Ann and I have had a busy summer just keeping pace during these strange economic times. My schedule had me in Los Angeles for a week this past August. Staying in the Roosevelt Hotel located right on Hollywood Blvd I was horny as hell and called my wife Ann to see if she would like to come down and play for the weekend. During one of our frequent telephone conversations during the course of my travels Ann had mentioned that she had been posting some items that she was selling on the Internet Bulletin Board Craig’s List. Looking at the board alone one evening I noticed that they had an extensive personal ad section with listings in every major city in the US. When I mentioned to Ann one lonely evening that I should put a sexy post up on the board to see if there was anyone interested in getting together she said, “Why not? It could be interesting.”

On a Tuesday evening I wrote out an ad and included a link to a web page that had a very sexy picture of my Filipino wife dressed in a cleavage-revealing corset, black stockings, and high heels. I posted the ad just before going out to dinner. When I returned later in the evening and checked my e-mail, I couldn’t believe it. There were a dozen responses. A couple was from single guys who didn’t enclose a picture, a couple that did, and one that got my attention immediately. That was from a single guy who included a G-rated picture. He described himself as a college professor and he sure looked the part. He also said that he was hung with 9 inches with a cock head that he said was “as big around as a golf ball”. I e-mailed him back and said that we’d like to see that golf ball, adding “Four!” as my salutation in jest. About 15 minutes later he responded with a link to a website that he had his photos on. He wasn’t kidding either. The photos revealed a long, but thin, very hairy cock and balls, and with a huge purple mushroom head that really looked pronounced. I immediately forwarded the link to my wife who responded with an “ohh my gawd!” His name was John. We call him “Big John.”

By the time Friday afternoon came along my wife flew in and we settled in at the Cine Grill located in the hotel lobby. She was still gushing about Big John’s cock like a teenager in heat. We had dinner and some drinks and she remarked how all the folks at the place looked so sexy. And indeed they did. We soon adjured to our hotel room for some much needed screwing.

