My wife and I have always used fantasy talk in bed, most of the time after a while of talking we decide we want to do some of these things for real. For the last 6 months or so my wife and I have been using the fantasy of her getting nailed by a black cock. She started of kinda shy to the idea saying she wouldnt do it, over time she would get more and more into it. The last few weekends she would cum so hard when i’d be fucking her and ask her if she wanted to feel a black cock explode in her pussy and she even squirted one time which she rarely does,, unless of course she is turned on to no the point of no return.

I think what got her going so good is the fact that we had been hanging out with a black neighbor of ours drinking on the weekends. As soon as he would go home we would be fucking and we would talk about him doing her. She would always cum real good, then as soon as it was done, back to the same old “I could never do that, not for real”.

Things changed this weekend, Thursday night he came over for a drink and after he left we started our fun, of course with me asking her if she wants to fuck and suck his bbc. She was really getting into it, almost like she hadnt even before. I kept telling her i’d call him to come back over, I even got the phone and laid it next to the bed telling her I was going to call him, but she wouldn’t bring herself to say “yes call him”. Afterward she again went into the same old “I could never do that for real”.

Last night he came over again for a few drinks and my wife started getting a good buzz going and decided to spill the beans that we had played a bit in the past, which she had hinted in the past to him and his wife before, he had mentioned that they had also played a bit in the past . The next thing you know we’re in the middle of agame of strip 21, since he didn’t know how to play poker. After we had all lost our clothes we decided to play for truth or dares, mostly dares and all of the truths were of course sex related. After an hour of some fun touching and such, my wife said she was going to bed as it was very late and she did have to work in the morning.

She walked into the bedroom which is visable from where we had been playing cards and he started getting dressed, but never put his cock away. He was hard and kept saying “damn she can send me home like this, how can i sleep so hard”. She was laying there listening. I knew what was on her mind, her legs were spread and she was squirming, so i went in the room to see if she was actually going to bed or not and she said she didn’t think she could go to sleep as horny as she was too.

He heard this of course and came into the room and pulled his shorts back off, she got out of bed with a very big smile on her face, bent down and took his cock in her mouth. She didn’t stay down there very long as she was crazy to feel his cock burried in her pussy, she got on the bed on her hands and knees and he got behind her and started rubbing his cock up and down her hot pussy. She reached behind her and grab it in her pussy lips, he and her at the same time came together until he was buried as deep as he could be in one stroke. They both moaned togther, what a site to see, I still can’t beleive it happened, neither can she.

He started pumping her pussy, he did fuck her real nice, I got in front of her and feed her my cock. She was loving it, I didn’t last long, she looked so awesome, his black hands holding her ass, once in a while spanking her. He didn’t long stroke fuck her hard like i do, but instead kept grinding it deep into her. She was cumming like crazy, moaning and grinding back, over and over she kept saying how nicely his coick filled her pussy. He kept pumping her for about 20 minutes, I didn’t even know he was close to cumming until I heard her familiar squeal when a cock cums in her. I mentioned that squeal and we all laughed about it. He pulled his now softning cock from her and got dressed and I walked him to the door.

I went back in the room, she was laying on her back, big smile across her face. I asked if she was ok and she said she had never been better. She spread her legs for me and I slipped a finger in her wet pussy, pulled it out and fed the juices to her. She said it tasted so good, I then slipped my cock into her pussy. It felt so silky smooth, so different then when I cum in her and then fuck her again. She kept telling me how awesome of a time she had and after a while I filled her with my load. She said she felt so good having two different loads of cum in her.

We dozed off to sleep for a while, I woke her up a short time later and had to have that pussy again. It was still dripping wet and the whole room smelled of cum. We were both so turned on, I fucked her and came in her again. We both drifted off to sleep again, beep beep beep, damn alarm, she had to get up for work. I was looking at her getting ready to get in the shower, she is so beautiful, I got up and went and attacked her again. Bending her over the sink in the bathroom, feeling that used pussy once again, we had to hurry so she wasnt late for work. I again juiced that pussy up, it was so awesome.

I ended up back in bed, I don’t think my cock ever went soft. Later in the eveing when we ended up back in bed, I wanted more of that pussy but she said it was too sore. I ended up stroking my cock and cumming on her face, all the while she was telling me how awesome it was and cannot wait to do it again. Hopefully to be continued soon! What an awesome wife I have!

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