My company sends me away from time to time and this trip was to Boston to attend a conference which was to last 4 days. Usually these events are loaded with men and few women so I figured this would be a boring time. As my screen name indicates, I love the look and feel of satin especially on a woman and this was going to be my weakness this night.

After a day of sitting and listening to demonstrations and typical BS associated with one of these events I was ready for a cold beer at the hotel bar. As I sat down I noticed a woman sitting alone at the end of the bar wearing a bright pink satin top… My weakness! I decided that I would not approach her because she was so good looking and about 25 years younger than I am. I sat and drank my beer, every once in a while I would peek over and take a look at her ample chest pushing out that pretty pink blouse. My glances were not un-noticed because she would be looking back at me once I could get my eyes off her chest.

Finally she approached me and asked if she could sit next to me. I was in heaven at this point, a beautiful young woman with a healthy chest wearing not only a pink satin top, but a short pink mini skirt with legs that would drive any man nuts. I could feel my cock stirring in my pants when I looked at her. Her name was Nancy and she stated that her husband was also in town for a conference and he had fell asleep in the room and she wanted more action than watching TV.

I will be brief with the following hour or so, we talked, danced close and drank until she said it was time for her to go to her room. I felt bad, I was there but could not invite her to my room because I had to share it with a fellow worker who was a TV Watcher! I felt she wanted more by her actions and I know I wanted more also. I told her that I would walk her to her room and she gladly accepted my invitation. When we arrived at her room, she leaned over to me and gave me a big wet kiss with lots of tongue and this immediately made my cock go solid. As she hugged me close and kept her arms around me I could feel her leg rubbing on my hard cock which drove me crazy.

She let go of me, turned around and opened her door. Then she turned to me, without saying a work she took my hand and pulled me into her room. The room was a suite with the bedroom off to one side and a living room which we entered. She went over and closed the bedroom door and from there it did not take long for her to have my pants down and off of me.

As the intensity grew from the kissing and feeling up we were engaged in I reached my hand under her short skirt and found that she did not have any panties on. I am not sure when she had removed them but they were gone and my hand found one of the wettist pussies ever. My fingers played with her clit as she played with my cock. I suddenly realized that her husband was just in the next room and decided that I did not want to leave there all beat up. I told her that we should stop because of this and her remark was “He likes for me to do this, as long as it is an older man”. WOW what luck.

I immediately went down between those sweet legs and started to lick her clit. She spread her legs out far, very far and I had one of the tastiest clits and pussies I have ever eaten. After she came a few times, she pushed me down and started to suck on my cock. She was an excellent cock sucker with lips that slid up and down and a talented tongue that drove me to the brink of orgasm over and over again. Mean while I realized I was totally naked and she was still dressed in satin with those thigh high clad legs.

She made me lay down on my back and sat on top of my rigid cock which slowly slid into that wet soft smooth pussy. She was a hot fuck, moved fast and hard and came often. I hardly had to move at all, she was doing all the work and it felt great! I could feel her pussy juices running down my legs as she kept cumming on my cock.

All of a sudden I realized we were not alone any more, her husband was standing about 3 feet from my head as I lay on the floor on my back. I figured I was going to get beat for sure because he was a big man. He looked at her and said “Now that is a nice looking man you brought back”. This shocked me, but I felt much better once I heard him say “Make sure you fuck her good for me and leave your cum inside her pussy, I love a pussy that is freshly fucked with cum in it”.

As he said this her pussy errupted with yet another orgasm and the pulsating pussy made my cock throb and throb and then shoot my cum inside her. As she realized I was cumming she clamped her pussy down hard and milked out every drop with slow gyrations and humping. Before she got off me, she gave me a big tongue kiss and her husband moved her off me and on her back where he went right down between her legs and sucked her cum filled pussy while I watched. He then slid up and put his cock into her pussy and fucked her good and hard and did not last long. I bet he shot into her pussy within a minute of putting his cock into her.

He got off of her and looked at me and asked “Want some sloppy thirds?” I had never done that before but the idea made my cock grow hard and I slid between her legs and put my cock right into her pussy. This time I was on top and could control the pace. She wrapped her legs around my ass and back, wrapped her hands around my neck and kept a deep kiss going which tripped my cock. I shot my second load into this woman faster than the first load. It had been years since I came 2 times having sex.

We all thanked each other and said good bye. Her husband was ready for “sloppy 4ths” by the time I was dressed and leaving.

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