It was a few years ago, we had been in the swinging scene for sometime but always with couples. Although we still enjoy couple fun, there is something to be said for a MFM experience. We met this guy through a mutual aquaintance and hit it off immediately. He was in his mid 50’s well built, divorced and good looking. So one night, feeling horny, I suggested we call and invite him over for a drink. He accepted and we set a date.

The evening he was coming over, I dressed in my sexiest short skirt, black stockings, heels and a loose button up shirt with no bra. My long blonde hair was down and hanging on my shoulders. I was getting horny thinking about what was to cum and a couple of beer really got me relaxed. For those of you who don’t know me, I am 48, with a 38 year old body, slender with big soft boobs, and a shaved pussy.

After the usual small talk and a few more drinks we decided to play a game of strip poker, as Hubby said, to see where it goes.

Naturally I was better at it than the men, LOL, they weren’t very good card players and before I knew it, I had them both sitting at my kitchen table in their underwear. Our new friend, I’ll call him Bill, got up to go to the bathroom and I couldn’t help noticing the enticing bulge in his briefs. He looked big!

The next hand came up and guess who won again! I said: “hand em over boys” and motioned for their underwear. They both laughed and groaned about it, until I said, “Wait, stand up, I’ll help”.

They both stood up and I reached for Bill first, pulling his undershorts down over his hips to be presented with a large,but soft cock, hanging nicely between his legs. I love to see a man with a cock that hangs down, dangling between his legs. I knew, then and there, it was going between my legs before the night was over. In fact I think my pussy starting throbbing.

“Beautiful” I gasped, “Honey, look at his cock, oh Baby I want that.” I said, knowing it would drive my husband wild, he loves to see me get horny.

Hubby hesitated when I looked at him, motioning him over to get his shorts off. He came round the table and I pulled his shorts down over his legs and he kicked them off. Apparently he was a little intimidated by our new friend’s manhood, his little cock was shrivelled up, and to tell the truth, kinda tiny looking. Feeling bad, I took him in my mouth and sucked for a minute trying to get him bigger, but he pulled away and turned me back to Bill.

I said: “Oh yes, looks like you are happy to see me ” and gave him a kiss on his cock before turning back to Bill, examining his gorgeous body. I took them both by the hand and led them to our living room. I dropped to my knees and pulled both of them toward me. I started with Bill, his big cock was too good to pass up. I hadn’t had a big cock in a long time and I was ready for one. Hubby isn’t very big although he does know how to use it and has no problem getting me off. It is also a perfect size for sucking, and tastes delicious. But…sometimes a girl just wants a big one and tonight I did.

As I took Bill in my mouth he got progressively harder, and bigger, until I had him stretched to his full 7 or 8 inches of hard cock with a nice thick shaft. Meanwhile Hubby was busy undressing me, he undid my shirt buttons letting Bill see my boobs with their hard nips which he immediately squeezed. Awkwardly, hubby pulled my short skirt off, over my ass and legs, and I was naked except for a pair of stockings and heels. It felt good to be seen naked by the two men, especially as their admiration was growing between their legs.

After he had my clothes off, Hubby sat back on the couch watching, out of the corner of my eye I could see him stroking his cock, trying to get it hard. I didn’t pay him much attention because I was sucking Bill, and squeezing a big pair of balls between the fingers of my left hand while my right hand felt his ass. I pulled him down to the floor until he was on his back and I leaned over his body, his hard cock in my mouth. I turned and pulled my hair back so Hubby would have a good view of the proceedings. I could feel wetness between my legs and a hand was gently moving over my pussy, ever so lightly.

Bill said something about Hubby being left out. I looked over at Hubby and said “He’s alright, he’s just gonna watch for now.” I knew if Hubby got hard he would join in when he wanted to, but at the moment I didn’t care about that.

My ass was in the air pointed toward Hubby who could see Bill’s hand rubbing my wet pussy lips. At least it was for a minute, until I turned around and got into a 69 position on top of my new boy toy. I lowered my pussy to his mouth and moaned as his tongue licked my wet slit, and danced over my clitoris, sending pre cum shivers through me. I didn’t care that Hubby was having trouble to get it up, I was busy with the big cock our new friend had to offer, it was hard and big in my mouth and his tongue was deep between my legs, pushing my pussy lips apart and sliding inside of me. He teased me with his tongue and one finger, bringing me close to cumming before pulling it away and leaving me on the edge. Hubby was on the couch, watching, stroking his cock, trying to get it up but he was so intimidated by the size of my new prize that he was having difficulty.

