It was about that time that they sent me a cocktail from the waitress and the waitress told me that they wanted to thank me for buying them a drink earlier and would I please accept. I did and we exchanged glances again.

The energy level of the club was still very high as things neared closing time. The music tempo was hot and the DJ was doing his job well. The dance floor has two floor speakers on two corners of the dance floor. They also double as dance space. One of these speakers was located directly in front my chair and my point of view. The single guys had thinned out and the chair on either side of me were unoccupied. Gerry had gone to the restroom and Krissy was sitting the table making small talk with the other couples seated with them. On his way back from the restroom Gerry walked by me and took the chair next to me. He didn’t say anything to me, he just sat down and was now looking at his wife along with me. She looked at us and she very discretely pulled down her dress top to expose her right breast and the pulled her dress top back up. I leaned over to Gerry and told him he was a very lucky man. He said thanks but never looked in my direction.

One song ended and another song began and Krissy got up and came over and got up on the speaker box and began to dance for Gerry but I really think she was doing it for both of us because she was looking at me while she was dancing as much as she was looking at Gerry. On several occasions during this dance she would go down in a squat and expose herself and spread her legs and show both of us her pantied crotch. She rubbed the fabric into her slit and then it happened. She reached into the side of her thong and began to finger herself watching both of us watch her. When the song ended she got down and Gerry got up and they returned to their table. It was about 1:45 a.m. and I saw that they were closing their tab so I decided to close mine as well.

I let them walk out to the parking lot first and after about 5 minutes I went outside and walked over to my car and looked around and did not see them. I thought the show was over so I got in and started my Suburban when a Black Cadillac Escalade pulled along in front of my truck. Gerry was driving and Krissy has her passenger seat slightly reclined. I was on her side of the truck and I looked in and Gerry was driving with his pants down around his ankles and he had a hard-on. He reached over and begin to pull Krissy top down and I told him this is not a good place because of the cops that like to patrol the parking lot looking at the sights.

He ceased his activities and I told him to follow me and we went across the street to the back of a closed office building in the dark parking lot. I didn’t know what was going to happen but I was excited and ready to go. I got in my truck and hoped he would follow and low and behold he did. I parked facing some woods and he pulled in next to me on the left. I got out and he has the passenger window cracked about two inches. I could hear him and see clearly but could not reach in. I took this to mean I was only going to get to watch some more. This was fine with me because she was a very hot woman.

What happened next totally surprised me. Krissy had put her strappy high heeled sandals on the dash board of the Escalade and grabbed the sides of her dress, raised her ass up off of the seat and stripped off the dress and the thong in one feel swoop. There she was, completely naked in front of me, a complete stranger.

She asked me if I could see all right and I told her yes but would Gerry crack the window a bit more. At that time Gerry decided to turn on the inside dome lights and I quickly told him he needed to turn them out so as to not attract any unnecessary attention. He quickly turned them out and I proceeded to reach in and open the visor vanity mirror and adjust it so that was all the light we needed.

Gerry began to pull and play with Krissy’s nipples and leaned over and began sucking on them. She let out a soft moan while Gerry’s head was buried in her chest and she was looking at me and she exclaimed in a very erotic voice, “he’s watching us”. Gerry just continued doing his thing, the whole time with his pants down around his ankles. When he sat up Gerry proceeded to put the passenger side window down completely giving me a full access as possible through the window. He looked at me and said, “you may touch her if you would like”. I reached in the window and rolled her left nipple in my fingers of my right hand. While I was playing with the right nipple Gerry ventured down to her pussy which had been neatly waxed except for a small downward pointing triangle of blond pubic hair at the top of her mons. I didn’t ask if she had had it waxed but I have never seen on shaved that smooth before. This woman looked flawless.

I was trying my best to be the gentleman in this situation, well mannered and all, when she looked at me and she said very bluntly, “I WANT YOU TO STICK YOUR FINGER IN MY ASS”. I was shocked! I obliged her and I reached down between her legs that were on the dashboard and took the middle finger of my right hand and put it in her ass. This woman had some skills controlling her muscles down there because my finger just sort of eased its way in with out any resistance but it was still very tight and a very firm grip around my finger. I placed my pointer finger in her pussy and began and in and out motion while I rubbed her clit with my thumb. I was having a great time. Watching and participating while Gerry sucked and played with her breasts and kissed her passionately. She began to gyrate on her seat and was responding to both of our advances when she bucked up and arched her back against the seat back and raised her hips and ass up off of the leather seat of the Escalade which caused my hand to come away from its position when the first stream of Krissy’s love juice squirted out of her pussy up on to the windshield of the Escalade. She sank back into her seat and raised up again and squirted another stream onto the dashboard and then two more onto my hand and then the last on onto the carpet on the floor of the Escalade.

Then there was quite. Very quite. She was wiped out. She just sort of sat there and was looking at me and Gerry said to me, “show her your cock”. I couldn’t get it out fast enough. I tried to show her but the door to the Escalade was locked. Gerry realizing this unlocked the doors and I walked around the opened door with my cock out and Krissy’s grabbed it and began to give me a hand job there in the parking lot. I didn’t last very long and didn’t try to think about algebra or Chinese arithmetic to try to last any longer. I just let her rub one out and when I did I shot a big load all over her legs and the leather seat she was sitting in. After I had finished and regained my composure they both looked at me and said, thanks!” Gerry started the Escalade and they drove off. She was still naked and he still had his pants down around his ankles. I have never seen them there again.

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