The next morning Ann had that nervous energy, part fear, part thrill, that always takes over before we approach a sexual adventure. The rush is intoxicating to say the least! We walked down Hollywood Blvd past all the stars on the pavement all the way down to the original Fredrick’s of Hollywood where Ann bought some very sexy lingerie. As the evening approached Ann was still a little nervous and we settled into the bar where we had a couple of our prerequisite Grey Goose vodka martinis to loosen up. Ann decided that she would go up to the room and change into a hot outfit then meet me back in the bar where I stayed and watched the Olympics on the television. I always enjoy the anticipation of what my wife will wear. As 7 o’clock approached Ann was nowhere to be found and I looked around the bar for John who I didn’t yet see either. I soon could smell Ann’s perfume before I actually saw her come into the lounge. She was dressed in a low cut, tight fitting short sundress and she wore my favorite 4-inch cork wedge sandals. Her blood red painted toes glowed in contrasted to her tanned Asian skin. Watching my wife walk into the room was simply breathtaking. I couldn’t help but notice that all eyes were on my beautiful Asian wife. I suggested that we get seated and relax on a nearby couch. As we talked my eyes wandered down to her luscious cleavage which was both tasteful and alluring. Her legs went on for days in this outfit and when I mentioned that to her when we nuzzled, she whispered to me that she wasn’t wearing any panties. We both gulped our drinks and then giggled, as we were both three sheets to the wind. There was another couple who had the eye on us seated in the couch directly opposite ours. I think that they could get a glimpse of Ann’s wonderful bounty. Nevertheless they eventually moved on probably to dinner. I checked my watch, as it was now 7:20 and no Big John in sight. Still we had no worries as we were having a heck of a swell time on our own. Ann soon excused herself for the restroom and it was then that I noticed a man checking her out as she walked through the bar area. It was Big John. I made no attempted to flag him over, but instead waited for my wife to come back. He followed her over to the couch just opposite ours. As my wife sat back down next to me, I smiled over to our visitor and asked, “John?” A huge smile appeared across his face as he nodded an affirmative. “I was stuck in some of the worst LA traffic,” he remarked apologetically. I invited him to sit next to my wife on the couch. He was handsome, and in good shape, however, he was a bit shorter than I had environed only about 5’8” tall about the same height as my wife in her high heels. Ann was pleased though as she remarked to me her pleasure when he left to use the men’s room. When he returned we all had another round of drinks before adjourning up to our room. As we got into the elevator I watched as John’s lustful eyes roamed over my wife’s hot body, as he was obviously pleased with her as well. Once inside our room, I fixed us another round of drinks as Ann and John made small talk. Ann was seated on the edge of the bed and John faced her from the easy chair nearby. It was I who broached the “golf ball” issue as Ann just smiled. “That’s all we’ve been talking about for the past couple of days,” I said with a smirk as my wife nodded approval. “Would you like to see it?” John replied. A giggle came over my wife as she motioned for him to come over to her while she still sat at the foot of the bed. With little encouragement John got up and stood before my wanton wife. She helped him with his belt, and while I could not see from my vantage, I did hear her heavy sigh when she slipped his dick out of his pants. “Oh my!” she sighed, before putting the head of his cock into her waiting mouth. I moved beside her to get a better look and he sure as hell had one monster cock head, which he slowly began to push in my wife’s mouth. I could tell she was enjoying it too as the saliva began slobbering down her chin as she tried her best to accommodate not only his massive purple head, but much of the shaft as well. As Ann’s hands stroked his cock and his large hairy balls in unison, I reached over and pulled out her tits and began pinching her brown nipples to erection as John ran his fingers through Ann’s hair and gently pushed her head down on his prick. John was enjoying my wife’s sucking as he began telling her how hot her mouth was. “Oh yeah suck my cock, you like it don’t you? Don’t you? Your mouth feels so hot,” he moaned encouragingly as my wife’s forehead bumped off John’s very hairy lower belly. All Ann could do was give a cock muffled moan. It was hot as hell as I watched my wife suck off this huge dicked stranger and she came up for air several times while feverishly jerking his rock hard, slippery wet cock several times. “I love this cock.” She moaned at me before she slipped her mouth around it again. A couple of times she gagged only to renew her frantic sucking in earnest. I just sat back and took it all in as John humped Ann’s face and told me,” You wife can sure suck some cock.” I was in a trance just watching. I didn’t have a hard on, but rather, I felt breathless, as someone had just knocked the wind out of me. I was weak and lightheaded. By now John was kneading both of Ann’s eraser hard nipples as she toiled over his cock. My wife was a woman processed cupping his balls while struggling to get all of his manhood into her mouth. “Oh yeah! Yes, Suck me!” he moaned as he threw his head back and filled my Asian bride’s mouth with his cum. She took his cock out of her cum drenched mouth and continued to jerk him off. It was really something else watching him spray my wife’s dark tits with his thick gobs of spurting cum shot out of his throbbing dick as his white seed dripped off of my wife’s chin and hair. “OK, I need a little brake,” my wife pleaded to no one in particular. I got some more martinis and my wife headed off into the bathroom. John was very pleased. “Your wife is a lot hotter than I imagined,” he declared to me. “Wait until you unlock her box,” I said proudly.

