Three weeks ago I met Angel at the Galleria. I was shopping at Versace with myhusband, Andrew, and he was the sales person taking care of us. Themoment I saw Angel, he had my full attention. He is tall with olive skin, abeautiful smile, dark hair, and olive green eyes. He has a to die-for body andlooks like he belongs on the cover of GQ. By the time we had finishedmaking our purchase my panties were positively soaked.

As we walked away from the store I couldn’t stop thinking about his perfect smileand even better body. After a moment’s hesitation, I told Andy I hadforgotten something and walked back. I had decided to give Angel my phonenumber. Seeing the hungry, wicked glint in my eye, I’m sure Andy knew what Iwas up to.

As I walked back into the store, Angel looked up with surprise and barelyconcealed delight. I marched right up to him, looked him in the eye andtold him that I had enjoyed meeting him and if he were free I would love forhim to call me so we could spend time together. The look on his face waspriceless. Despite my bravado, my heart was racing and a bolt ofelectricity shot through my body from the thrill of his accepting my card andinvitation.

He called me within a few days, which was perfect as Andy was leaving for anextended business trip and wouldn’t be returning for several weeks perfect fora hot steamy affair. I asked Angel why he hadn’t called sooner and hisresponse was that he wanted to badly, but that he thought I was married and hewas hesitant. He referred to the guy who was at the store with me that day,Andy. He insisted that we seemed very much in tune and acted very much like amarried couple. I acted quickly and told him that Andy was just my gay friend.I knew Andy could pass for gay anytime and frequently men hit on him. He doesnot come across as the strong macho type.

Angel bought the story and we agreed on meeting Friday afternoon for coffee. Ifelt pretty good about my decision to go out with Angel.

The next morning I was checking my e-mail and there was a message from myhusband asking me out on a cyber date. Apparently he had realized it had been afew days since we last had a decent conversation. I wrote back a prettyimpersonal and right to the point e-mail. I told him I could not meet himonline because I was going out with the GORGEOUS hunk we had met at Versace.

Andy tries to hide it as much as he can, but I know that it made him insanelyjealous. I love it when he gets jealous of other man – real men. I love tocuckold him. He was upset that I had planned a date without telling him, andaccused me of cheating. Frankly, I pretended to listen, but I was so upset athim for not paying enough attention to me when I most needed it, and I was so horny,I did not care much. Of course, I would have called it off if he had insisted,but he didn’t, so I knew he would get over it and enjoy the torture to come.

I spent hours getting ready for my date. I shaved my legs to include most of mypussy hair. I picked new white lacy panties and a matching bra, and a pair ofnew creamy white stockings Andy had bought me himself, but I had never used. Ialso wore a tight fitting crochet dress Andy bought for me. He loves how I lookin that dress, so that was definitely what I wanted to wear the first time Icheated on him.

Angel and I met at one of the ubiquitous Starbucks in the area for coffee; wetalked about his doubts about my marital status, and about how hot I looked inAndy’s favorite dress. At the end of our coffee date, he invited me outto dinner Saturday.I already knewwhat would be on the dessert menu.I excused myself to go tothe bathroom and called Andy to cuckold him. I told him about how hot Angellooked in those jeans and white shirt, and about how I had accepted anotherdate.

When I returned home, I called Andy right away. I told him aboutthe wonderful time I had. Andy reminded me I had gone out without his approvaland had agreed to go out on a date behind his back. I think he was trying tomake me feel guilty and had no idea about how deliciously wicked the idea ofcheating on him like that felt to me.

After Andy hung up, Angel called. We agreed he would pick me up on Saturday; hewanted to cook dinner for me at his place.

Saturday was finally here. I was on pins and needles all day knowing inmy heart that by the end of the evening this beautiful man would be in mybed. This time, he picked me up at our apartment. As I walkedoutside, he opened the door to the car and helped me up. Along the way westopped at the market so he could select fresh food that would please me. Onthe way there I took multiple glances at the bulge in his jeans and hoped hehad a big dick to match his big body. I wanted a big dick, bigger thanAndy’s.

We went to Dean & Deluca’s and it wasn’t long before I noticed that mostwomen and a number of men in the store had eyes for this man and wanted him.Women smiled at him, people went out of their way to help him. Menreacted most often by being a bit submissive to his requests. He is sogood looking; he can get anything he wants. Every now and then he would stop tolook at me and to brush his hand against my arm, he would caress my face for asecond, or play with my hair. At one point when we were waiting for our lamb,he stood in front of me, facing me and made eye contact with me for more than afew seconds. I felt like I was going to melt.

We left the store and on the way to his place we took a detour. Drivingalong the Parkway, he pulled into a scenic rest stop along the River. We gotout of the car to admire the incredible view. He turned me around, lookedme in the eye and slowly moved his head towards mine. He kissed me. His lipswere nice and tender, soft and meaty. He slowly pulled me towards his body andI slipped my tongue into his mouth. It was a delicious kiss. He told me”this is our spot now”.

