It was already 6:30 in the evening. I was still 3 hours away from my next meeting. Unlike previous appointments, this one is quite different. It is not a business meeting.

The last time I was involved in a blind date was many years ago when I was still single. During that time, strangers meet after talking a vast time on the phone.

I couldn’t believe myself that I will be fascinated with today’s version, which is “chatting”. I will be meeting somebody I met in the Internet.

I never expected myself to be smitten by someone who writes very well. Reading books is in the least of my priority unless it pertains to technical documents.

We will be meeting in a KTV somewhere in Manila. I have been spending many hours chatting with Mitch. In fact, I got so used to chatting with her that I find it difficult to start or end the day without her. She is sweet, intelligent, funny, thoughtful and married.

Finally the time has arrived. She was already in room 16. As I entered the KTV lobby, I could hear the loud beating of my heart. I will be finally meeting the lady I have been spending a lot of time on the Internet. I looked for the room at the 2nd floor…..rooms 20…..19…..18…..17… and finally 16. She was there and I instantly recognize the familiar radiant of her smile. She was able to send me her photograph the day before. Sitting beside her was Ernie, her hubby.

Actually, I knew beforehand that her hubby would be coming in our meeting. In fact, he also knew that I frequently chatted with his lovely wife. They were in an “open-marriage” relationship. Also, from that instant, I observed that they have a very strong relationship – full of trust.

Ernie, a perfect gentleman to his beautiful wife, guided me to sit beside Mitch. She was wearing a short skirt and black blouse with matching high heels. She was the sexy wife I envy that Ernie will have forever.

When I entered the room, I never felt any tension. The room was very warm, thanks to the loving couple. Ernie was a great guy with a great smile. He’s a typical guy that can be a friend to anybody while Mitch, was the perfect hot wife that I have been dreaming the past few days.

Being a man with a fetish for legs and panties, I was a little bit uncomfortable at first. I wanted to stare at Mitch’s smooth legs all night but I was worried that I would offend my hosts. As I have mentioned we were in a KTV bar, hence, we were there primarily to sing. To make it worse, I also had problems controlling my urge to sneak between her legs and see the color of her sexy panty.

Anyway, I tried my best to be a perfect gentleman like Ernie. It was a fun evening. The couple were great singers. I was resigned to the fact that I will not have the chance to even stare at Mitch’s sexy legs.

Controlling one’s urge is very difficult especially if you could feel a sexy woman’s smooth skins accidentally bumping into yours. I had to excuse myself occasionally to the toilet to drowse the building fire.

Our repertoire consisted mostly of sad or love songs. There were lots of songs that all of us liked. Hence, sometimes we sing all together or give way to the other. There was one particular song that I wanted to sing which Ernie also wanted. As a gracious host, he offered that I instead sing the song. I didn’t want to be selfish, so I unwittingly remarked that he gets the song and I’ll just dance with Mitch. He agreed.

I took Mitch hand and guided her to our mini-dance floor in which Ernie fixed. The first time I touched her hand already sent shiver to my body. Our bodies then interlocked to the soothing singing of her hubby. It was like there was a silent thunderstorm when I felt her body close to mine. Unfortunately, we forgot that we were supposed to dance. We were slowly exploring each other through erotic touches while we were locked in an obscene embrace. She was so smooth like my favorite cuddly pillow. My lips were already on her neck waiting to kiss her. I tried to control myself but I failed. I opened my mouth and kissed her neck for the very first time. I could hear her sexy moan. It made me so hard. My lips slowly explored her smooth neck. She then kissed my ears and sent me literally to ecstasy.

However, the song ended. We stopped our embrace. It was my turn to sing a song. I let Mitch sit on my lap and dedicated the song to both of them.

After my song, Ernie had set more love songs for us to continue our erotic dance. This time I turned her around. She was facing the TV and Ernie. I was embracing her from behind. While dancing, she took my hands and slowly raised it to her body. I felt her beautiful breast. Ernie, then said that she was wearing a round plaster to cover her nipples. She needed it because she was wearing a half push-up bra. Mitch showed the little plaster to me. I then asked permission from Ernie if I could possibly removed it. He gave me the blessing. I slowly removed the plaster using my tongue and teeth. First I was able to remove it from her left breast and then at her right. I handed these plasters to the owner – Ernie.

I was now in full view of her erect nipples. I teasingly kissed her beautiful breast. I was able to lick everything except her protruding nipples. I intentionally left it out and wanted to save the best for last. I asked her, if she wanted me to lick it. She just uttered inaudible sounds. I again kissed the areas around her nipples and asked if she wanted me to lick her very hard nipples. She just moaned. But I wanted her to tell me that she wanted it licked. I teased her again and almost licked her nipples. I could feel her breast coming forward to my waiting lips. But I declined; I wanted her to say it. Finally she said it. I licked it as if there was no tomorrow. Her nipples were so sweet. I kept on licking it like what a puppy would do to her precious bones.

We were both standing while I was eating her nipples. I slowly lowered my head and started kissing her smooth legs. These were the legs that I wanted for so long. I was like an animal gone wild. I slowly raised her short skirt. I was now in full of view of her black thong. It was very sexy. I couldn’t resist the temptation of kissing the mound on her panty. I kissed it but she begged off my advances. Instead she sat down on the sofa.

I then knelt down and position myself between her legs. I started kissing those irresistible legs. Her thighs were very smooth. I was licking her legs for at least 5 minutes until I felt the heat that was coming between her legs. My tongue slowly moved forward near the side of her sweet paradise. Her skin was so smooth. Although I was already near her very treasure I didn’t felt any roughness of hairs.

I was already perspiring with excitement until my tongue was able to maneuver itself by slowly moving her panty to the side. In front of me was the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen in my life. It was perfectly shaved. In fact there were no signs that show that there were hair once. I started to tease her again by licking the side of her pussy. By this time her pussy was already throbbing hot. I asked her if she wanted me to lick it. She said yes very softly. I again licked the side of her pussy and asked again if she wanted me to lick it. She said yes but I wanted her to say, “ please lick my pussy”. I gave her a teasingly short kissing on her very hot clit. I asked her again if she wanted it. Finally she said it, not only once but many times over. Like a sex slave being instructed by her master, I oblige to her wishes. I was about to lick her very married pussy.

I licked her slowly at first but later got a rhythm coinciding with her moan. We were in total ecstasy. I honestly love panties but it was already interfering with us. I then got hold of the side of her panties and removed it using my teeth. I gave the panty to her hubby.

I knelt down again and spread her smooth legs once again. I slowly positioned myself and continued what we have started. But this time I was devouring a pussy that tasted very sweet in room 16. I was holding both of her hands while I was slurping. We were lustfully entangled while her hubby was watching.

Their eyes met conveying messages of love to one another. From that point I realize how strong was their marriage. As her moaning become louder, her hubby was very pleased that his loving wife was getting pleasure. To those who are not familiar with an “open-marriage”, they will never understand how this helped couples further strengthen relationship.

Finally she had her last loud moan. Then there was a deafening silence. Even with a throbbing cock, I felt relieved. Not that I was able to cum but relieved because I was able to make her happy.

Ernie kissed and embraced her very tired wife. I was looking at them with mixed emotions. Even with a room filled with sex in the air, I could see their strong love to one another.

Now, I understand. My role was not to be a knight in shining armor who will be saving a princess from distress. But to become a friend who will help Ernie and Mitch to be together forever.

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