We were friends for a long time. Very good friends and tight socially. Ken was into tattoos and he had art covering his arms, chest and back. My wife had always thought he was cute, in a rugged kind of way. I guess she had a thing about the biker look, who was I to argue.

Well one day she finally relented. It’s been my fantasy to see her fuck another guy for quite a while. We were in our 12th year together and I can’t tell you how long I have waited for this to happen. We were having sex and being all verbal during, she says to me perhaps we should get together with Ken as he’s moving out of state and we won’t see them probably for ever. I readily agreed with a nervousness that I had never experienced before. Approaching Ken with the idea proved to be a lot harder than I thought. I eventually asked him straight out to fuck her while I watched and he agreed without blinking an eye.

Saturday night came around and I was the one who was nervous. We meet at the motel with drinks to ease the tension and it turned out that the only one who needed to drink was me. Ken and I were small talking and I guess my wife got tired of it so she stood up and removed her clothes. Now she got our attention. As she undressed I saw her make eye contact with Ken as she stepped out of her underwear, that was really a turn on to see. One of many the night had to offer. Now naked, she fell to her knees and demanded we both appear before her. Not a problem and with bulges growing we step up and stand before her.

Now I never knew this part of my wife ever existed and man it was good to see. She unbuckled Ken’s pants and led him out of them and she did the same to me. With one hand on each of our undies she starts removing them revealing two growing cocks. I really never wanted to be a part of the sex, I just wanted to sit back and watch, but at this point I wasn’t about to stop, not now. She pushes us both down on the love seat and this is the first time I ever saw another mans cock. She started blowing him cupping his balls and I watched in absolute amazement as I saw his cock grow and grow. It was a beautiful sight. I watched it grow to it’s full height when my wife started to get up grabbed his pole and led him to the bed.

He lies down on the bed and she moves between his legs to work some more on his cock. As I sit on the side of the bed the first thing I notice is his cock. My Wife had always known of my desire to see her with a guy that has a big cock. Well, Ken qualified as big but it was very thin. While she’s working on him she reaches her hand out to mine, she holds it and squeezes it as a sign of thanks. This next part I remember as if it was yesterday. She lies down with her head propped up and asks to go on either side of her and with that she starts blowing us both. Not only that she gets both of our cocks in her mouth at the same time. Now that was a feeling unlike I ever felt before. Holy shit, this is fantastic and more than I ever could have a right to expect. Except I wanted to see more.

I back off the bed in part because I was going to cum al over the place but also to give them some space. Ken knew what to do as he got between her legs and playfully started teasing her pussy. Standing at the side of the bed watching Ken eat my wife’s pussy, she reaches out to my already about to burst cock and instinctively starts to jerk me. A minute or two later I let loose a stream of cum that literally flew all over. Her chest, her hair, all over the bed and the best part, the most erotic part to was she didn’t care where my cum was. She was just enjoying the moment. With my cum all over the bed and like I said in her hair and on her chest, she started to arch her back and she experienced one of the most powerful orgasms I think I ever saw her have. There is nothing that could describe the feeling I had when Ken got up from between my wifes legs with his face shining as though he dipped it in the glazing mix at dunkin donuts.

Ken smiles and crawls up her body and plants a literal wet kiss on her renewing life in my cock as I watch this, it’s almost too much to watch. As they kiss he rolls off her and onto his back. His cock looks huge now as it lays on his stomach. She rolls over and moves on top of his hips. She then reaches down to guide his cock into her sopping wet pussy. I get in a position between his legs watching her move up and own on his cock. I playfully massage her ass as she fucks him. What happened next was either talked about or discussed before hand between the two of them cause I had no previous knowledge.

As he was fucking her, her hips meeting his thrusts his cock slips out and there it right in front of me. She asks me to please get it and put it back in for her. I had never seen another mans erect cock before and certainly had never touched one yet here I was without even thinking, grabbing Ken’s cock and as she lifted up, put it back inside her. This was the only position they fucked in and as they did, he reached out to her tits grabbed them and pulled her towards him and as she bent over to put it in his mouth he started to cum. Sucking on her nipple and moaning and groaning he filled her pussy with loads of cum.

When was finished convulsing, she laid on him and they kissed, it was nice, very nice to see. I also sat up on the bed from my perch and seeing that she playfully patted on the bed for me to lie there. Which I did. I was right next to Ken and as his breathing subsided she moved from one cock to another, mine. She lifted herself off Ken and his cum was oozing out of her, she didn’t care, which amazed me, and as she came over to me some oozed out on me and at this point I wasn’t complaining either. She mounted me and we began to fuck. I remember her pussy being so wet it was incredible. She was so into it.

As I neared to cum she got off me and started to jerk me off by hand. Ken had never seen another guy cum before and if it was alright with me she would finish me this way. Who was I to argue. As my cock stiffened the precum escaping I let out a huge groan thrust my hips skyward and release a huge load. It landed on ken on my chest and my wife just continued jerking me cum running down her hand she moves up to me and gives me a huge kiss. WOW, that was fantastic. This was the first of several encounters within a two week period before they moved. Going on Vacation in a couple of weeks to their state. I can only hope that things work out.

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