I let go of Bill and sat up, moving off of him to sit beside his body as he lay on the floor on his back. His cock was softening a little and hanging to the side.

“OH you are soo bad” I laughed, “Getting me so close and then stopping.”

“Oh you are so sexy.” he replied smiling, “I just want to take our time and enjoy every minute.

I reached over and played with his big cock, running my fingers over the shaft and feeling it’s weight. “Oooooh you are so big” I moaned, imagining what it would feel like, what it was going to feel like inside of me.

“What do you think, is it big enough ? I asked Hubby, smiling, knowing the answer, “Do you want to watch me fuck him? Take his big hard cock? ”

“It’s up to you Baby, but you know I do….” he answered, his voice trailing off, stroking his cock.

“He’s a lot bigger than you.” I said, turning to Bill, “You’re much longer and fatter than his little cock.” I said this loud enough to make sure Hubby heard me, because he told me that’s what he wanted to hear me say to a guy. (Men…go figure!! LOL ) I looked at Hubby who smiled a sly grin.

I think because men stick together, Bill said something about it’s not the size it’s what you do with it, but before he finished I was sucking him again, taking him in my mouth, swallowing as much of him as I could.

When he was fully extended, I let go and laid back on the floor, my legs apart, running my fingers teasingly across my pussy lips, giving them a show. I watched their eyes, Bill’s never left my pussy, Hubby was looking at my eyes.

Bill moved between my legs, licking my pussy, his tongue flicking my clit and tasting my wetness, he teased me delightfully until I said, “I want you in me.” in a low moan.

His head came up and he moved his body between my legs, his big cock gently touching my pussy, just parting my wet lips, as I raised and spread my legs apart. Hubby watched his mouth open, his little cock hanging soft between his legs.

“Are you alright with this Man?” Bill asked Hubby who nodded yes, smiling. I think Bill noticed that Hubby was soft and thought something was wrong.

“He just a little intimidated darling.” I said to Bill, ‘because you are so big and he is so small, I giggled, knowing this was just the kind of thing Hubby wanted me to say.

“I’m alright, said Hubby, “Give her what she wants Bill, give her a good fucking, she needs it, look at her wet pussy waiting for you.”

It was kind of funny how they talked about me, like I was someone to be serviced, it had nothing to do with ‘love’ it was pure sex. I was their princess who needed to be serviced, needed a release. It was a turn on to hear them talk like that. It was also a turn on to be laying on the floor, spread eagled, a man’s big cock between my legs, while my husband watched. I remember looking at him several times to make sure he was ok with it, he was.

We paused for a drink, and Bill sat up for a minute. There I was, on the floor with my legs open, my pussy lips wet and open, imagining his big hard cock, nudging against them. My swollen labia lips throbbed with anticipation. I was quietly moaning with desire, wanting to feel Bill’s big cock inside of me. I knew my lips were swollen and spread apart, my slippery tunnel ready to accept him. I felt so naked, so exposed to them both. They sipped their drinks slowly, looking at me laying on the floor, what a turn on.

Hubby got up off the couch and came down on the floor beside me, I pulled him up bringing his cock close to my mouth and turned my head to reach it. In seconds his little ‘softie’ turned to a little ‘hardie’ as he swelled inside of my mouth.

“Ahh,” he moaned, “that’s it Baby, suck me, suck my cock.” I looked up at him as he smiled at me. I knew he was enjoying this as much as I was. He wanted me to enjoy a threesome, where I could be the centre of attention and although I was a little nervous at first, the booze and the sex had me relaxed now. This was my first time with two men all to myself, we had some experience with couples but believe me, two men without another woman is a whole different ball game.

“Do you want to fuck Bill now?” he asked quietly, “are you ready for him, he’s got a pretty big cock. Will you screw him while I watch?”

Without letting go of his cock, I groaned agreement and opened my eyes wide, his cock swelled a little more between my lips. Hubby’s questions were making me wetter, I felt my pussy lips spread apart as I widened my legs to give Bill a good view.

