I run ads in the personal section of wife posting sites. I usually receive a few emails a month from couples. Because of scheduling or other reasons things do not always work out. My typical ad reads ” Hi I am a 45 year old straight male looking for adventurous couples and ladies living in or visiting the Orlando area. If you are interested email me & I will send you pictures.” I received an email from a couple asking if I would be interested in meeting them while they were visiting Orlando for a convention in February. They wrote that they were looking for someone who was not camera shy as he wanted to video his wife with another man.

I replied back with pictures and some info as they requested. After 4 emails back and forth we exchanged phone numbers to discuss the details of where to meet etc. We set up a meeting in the lobby of the hotel on International drive for Saturday at 11:00 a.m. They had arrived Friday evening from Maryland. He is a 51 year old professor University of Maryland and she is 32years old and was his Teaching assistant before they married.

I arrived about 15 minutes early and sat down and waited for Bob & Julie to arrive. We had exchanged pictures so we new what each other looked like. At a few minutes before eleven Bob and Julie walked in the lobby sitting area. and we sat and talked about things to do in Orlando restaurants and small talk about the weather. Julie sat across from me in a overstuffed chair and Bob was to my right. Julie was wearing a light green sun dress that came a few inches above her knees. She said she had hoped the weather was warmer as she wanted to get a tan while in Orlando. As we were talking she crossed and uncrossed her legs giving me a great view of her sheer pink panties. Julie is about 5’8” tall dirty blonde hair, pretty green eyes and a nice smile. Her tits were medium size maybe a B cup with large dark nipples that showed through her sun dress.

Julie asked Bob to get her something to drink from the hotel shop, Bob asked if I cared for anything to drink and left to get a couple of bottles of water. Julie got up and sat down beside me with her hand on my thigh and asked if I saw her panties. I told her I did get a nice view of them but would like to see them up close. Julie said she had been anticipating our getting together all week and had either had Bob eat her while she looked at my pictures or fingered herself every day. She said she was sure that her panties were soaking wet as we spoke. As we talked Bob returned and said how are things going and Julie said we needed to head upstairs to the room. Bob later told me that the signal that things are going to go forward was for her to ask him to get her a bottle of water.

The 3 of us headed to the banks of elevators and got in the next available one and pushed the button for the 11th floor. Before the doors closed she was grabbing my package and telling Bob how she was suck my cock and swallow all my hot cum! I had brought my hand up between her legs to feel how wet she really was, I was amazed that their was not a puddle underneath her as her panties were soaked through. We arrived at 11 and headed to their suite.

Once in the room Julie said she was going to freshen up and be right out. Bob had already set up some lighting and a tripod to film Bob and I talked and he said He may join in but was probably just going to film and watch He also reassured me that the video was only for their pleasure to remember everything. Bob opened a bottle of Champagne he had in a bucket and poured 3 glasses as Julie came back in the room with a sheer robe garter and demi bra on that pushed up her tits and left her nipples sticking out. We all made a toast to new friends and great sex and sipped the champagne. Julie walked over to me and kissed me deeply while pulling at my fly and unbuckling my Khaki pants before I could say a word she had my cock in her hand and was kissing the head and smiling at the camera Bob was holding. She started licking me from my scrotum to the tip of my dick while pulling on my cock, it took all I had not to blow my load right than all over her face. She kept licking and sucking on my cock as Bob filmed. I removed my shirt and stepped out of my pants and led Julie to the edge of the bed and sat her on the edge while I proceeded to eat her pussy. Julie had just a little hair up top a landing strip and large wet lips as I gently pulled her lips back it exposed a large protruding clit, that I licked till she squealed with orgasm. I inserted 2 fingers into her wet pussy and curled my fingers up to better hit her g-spot. And fingered her to her next orgasm.

