My hubby started sharing me about 8 years ago. We often fantasized about me fucking someone else while we were fucking and I would tell him how I would fuck them and suck them off. We were friends with this one couple, Billy and Liloni and we would go to each others homes to play cards, listen to music and would dance some too. We would go out to a night club once in a while and dance also. Well it got to where when we talked about me fucking another guy, my hubby started asking me if I would like to fuck our friend Billy. He never mentioned Liloni and I jokingly said one day that he only wanted me to fuck Billy so he could fuck Liloni. He assured me that he wasn’t even considering that and that he just wanted me to get fucked by another big dick.

The next time Billy and Liloni came over we decided to go out to one of the nearby nightclubs. My hubby always liked for me to dress sexy so I had on a short skirt, panty hose, heels and a nearly sheer blouse. I almost never wore a bra and I didn’t have one on this night. As the night wore on I got to thinking more and more about what my hubby had said and when I danced with Billy I started to really get close to him and I knew that he would start getting hard by the time the song ended. Once when we were out of sight of his wife I slowly reached down and rubbed his dick through his jeans. He gasped and looked at me and asked what I was doing. I told him that we had been talking about me getting fucked by another guy and his name had come up. I ask if he was interested and he said hell yes. He said he was off the next day from work and I told him that would be great to come on over whenever he wanted. My hubby had to work that day so I knew I could fuck Billy all day if I wanted. I was a little nervous when he showed up the next day, but I had dressed in a halter top and some slimpy short shorts with no panties or bra on. Being nervous I decided not to waste any time because he or I may back out. I took him and kissed him and then took his hand and led him to the bed room.

Once there he grabbed me and started to feel me up rubbing my tits and pulling my halter top over my head and off. He was sucking on my nipples and I told him to stop and strip. He was out of his clothes in no time and was taking my shorts off for me. We were on the bed in a flash and he was fingering my pussy and I was playing with his dick. I then slid down and started to suck on his hard dick. He was about 7 inches long and pretty big around. I held the head of his dick in my mouth and ran my tongue around it. It was driving him nuts. He finally had all he could stand and flipped me over and rammed his dick deep in my pussy and began ramming in and out. It felt so good, I didn’t even think about it not being my hubby fucking me. As I started to climax he shot a huge load of cum deep in my pussy. He slowly started to go limp and I got over him and took his dick in my mouth again tasting his cum and my pussy juice mixed together. It wasn’t long before he was hard again and I straddled him and sat down with his dick deep in my pussy again. I rode his dick while he played with my tits and then he told me to get on my hands and knees and he got behind me a slid his dick in my pussy and started to pump me hard and fast. I came to another climax and before long he shot another load of cum in me. After that he said he needed to go and thanked me for a wonderful time and asked if we might do it again sometime.

Being that my hubby didn’t know that he was there fucking me I told him that it depended on a couple of things and I would let him know. About an hour or so later my hubby came home and I asked him if he had really meant it when he had said he wanted me to fuck Billy. I started off telling him about what I had done at the nightclub while Billy and I was dancing and I could see he was getting turned on listening to me describe it. I then told him to come to the bed room, that I had something to show him. When we got there I told him to get undressed and I did too. I started playing with his dick and sucking him and then told him to put his dick in me and fuck me. When he slid his dick in me I asked if it felt any different. He said that I felt juicier than usual and I told him that he was fucking a well fucked pussy full of cum. He looked at me and I told him that Billy had come over and I had fucked him and he had cum in me twice. He wanted me to tell him all about it while we fucked and he almost fucked me silly while I did this. Billy and I fucked on a regular basis after that and I always told my hubby all about it and we had fantastic sex and that led up to all the other wonderful experiences I have had.

This is a continuation of how it all started with me becoming my hubby’s slut. After the first initiation into fucking another dick besides my hubby’s he started telling me how he about how he thought I would love being fucked by more than one at a time. I asked if he meant fucking one and then fucking the other and he said no. He wanted me to have both of them at the same time. He said one could be fucking my pussy and I could be sucking the other one dick. This was sounding good to me and I asked if he was going to be the second guy along with Billy who I had been fucking. He said no he wanted to be able to fuck me after they had finished cumming in my pussy and mouth. He said he had a friend that he knew would love to share my body with another man and asked if I wanted him to set it up. I was getting turned on talking about it and told him sure. Later that day he told me he had talked to Billy and Joe, his friend, and they were ready to go. He told me it was set for the next day. The next day Billy showed up first, I guess since we had been fucking he was ready for some more of my pussy.

