this is my first time to write or to do anything like this. this happened last weekend and i’m still trying to sort it out. we have some friends that we have known for along time and nothing has ever happened sexually with them. they are about our age, early forties, and reasonably attractive. she is around 5-3 with very small tits and sort of a plump ass. he is very tall, around 6-6 and thin. i have never even thought of them sexually. my wife is very attractive, 5-7, 36c and a killer ass.

anyway, they were over and we were at the pool. i don’t drink but they were on their second bottle of red wine when the conversation turned to how men act like such babies about penis size. my wife, obviously feeling a little drunk, told him how insecure i was about my size. this led to a big discussion and the other lady told us that her husband had no reason to worry in that department. i could see my wife’s face when she heard that and i could see her glancing over to try to see exactly what she meant.

they continued drinking and decided they wanted to swim. of course they did not have suits so my wife suggested skinny dipping. so the ladies went inside and undressed and came out wrapped in towels. my wife dropped hers, showing off her body as she slowly walked down the steps to the pool. the other lady quickly followed. seeing her make me very proud of my wife. once they were in the pool they started telling us to come in. we both were hestite at first but i figured i might as well get in, they were not going to give up. i quickly undressed and dove in trying not to show to much. the other guy removed his shirt, he was very thin and lanky. i am in pretty good shape so i was feely pretty good. then he removed his shorts and underwear and stood up allowing everyone to get an eyefull. we all stared. i looked at my wife and i swear her mouth was hangin open.

although the guy was very thin, he had the longest, thickest cock i had ever seen. it was not hard and was easily twice as big as mine when i’m hard. the other lady said to my wife, “see what i mean”. he then jumped in the pool as well.

to say that sexual tension was in the air is an understatement. my wife was obviously turned on at the sight of that big cock. she swam over to me and started kissing on my neck and running her hands across my chest. the other lady did the same to her husband. i am not the brightest bulb in the box but i figured out that they had planned this. anyway, the kissing continued and my wife was stroking my little 5 1/2 inch cock under the water. her nipples were hard as hell and i was sucking them. i could see the other lady had her husband backed up against the side of the pool and had both hands under the water while they kissed. my wife started pushing me over against the same wall. i ended up standing right next to the guy with our wifes in front of us stoking our cocks. my wife breaks the silence and tells me, “i want to suck your cock”. she told me to sit on the side of the pool while she got between my legs. at this point i would do anything she said, so i jumped up on the side of the pool. the other lady told her husband to do the same thing. as he raised his lanky frame out of the pool we got our first look at his erect cock. the lady never released her grip as he came out of the water and there was at least 6 inches extending beyond her hand. her hand didn’t come close to reaching around it. it was without a doubt, the largest cock i have seen. as he settled in beside me, he leaned back and displayed it for all to see. we were just staring. the lady starting sucking the head, which was all she could get in her mouth, and stroking the shaft. my wife finally remembered me and started sucking me, but she never took her eyes off of that cock. she slipped one hand betweeen her legs and started fingering her pussy, which i would bet was very wet.

this went on for a few minutes when the other lady took a bread from sucking and asked my wife if she liked her husbands cock. my wife said she had never seen one like it. the lady asked if my wife would like to suck it. my wife’s eyes immediately cut up at me and i didn’t know what to do. i said sure, but i wasn’t sure. my wife’s eyes stayed locked on mine for a couple of seconds then the two traded places. the other lady started giveing me a very enthustatic blowjob. she later told me that it was nice to have one that would fit in her mouth. i watched my wife stoke the monster cock as if in awe. she finally but the massive head in her mouth and gently started to suck. the guy asked her to use her tits. (his wife has none!) she proceeded to suck his cock head while he fucked her tits. it made me so excited it started cumming in no time. the other lady said something like “oh my” and jerked my cock as cum sprayed all over both of us. this triggered something in the other guy because he started moaning very loudly and my wife started stroking him with both of her hands. he came so hard that the first shot went up his chest and almost hit him in the face. it was an amazing scene.

last weekend my wife and i experienced our first semi foursome. we were in the pool with another couple and ended up getting side by side blowjobs and the the wifes swithed and continued the blowjobs. it was a very erotic and hot experience. the wifes had obviously planned the evening activities and it all seemed to stem from my wife hearing and seeing the size of the other guys cock. after our session, my wife admitted that the other wife and told her how large he was and said that they had been talking about swapping and had thought of us. well, my wife and i talked about the evening and both of us were very turned on by it. she wanted to make sure i was not jealous of the other guy and admitted that feeling that huge cock in her hand and mouth had made her horny as hell. she had been thinking about it all week. we agreed to ask them back over this weekend and see what happens. well they were over last night and i could not wait to share the events.

it started pretty much like last week, a few bottles of wine, some sexual talk, a few references to last weekend and we all decided to watch a porn movie to break the ice. we all on our large couch watching this porn when my wife started rubbing my cock thru my pants. i quickly removed her top and started playing with her large titties. she told my cock out and started sucking it. the other couple were doing pretty much the same thing. the sight of that large cock made my wife start sucking harder and moaning. my wife ask if we could swap which everyone agreed. the other wife sit on my lap and i started sucking her small tits. her nipples were hard as a rock. she whispered in my eat that she wanted me to fuck her in the ass. she said her husband is too big and my cock would be just right. i could see my wife between the guys legs sort of worshipping that cock. she had two hards on it and was sucking the head. she looked at me and said i have got to have this inside me. the lady in my lap positioned her pussy above my cock and easily slid all the way down it. she slowly fucked me while we both watched my wife position herself above the other guy. it was almost funny how she almost had to stand up to get it under her. she got the head in position and slowly started moving up and down. she was lookiing at me when he first entered her. her eyes widen and her mouth opened and a loud moan escaped.

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