We got back into his car and completed the drive to his place. I was sobusy paying attention to all he was telling me about his plans for the eveningthat I did not notice where we were heading.

His apartment was spectacular. He has a loft I would love to live in. Thekitchen was grandiose. He sat me down on a bar stool and offered me a drink. Ihad coconut rum and he had the same. He was busy grilling zucchini andfrying tiny slivers of plantain for garnish. I was busy staring at him.

At the table he sat directly across from me after pouring me a glass of whitewine. We ate ceviche and I really enjoyed it. I ate it very slowly. He startedtalking to me in French. I immediately thought of Andy. I started thinking ofthe first time Andy cooked for me. I think I transferred some of those emotionsback to Angel and gave him starry eyes. After we had a crab cake on a bed ofgreens, and then the main course he moved his chair next to mine. We startedkissing. I felt I was getting wet. I wanted him. I moved his hand towards mybreast, but he slid it back under my arm. I understood he did not want to gothat fast, at least yet.

We then moved to the sofa where we started making out while sitting down. Hegot up and brought dessert. We fed each other. At one time he missed my mouthby a little and got some dessert on my face. He licked it off and kissed me onthe lips. It was great. We were having fun with the food. I purposely knockedsome of the cream from the spoon on his hands and licked his fingers like Iwould a cock. He responded by taking very deep breaths. I knew heliked what I was doing to him. After we were done with the food, I ended up ontop of him giving him a mild dry hump. I was grinding on top of his very harddick, which was pressed against my very wet pussy.

I knew that if we didn’t stop soon we would be having sex right there in hisapartment but I had promised myself that this would occur in my bed where Icould call Andy after the dirty deed. So I pulled away and told him Iwanted him to take me home. He seemed a bit disappointed but hid it welluntil I told him that once there I didn’t want him to leave. The grin onhis face was priceless.

Once back at our apartment, I lured Angel upstairs using my charms. We made outdown the hallway all the way to the door; rubbing our bodies against eachother. Finally, we made it inside and closed the door. He slipped his hand upmy back while passionately kissing me and discovered I was not wearing a bra.This turned him on so much that he became even more intense and stated theobvious: “You’re not wearing a bra?!!?

As I smiled coyly, he pulled my shirt off. We were right under the door achthat leads to Andy and my master bedroom. He went crazy fondling, squeezing,kissing and licking my tits. He loved my “cute little nipples”.He pushed them together and started kissing them and staring at them.

We made it to the bedroom. We were standing right in front of the bed. Istarted helping him undress. I un-tucked his shirt and while he kicked off hisshoes and socks and pulled his shirt completely off I worked on his belt. Ipulled his pants and tight black underwear down to his ankles with a singleyank, then dropped to my knees coming face to face with an incredible, large,thick and rock hard dick pointing straight at me. He was hung. A thick,muscular shaft capped with a larger mushroom head and large slit drooling along stream of pre-cum. I wanted it in my mouth. I had been craving thismoment since the day I met him. I couldn’t wait any longer. With one hand Iplayed with his balls and with the other I held his dick, just barely able towrap my fingers around the girth. I was moving it back and forward as I movedmy lips up and down the shaft of his huge erection.

He smelled and tasted wonderful. I love it when a man smells clean. I givebetter blowjobs when it is a pleasure to put his dick deep in my mouth. I wentto town on him as a river of sweet cream ran across my tastebuds. He had tostop me as he was close to erupting and he obviously wanted to fuck me first.He grabbed his dick and turned away. When he did, I saw his tight ass and legs.WOW! He has a great ass and I leaned forward and planted kisses all over it. Hesqueezed his dick and moaned. He was trying desperately not to come.

I decided to give him incentive to fuck me and took my pants off. As I did a slow strip tease He sat down in a chair across from the foot of thebed. What he didn’t know is that he was sitting on my imaginaryAndy. You see, I love it when my husband is present to watch me enjoy areal man, and since he couldn’t be here hiding in the closet, I had arrangedone of his t-shirts on the back of the chair and placed my favorite tie of hisdeep between the cushion. When I was nude, he pulled me to him andstared at me. He turned me around and kissed me all over. Then he pushed meback a little so he could see me better. He reached for my chin to turn it sowe could make eye contact and told me I was perfect. He made me feel like amillion dollars. He kept kissing my body and lifted me. He dropped me in themiddle of the bed. I took a glance at the chair and imagined Andy’s look ofjealousy in his eyes. Angel opened my legs, and started to tease me with thehead of his cock. Getting close to the opening of my vagina, then pulling back.I would move my hips up trying to get it in, but he was showing who was incontrol now.