He and I sat on the couch and he started asking me how I thought it would be with two guys using my body for their pleasure. As we talked he begin rubbing my legs and feeling my tits. I had slipped on a skirt and thin blouse and that was all no under garments at all since I knew I wouldn’t be dressed for very long anyway. I was getting pretty hot by the time the Joe showed up and we went straight into the bed room. Billy evidently knew the Joe too and he started to tell him what a hot piece of ass I was. They took off my blouse and skirt and laid me on the bed. Billy continued to tell the Joe about me. Saying how he loved for me to suck his dick and that I had an educated tongue. They were both playing with my tits and Billy slid his hand down and began fingering my pussy and started telling Joe what a tight hot pussy I had. Hearing all this and having them feeling me up I was so ready for them to fuck me. I told them to get their clothes off and bring me their dicks to suck and fuck.

They stripped and Billy went straight for my pussy and told Joe to slide his dick in my mouth and get the best blow job he ever had. I was on my back and Billy had my legs in the air ramming his big dick in my pussy and Joe was standing next to the bed and I was trying to suck his dick, but Billy was ramming me so hard I was having a little trouble sucking on it like I wanted. I told Billy to stop and pull out and I turned over and got on my hands and knees and told Joe to lie down in front of me. I told Billy he could slide back in my pussy and I took Joe’s dick in my mouth. Being like this every time Billy rammed his dick in me I took Joe’s dick deeper in my mouth and whem Billy pulled back I let Joe’s dick slide out some. It wasn’t long before Billy started shooting a load of cum in my pussy. I had been careful with Joe and every time he looked like he might be getting ready to cum I would let him slip out of my mouth and just lick it a little with my tongue. I had him in a frenzy and after Billy slid out of my pussy I told Joe and Billy to swap places.

Joe was around me in a flash and was shoving his dick in me and Billy in front of me with his dick covered inmy pussy juice and his cum. Joe began pumping me and I knew he wouldn’t last long with the sucking I had given him and I took Billy dick in my mouth and began working on getting it hard again and ready to fuck. My pussy and his cum tasted so good and with Joe pounding me I had two orgasm in a row my pussy tightening on Joe’s dick each time making him explode in me with a big load of cum. He left his dick in me and reached around and started to play with my tits as I continued to suck Billy’s dick. I tightened and relaxed my pussy lips milking Joe’s dick and I could feel him starting to get hard in me again. My pussy was pretty sloppy by then with two loads of cum in it and though I had never done it before I told Joe to move up to my ass and fuck it. He was more than willing and with the cum and pussy juice he worked it in me and I have never felt something so good. Joe began slowly to pump my ass waiting till I was able to really relax and let him go all out.

I started working on Billy’s dick again and Joe began to really started pounding my ass. I could feel his balls slapping against my pussy every time he rammed into me. He reached under me and started fingering my pussy as he continued to pump into my ass and I began climaxing again. Joe started cumming in my ass and Billy let a load go in my mouth. after that we were all pretty spent and they got up dressed and kissed me and told me what an outstanding fuck I was. I decided not to get up and clean up since my hubby was due home in just a short while. When he walked in, I called him into the bed room and when he saw me a big grin came over his face. He asked how was it and I told him to take off his clothes and join me and I would tell him all about it. When he got in the bed I kissed him and ask if he could taste Billy’s cum in my mouth and he said yes. I told him that I had my pussy fucked twice and both times they had cum in me and I had sucked off Billy until he had cum in my mouth and I told him I had been ass fucked by Joe.

I had been playing with my hubby’s dick while telling him this and he had been rubbing his hands over my body and tits. When I told him the part about getting ass fucked he shot a load of cum and I started to milk his dick as I slid down and took it in my mouth to lick that delicious cum up. I sucked him for awhile and then he slid over me and put his dick in my pussy and told me he could feel their cum all around his dick. We fucked off and on up into the night and we both agreed that this was not going to be my last threesome.

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