I continued to slide my fingers in and out listening to Julie’s deep moaning. Julie asked in a raspy animal like voice for me to fuck her good. She climbed up on her hands and knees with her cute ass sticking up in the air on the edge of the bed. Bob asked me to wait a second while he repositioned himself underneath us as he wanted to get a good shot of my cock sliding in her slick little pussy. Julie grabbed a variable speed soft vibrator with rabbit ears and as I slid my cock deep and slowly into her she set it on hi and pressed it to her clit….. I could feel the little bugger going as I pumped my stiff cock in and out. Julie kept moaning “fuck me I’m Cummmmmiiinnnggg. Her pussy was so wet yet very tight and every time she came it felt like a velvet glove squeezing my dick. I lubed my finger and slid it in her ass as I continued to pump Julie I could feel my cock through the thin layer of skin between her ass and her pussy, It felt great to me but I think she liked it even more. Bob had told me if all the planets align and Julie is horny past caring every once and a while she likes anal sex. I guess the planets were aligned because Julie asked “Bobbie tell him to fuck me in the ass.” Bob tells me you heard the lady give her what she wants. At this point bob was still fully dressed, He stood up and pulled his pants off to reveal a hard cock and tells Julie he needs some head or he is going to shoot his load on his own. Julie grabs his cock and starts sucking his cock like a mad woman I would say it took all of 45 seconds before Bob howls I’m Cumming and Julie tried to swallow all of it but I could see cum leaking out the side of her mouth. (later Bob and Julie told me that they had abstained from sex for the past week to build up excitement for this week. I believe him because he must have shot a pint of thick white cum down her throat and all over her face and tits.)

While watching them I had slipped on a condom and had lubed myself up good in preparation for fucking Julie’s ass. She turned and looked at me and said are you going to stick that dick in my ass or not? I lost no time at all putting the head of my thick cock up against her ass and pressing gently against her ass till the head of my cock slipped into her ass. She let out a little yelp and I asked if she was OK she said it just hurt a little at first I promised to be gentle and told her to push back on me so She was in control. Julie slowly pressed back taking a little bit of my cock at a time. Till she had my balls up against her pussy. Julie turned her vibrator on again and stayed still for awhile getting used to my cock buried in her ass and buzzing her clit to another orgasm. As this happened she started sliding back and forth on my dick and asking Bob are you getting this on video can you see his dick in my ass. Bob reassured her that He had got it all and was still shooting. I started to gently stroking my cock in and out till she picked up the rhythm and said OK you can really fuck my ass now. I was pumping her ass like crazy , she had her vibe going and was moaning like a mad woman. I told her I could not last any longer that I was ready to cum. She said pull out I want you in my mouth. I pulled out and took the condom off and she wrapped her lips around my cock and started licking and sucking. In no time at all I was shooting jets of hot salty cum down her throat and on her face. When I finished she kept licking her fingers and getting all the cum she could get that had missed her mouth.

We all cleaned up and sat around sipping some champagne. Bob asked if we would like to see the video he just took. We all settled in and sat back to watch our home made porn. Julie was mesmerized at the sight of my cock going deep in her ass. She said it hurt so good. When the video was done we talked about different experiences in swapping and 3 somes. I told them the story about the couple from NJ where the wife would sit on the champagne bottle and turn her hips up and we would take the bottle out and her husband and I took turns drinking from her pussy. Julie being the sport she is said lets do it too!

Bob and I took turns sucking the champagne from her swollen pussy and licking her to a few more orgasms. By the way if you try this at home a lot of the champagne ends up on the floor, it is not the neatest or most economical way to drink champagne but it will always be my favorite and I think Julie’s also. I said my good-byes and set a date to cum back in 2 days, Julie & Bob had my cell number if something came up and we had to reschedule. I received a call from Julie the next morning. Julie said that due to the meeting schedule they would not be able to meet on Monday. Julie asked if I had any free time that afternoon to stop by for a drink and maybe more. I got a hard on just hearing Julie’s voice and knowing I would be tasting that sweet pussy soon again. I told Julie I would stop by around 2:00 that afternoon.

