Before we married Heidi had only been with one man, …me. She wanted to be a virgin when she married but gave in after we got engaged. She was very repressed sexually due to her strict upbringing but after marriage she flourished. Heidi is about 5’8″ blonde and kind of a big girl a little chubby even. She’s got 38C tits with big nipples and a big round ass.

As she bacame more enlightened sexually she often regretted the fact that she never had more experiences before marriage. I had about 5 or 6 partners whereas she had none other than me. The thought of her being with someone else was a huge turn on for me. I told her that I worried she’d want to try a new guy later in our marriage and it could lead to trouble. I jokingly suggested she should have at least one other experience other than me and she agreed although as more of a laugh than anything else.

We talked about the scenario for over a year and she finally said we’ll if we could find the right guy she’d “consider” it. It was a catch-22 situation. The internet and a stranger were out of the question and she knew I’d never ask a friend or co-worker. I think she agreed thinking we’d never find someone.

I finally suggested someone I’d had in mind for her for awhile. His name was John. He was an old friend of mine that I still kept in touch with but he was not in our current circle of friends. I picked John for a few reasons, he was about 6’4″ decent loooking. A little over weight, kind of balding, but a really genuine nice guy. We called him Duddley-do-right because he was just that kind of guy. Also, growing up we were all in boy scouts and swim team etc. and I happened to know that John was very well endowed, while myself and pretty much all my friends were average in size.

When I told her I think she was shocked at my selection and said outright, why him? and oh he’d never go for that. I told her it was because he was a nice guy and I thought he’d do it. I said I’d ask him and I think more out of curiousity she said OK ask him but don’t tell him I know about it.

I immediately contacted John and met him at his house. John was single at the time. I mentioned the situation and told him that my wife knew about it and was excited at the thought of being with him. I know I wasn’t supposed to but I was trying to accomplish something. Most guys would have said yeah I’ll bang her good and thought themselves quite the stud. John, in keeping with his personality just said hey if it helps your marriage I’d be happy to help out.

When I told Heidi she was shocked. Shocked that I actually told him, shocked that he agreed and shocked that I’d actually set up a date. I also told her that he thought she was real hot and admitted he’d been eyeing her for years. He never actually said that but I figured why not grease the wheels a bit.

I booked us adjoining rooms at a nearby hotel. She was to stay in one with John and I would be in the other so that whenever she liked she could cross over and go to sleep. She forbid me to photograph and asked that I not watch her. I agreed but told her the door between the rooms would be a little open and I might peek.

Heidi and I checked in first, and a short time later John checked into his room and popped in to say hello. We chatted for about 30 minutes on totally mundane topics. Finally John said “well I’m going to shower” and left into his room.

Heidi was totally relaxed because I still think she somehow didn’t think this would happen. All that changed when she looked up at the door between the rooms and saw John going to the shower in the nude. She only saw him from behind but it was enough to convince that this was all for real.

I began to undress her and she uttering over and over Oh my god, I can’t believe this. She was dripping wet and her big nipples were rock hard. I walked her into John’s room totally nude with all her clothes in our room. I walked over to the bathroom leading my now nude wife by the hand. I opened the bathroom door and moved her inside. John peeked out from the curtain and Heidi instintively turned around so he couldn’t see her tits and pussy which I thought was cute considering in about 5 seconds they would be showering together. John saw her ass for the first time and his eyes grew wide. It was big and round and white and about to be his for the night. I pulled open the curtain, led her in, and closed it behind her. All Heidi could manage was a “hi!”. John said wow don’t you look nice.

They showered for over an hour, washing each other and chatting. Heidi was finally able to see John’s large manhood and she commented that she had no idea he was so big and was a little concerned it was too big. I could hear their conversation from outside the bathroom, and John assured her he’d go slow and she’d be able to handle everything. John then proceeded to eat her to a savage orgasm as I masturbated furiously outside the bathroom.

The water shut off, the shower ended and I ducked into the other room to listen to the evening unfold. John told Heidi matter-of-factly why don’t you get on the bed on all fours it will make it easier for me to enter you. I knew when John entered her because Heidi cried out loudly Oh my God! John told her to reach back and open her cheeks so he could watch himself penetrating her. Everytime he asked her to do something Heidi would say “like this?” or “is this OK” I listened to John fuck my wife for a few hours and heard her cum two more times. She never made it into our room that night but I heard him fuck her again at 4:00 AM and again at 7:00 am.

In the morning she came to our room with a devilish smile looking all fucked out. She thanked me and she told me she thanked John. She mentioned she had sucked him and swallowed his entire load. Heidi also told me John left the lights on and positioned them in front of the mirror so they could watch themselves fucking.

John has since married, nothing has ever happened again since that night, but we see John and his wife on occasion and I know Heidi gets a thrill knowing she fucked him.

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