It was definately my fault. For a long time, I would turn on the video player every time we had sex, and I would play a scene showing black guys with huge cocks fucking white women. It always seemed to excite her, and it always excited me to imagine her riding a cock that big. She would talk dirty while we fucked, describing how much she would love to have that big dick stuffed to the balls in her cunt.

Last Saturday evening, I came home to find her all dolled up in sexy lingerie, looking like she were going to a Playboy model shoot. I started kissing her and feeling her ass, but she stopped me and told me this outfit was not for me to remove. She said that William, from her office, was coming over and that my fantasy was about to be fulfilled! I was in shock for a while, but my cock was throbbing with anticipation, because I knew William, and he was a very tall and good looking black man with very big hands and long fingers. My wife said that usually meant other things were long as well.

William arrived at ten o’clock, as he promised, and he looked very nervous. I joked around with him for a bit, poured him a few drinks to loosen him (and myself) up, while he tried not to stare at my wife’s skimpy, see-thru outfit as she paraded around in front of him. My wife was so horny that her panties were showing a wet spot. I asked her what was making her so wet? She just started feeling William’s cock thru his pants and said “The thought of this cock sliding in and out of my pussy is what’s making me wet. So why don’t you give me and William some time to get comfortable, dear?” I smiled my approval to both of them, and went to the den to catch up on my e-mail.

My wife was all over William in an instant, and from the sounds of the moans and kisses being exchanged, he was all over her too. I didn’t want to interfere, but I was dying to watch the action. I waited until I could hear the moans of ecstasy from William as my wife knelt in front of him to lick and suck him to heaven. I quietly crept in the living room to see my hot sexy wife jerking and sucking the largest human dick I have ever seen in person. I’m guessing it was 10 to 11 inches long and very thick. My poor wife could only get the tip in her mouth without gagging. But she did her best to swallow all she could. She looked up to his eyes and coyly begged, “Would you please fuck me with this now?”

William was not about to argue with such a request. He asked how she wanted him first? She pushed him back onto the sofa, then turned and faced me. “Just like this, please”. She then spread her legs to straddle his, and started lowering herself slowly onto his huge manpole. Her facial expressions were priceless, changing from slight discomfort at first to extreme ecstasy as his cock hit places my six inches had never penetrated. I never thought she could get half of his meat inside her, but inch by incredible inch kept disappearing further into the depths of her soaking wet pussy.

He was pumping her slowly at first, then as he finally thrusted the last half inch in her to the balls, and she started bouncing hard on his slick cock, making sounds that she never made when she fucked me. Her pussy was gushing juice all over his cock, and running down his balls. OH MY GOD!! she screamed as she orgasmed like never before, over and over. William’s control was better than my own, as I shot wads of cum all over myself just from the visual enjoyment the two of them gave me!

After the sofa became uncomfortable, she took William by the hand and led him to our bed, where she quickly laid on her back, spread her legs wide as she could, and insisted he fuck her deep. I took my view from the foot of the bed, where I could see his cock stretching my wife’s pussy lips as he plunged into her to the balls hard and deep for what seemed like a half hour. My wife just wrapped her legs around his back, giving him access to the deepest spaces within her womb.

I fell asleep sometime during their fucking. I guess the alcohol was too much for me. I awoke at three a.m., only to find my wife riding his big cock, her back arched, hair hanging to touch her heels. William’s moan told me that he had cum (again?), and he finally had to go home to his wife.

After he was gone, my wife and I cuddled and kissed. She thanked me for being so tolerant of her naughty ways, and told me she loved me for it. I needed release again, and she spread her tired legs for me. I was hard as a rock, but could barely touch the sides of her stretched out cunt. “You are very slippery with William’s sperm”, I said. “You are just feeling the part that ran out”, she said. “Most of it is about 5 inches deeper in my pussy”.

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