I arrived at he hotel right about 2:00 and went up to their room. I knocked on the door and Julie opened the door wearing a sheer pink negligee that looked like the I Dream of Jeanie outfit from the show. As I entered Julie explained although it was Sunday Bob had to meet with some colleagues from other North eastern Universities and would not be back till after dinner. She said Bob had told her to go ahead with out him but he wanted us to turn on the camcorder so he could see what he missed out on. We sat on the love seat in the room and sipped some wine and I gently started to fondle her nice tits that now had very erect nipples poking through the sheer top. I asked Julie to model the outfit and let me see her from behind Julie stood up and spun around She said the best part of the outfit was that there was a slit in the crouch so I could fuck her with the outfit on.

I pulled Julie over to me and ran my hand between her legs and was pleased to find the smooth skin of her cunt lips. She shuddered and moaned as I slid 1 finger deep inside her. I pumped in 2 fingers and rubbed her G spot . Before we got too carried away I pulled my fingers from her sopping wet cunt and we both licked them clean, I walked over and set up the camcorder and turned it on and set it to auto focus on the tripod. I told Julie it was least I could do for her husband. Julie said that Bob was really looking forward to coming back to the room and watching the tape with Julie. Julie said that Bob had one other request and she wanted to know if I was OK with it, She said that Bob wanted me to cum inside her as much as possible so he could have sloppy seconds when he got back. I agreed and said lets get started, I want to leave you with the sloppiest cum filled cunt I could. Julie tugged at my belt to get at my cock I already had a raging hard on with pre cum dripping from the head of my cock. Julie bent over and licked the tip of my dick. This sent shudders through my body. She kept licking and sucking and than went all the way down my shaft till her cute little nose was against my body this was real deep throating.

She worked her hand around to my ass and pressed one finger against my ass and slid it in I told she was about to get a mouth full hot & salty cum. She pulled her head back immediately and said no you have to cum inside my pussy. Julie turned around and bent over and I slid my cock slowly in her hot wet pussy. I pumped her with a slow rhythm to start so I could last a little longer but she rocked back and started sliding back and forth as fast as she could till I let out a deep groan and flooded her with my cum. I pulled my semi limp cock out that was coated in my cum and hers. She turned around and licked my dick and balls clean and sucked me till I was hard again. Julie than layed back on the bed and told me to fuck her again till I cum she placed a pillow under hips to try and keep as much cum in her as possible, she already had my cum trickling down past her ass.

As I shoved my new hard on in her you could hear our mixed juices squishing as I worked my cock in and out of her. Fucking a woman with a load of cum still inside her feels great even if it’s your own load. Because I had just cum I took well over 30 minutes before I was able to let loose with another load in to sloppy pussy. As I pulled out Julie asked me to get the camcorder of the tripod and get some close ups of her well used messy pussy. As I zoomed in she took 2 finger and scooped up as much cum as possible and licked her fingers for the camera. I am not ashamed to say at this point my dick was limp. Julie asked me to come to the head of the bed so she could clean me up and suck my cock for the camera. Julie did her magic and in about 5 minutes she had me rock hard and was stoking my cock while licking my shaft and sucking my balls.

Julie stayed on the bed and asked me to slide my cock in her ass and see if I could dump a load in her ass too. I climbed between her legs and used the cum and juices that had leaked out as our lubrication and gently worked my cock in her ass while holding her ankles up in the air I handed her the camcorder and she filmed while I fucked her ass . I still love the visual of seeing my dick in her ass and her pussy oozing cum. While I fucked her ass I worked 2 fingers in her pussy and rubbed her G spot she had a none stop orgasm that seemed to last forever . Every time she came her ass would tighten down on my cock. I finally shot my load in her ass and collasped on the bed she had a thin tickle of cum running from her ass, I was amazed there was anything after my first 2 shots.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned up when I came out Bob had just got back from his meeting and was tugging off his shirt and kicking off his shoes. Bob said hello and asked me if Julie had been the good little slut. I told him that we tried to meet his request and that she had 2 loads in her pussy and 1 in her ass, Julie blurted out that she had licked my cock clean twice also and still had my salty taste on her lips. Bob asked if I could stay and watch and film him fuck this sloppy slut.

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