I looked back at the chair where my surrogate husband was arranged and in myminds eye saw Andy staring back hypnotically and pulling away on his small butstiff dick like there was no tomorrow. I stared right back and gave”Andy” the “he is bigger and better than you,” look.

Angel then kissed my lips, moved down to my breasts, then to my tummy. Hespread my legs apart and started to eat my pussy. His lips felt wonderful on myclit. He would swirl his tongue around the swollen hood, and sometimes reachdown to my opening, and then would gently pinch with his lips. I came on hismouth as he pinched and licked my clit very fast. I screamed. I was in heaven.This turned him on so much he climbed back up, slid a condom on and aimed formy throbbing pussy.

It an intense moment of foolishness and total lust, I reached down, tore-offthe condom, told him I was clean and on the pill and without another thought heplunged into me completely. I was now going through the roof. His cockwas so wet and so hard and so thick I never wanted the pleasure to end, and hewas obviously enjoying my very wet, tight pussy. He whispered to me how hewanted me, how he had imagined being with me for days. He whispered so manythings in my ears, all nice and romantic!

Then he began to fuck me; deep and hard and fast, as my second orgasm wasapproaching I knew he was coming too. As I peaked I felt him expandand my pussy flooded. I asked him to pull out and come on my body. Hecame so much it crossed my belly, my tits, and landed hot across myout-stretched tongue. When he was through my body was covered with a poolof semen. It excites me when a man can cumm buckets. Andy isusually a tiny squirter and this equaled fifty of my husband’s meagerloads. As I scooped up the sweet cream and licked my lips, I starred atmy imaginary Andy and pictured him coming all over himself sitting in thechair.

We both got up to refresh ourselves. As soon as I got out of the shower hecalled me back to bed. There he started caressing me. I played with hissoft but still massive dick. Soon enough he had regained his former hardnessand we were at it again. He was on top of me. I asked him to play around mypussy. He loved the idea. He rubbed the head of his dick on my clit and up anddown my slit. He got on his knees behind me and penetrated me again. Atfirst he was doing me faster than the first time, but then he slowed down. Hestarted to whisper in my ear again. This time he was telling me he had neverrecovered so quickly and went on to fuck someone again so fast. I told him Iloved the way he was doing me and how great it felt.

I then told him I wanted to ride his cock from on top. As I rolled over I gaveimaginary Andy the look. I started riding Angel. I love the confidence ofknowing I can move as fast and be as wild as I want to, and the dick is bigenough it won’t come out of my pussy. This happens often with Andy. I wanted toscream that to him all the way to San Francisco. Angel reached up to my headwith both hands and told me to stop. He said, I better stop or else. I told himwe better change positions. I got on all fours, facing the empty chair withAndy’s shirt and gave him the deliciously evil look he likes.

As Angel fucked me doggy style, and as I imagined Andy’s blushing and dying ofjealousy and envy I reached my hand for the chair and let out a wall-shakingscream with my biggest orgasm yet. I was coming all over another man’s dick andhe was coming with me, this time unloading deep in my womb. I reached out withmy hand to my absent husband. I was thinking of him holding my hand though mylover’s and my orgasm. I lay down. Angel lay down on top of me for a second asI squeezed every drop of his cum by milking his dick. He loved that. ImaginaryAndy loved the look of ecstasy on Angel’s face, but mostly the look on mine.

After I was sure Angel had fallen into a deep and satisfied sleep, I went tothe den and called Andy. I needed my cuckold husband to listen to hiswell-fucked wife. I whispered all the details to him. He quickly came on thephone. His jealousy was evident, but I knew he loved the idea of me fucking agood-looking well-hung guy. I knew a weekend full of torture is exactly what agood cuckold needs.

It was morning when Angel’s hands on my body and lips on my face awaked me. Hewas hard again and ready to fill me again. He fucked me thoroughly. He fuckedme nice and slow, then hard and fast. I milked his cock; I rocked my hips. Iwrapped my legs around his strong, muscular back while making sure I was wideopen for his wonderfully big dick. I glanced at my imaginary cuckold tied upand blindfolded in my chair. What a great picture. This sent me off quick.Nothing drives me crazier than the thought of Andy helpless while a great dickfucks me. But this was not just a great dick; this great dick has a great body,beautiful face, and talented mind attached to it. Great smooth olive skinnedthat smells like the ocean in the morning. After another delicious orgasm infront of my husband, we got up. He took the shirt off Andy’s back and put it onme, then he led me to the kitchen where he cooked me breakfast. He kissed my hands.He told me he would call me. We kissed all the way to the door, and he told methat as much as he wanted to, he just couldn’t fuck me again without a longrest. I guess I was feeling like a girl in a candy store, and I had all theintentions of pigging out.

After he left, I called my cuckold to give him all the delicious details of awonderful date.

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