Bill said something about my pussy being tight and Hubby agreed, saying, “Especially for your big cock buddy” and they both laughed. I was helpless, on my back, knees up, legs open, a cock in my mouth and a man moving between my legs delicately caressing my love lips with his fingers. I looked up at them.

“She is beautiful” said Bill looking at my pussy. “I love her shaved beaver, fucking hot, so fucking wet and slippery” He slipped a finger between my lips and I squirmed as he teased my g spot. I felt his tongue once again lick the full length of my slit, flicking lightly over my clit, sending a shiver through me. As he licked I could hear the wetness of my pussy.

“Fucking hot for a 48 year old.” said Hubby, “Sweet pussy eh? Believe it or not, when we first met she had a bush so thick I could barely find her pussy, now she always shaves it smooth.”

I remember thinking, ‘Geez are they going to talk about me or fuck me?’ I let go of Hubby’s cock and pushed him back a little out of the way. All I wanted at that moment was Bill’s cock between my legs.

“Hello….!” I said, “I am still here…” I was exasperated, “I want a cock” I moaned, “stop fucking around” I moved my legs, grabbing for Bill.

“Cmon guys…fuck me… please!” I begged, pointing between Bills legs, “GIVE IT TO ME !!!!” I was squirming around trying to pull him in with my legs on his back. Hubby said later that I looked very determined at the time… bloody wonder.

Bill looked at Hubby, they both were grinning and Hubby nodded. “I guess she wants you Bill, give the lady what she wants.” He handed Bill a fresh condom, a black one, that made Bill’s cock look even bigger. He started to put it on when I stopped him. “Feeling really kinky, I said, “Let Hubby do that…”

I thought my husband was gonna choke, he looked at me imploringly as Bill handed the package back to him shrugging his shoulders. “OK if you want” he said. I nodded and watched as Hubby grabbed Bill’s big dick and positioning the condom unrolled it down over Bill’s cock. For some reason, I found that moment very erotic and my mind flashed to a dream I once had that involved something like that with Hubby and another man.

I told Hubby to sit on the couch and watch, he wasn’t to join in unless I asked him, he complied, sitting on the edge of the couch watching.

Bill positioned his cock between my legs and when he entered me, I knew it. His fat penis stretched me open wide, his strong arms and shoulders held his body up over me as he drove his cock home. My pussy was on fire, widening to take his cock, my body reacting to his thrusts, reaching up to meet him, our bodies pounding together. He slid the full length of his cock into me, in one deep thrust, and I could feel his body against mine as the head of his dick felt like it was going to come out my mouth. My hair was all over the place, in my eyes, and I was sweating like a steveadore.

I was saying ‘fuck me’ over and over again, or so Hubby told me later, I don’t remember that part, I just remember the feeling of being fucked in front of my husband, not caring he was watching, enjoying myself, letting go completely.

I could hear my own cries of desire, and pleasure, as he drove deep inside of me and I felt a hot wave come over me like a rush and I knew I was cumming. My feet were in the air above his back, bouncing with each fucking thrust he gave me. One of my slip on high heel sandals came off and Hubby pulled the other one off and threw it down on the floor. .

I came hard, screaming and cum gushed out of my pussy, soaking us both.

After I came, Bill slowed down, resting his weight on me a little, fucking me slower, letting me enjoy the feeling of his big hard cock sliding deep between my legs, my cunt twitching with tiny orgasmic aftershocks. He continued to fuck me slowly for a long time, easing me back to wanting to cum again.

I knew whispering would drive Hubby crazy so I whispered how nice it felt, how I enjoyed it, and how I was sure Hubby enjoyed watching. I also told him how good his big cock felt inside of me. I said it all low but I know Hubby heard every word. Bill was still inside of me, fucking me slowly, tenderly, my pussy was aching and so sensitive I could feel every wrinkle on his big cock as it slid in and out of me. I felt the next orgasm come over me and I screamed as I came, holding on to Bill, cuming in buckets. After I came he pulled out of me, slipped off the black condom and with a couple of strokes, shot his load across my breasts before collasping to the floor beside me groaning in pleasure.

Hubby went out to the kitchen to pour us each a fresh drink.

When Hubby came back in the room with the drinks, I was laying on the floor with Bill, out heads sharing a pillow. We were both still completely naked, having taken off my stockings. I was cuddling Bill, my hand resting gently on his cock, caressing it. My pussy stretched and satisfied. I looked at Hubby and grinned.

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