After a couple of minutes Ann came back into the room. This time she had on the new outfit that she just got at Fredrick’s of Hollywood: A black under wire top that her tits hung over, black garter belt and stockings, and her black open toe spike heels. She wore a black lace robe that was see through and added to her seductiveness. “What do you think baby?” she asked as she strutted around the room revealing all to me and her new found lover. “Honey you’re the hottest,” I replied pulling her closer and giving her a full open mouth kiss while my tongue explored her salty mouth and my hands roamed over her full ass. John was now up and rubbing her too as he grinded his cock against her ass and back as he kissed her neck. Ann was getting really turned on and she alternated kissing him and me full on the lips while our four hands explored her soft body. I was now rock hard and ready to have a go at her myself but she wasn’t through with Big John yet. Not by a long shot. Ann then lay on the bed opening her legs for her donkey-hung lover beckoning him to “Eat my pussy. Now!” Big John marveled at it for a moment, pulling aside her dark pussy lips revealing her pink center before devouring it. Ann shuttered as his tongue flicked against her clit. By now I had my clothes off and began to feed my still hungry woman my rock hard cock. I could tell that John’s licking was getting my woman off and she would buck her hips and pull his head closer to her shaved pussy with both her hands as she opened her legs wider for him. It was some sight watching my wife twitch and moan with her black stocking and high-heeled legs in the air and I just sat back and jerked myself off. “Oh yeah I’m Coming, I’m Coming! Yeeeeaahhhh!” Ann screamed as she convulsed in orgasm locking her legs around his John’s head as he continued to eat her out. She arched her back up and let out another animal like growl as his tongue worked its magic on my woman as she continued to explode in a multiple orgasm. It was more than I could take as I shot a load on Ann’s face; neck and tits in my own incredible rush that I got from watching this stud get my wife off. Big John was not yet done. He pulled my wife’s legs up even higher and then slammed his hard cock into her pussy down to his balls as he deep kissed my wife with her cum still on his face and mouth. In what was the only awkward moment of the encounter, I stopped him and handed him a condom while he was pounding my lady. He stopped momentarily and in once swoop, he pulled the rubber over that massive purple head and continued to pound her hard and fast. Ann was delirious, telling him how she loved the way he was fucking her and ordering him to: ”Fuck Me! Fuck Me Harder!” I was rock hard again jerking as I continue to watch my wife get the •••• fucked out of her by this horse-hung stud. Ann was oblivious to me and just concentrated intently on the pumping of her skilled cocksman. She kissed him passionately and tried to pull him even closer to her. “She’s so tight,” he moaned in my direction while he plowed into my wife. After about a ten-minute pounding, he turned my wife over, ass up and plowed her frantically from behind. The sound of fast slapping flesh filled the room as I watched my wife’s red fingernails grip at the pillow and linen as her lover fucked the •••• out of her in machine like fashion. My hot bride moaned and whimpered as if being injured all the while encouraging him to “Fuck me harder!” John was really something. He had incredible stamina and my wife was certainly up for it too. At some point she suddenly turned to me and she asked if I wanted to fuck her at the same time. Since I really hadn’t gotten any pussy yet I was right on it. But it wasn’t what I expected. As I lay on my back, Ann straddled me from behind lubing up my dick with her back to me. I pulled her down and rubbed her titties while kissing her neck as she eased my cock into her ass. Ann usually doesn’t let me fuck her ass but this was a special moment that I wasn’t about to turn down. After a few bumps up and down, Ann paused momentarily. It was then that I felt John’s cock enter her pussy. I stopped my humping to allow him to push past me through that thin pussy membrane deep into my wife. John’s balls slapped against mine as he arched himself in a gymnastic position and began his relentless pounding. I began to pound my wife too. I could see them kissing deeply just inches from my face and I could feel Big John’s cock fucking my woman. Ann screamed out an orgasm and I could feel her, then him, twitching in orgasmic bliss around my hard wet prick. It was all that I could take as I shot my load deep in Ann’s •••••••. We all lay in that position for a couple of minutes. I got soft and I could feel John get soft inside Ann too.

We all nuzzled on the bed and then decided to take a shower together. While Big John fucked Ann from behind as she stood, I rubbed her soapy tits and kissed her deeply. She lathered my cock and balls as John continued to rock her. I shot my load into the bathtub and stepped back and continued to watch them intently. Ann then left the shower and sat on the bathroom counter inviting her lover to follow. John stepped up and moved between her legs as his large hard cock found its mark. I marveled as I watched my wife and this stranger’s reflection in the numerous mirrors that revealed many sides to their passion. I watched as he pumped my wife frantically as sweat poured off his hairy chest. After a good ten minutes his thrusting subsided and I could see a full load of cum in the tip of his condom when his cock popped out of my wife’s dripping wet cunt. Needless to say it was one of the hottest times that we’ve ever had. And that says something. So check out Craig’s List for their wild and provocative personal ads. We’re going to check it out again when we go to Houston in the fall.

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