A good friend of mine was in town for a few days so I invited him out to spend the weekend. Steve and I have been friends since college and he had always flirted with my wife Dana since they met.

He arrived Saturday and it was a very warm day. I was getting ready to put some chops on the grill and Dana decided to go for a swim. Steve joined her and I could hear them laughing and talking about the 30 years that had passed.

Dana asked me to put some lotion on her back but since my attention and hands were in the process of grilling, I told her to ask Steve to do it. She winked at me and said “Sure, I would like that.”

I smiled knowing that she always thought he was cute and since we were not strangers to the lifestyle, I knew what she was thinking too. I gave Steve the thumbs up and he grinned and proceeded to massage lotion onto her back. Dana turned over and exposed her 36 C breasts to him and he proceeded to massage her breasts with lotion. I was watching and saw him fondle her breasts softly..rubbing her nipples between his fingers. Dana spread her legs apart and he proceeded to rub the lotion on her legs and paying particular attention to her thighs.

They lay basking in the sun for a while then I saw them both get into the pool and float around on the rafts..still talking and laughing the afternoon away. We came in for dinner and afterwards I suggested that we go for another swim. Dana and Steve were in the pool before me.

I was getting turned on thinking about Steve fondling my wife’s breasts..I swam up behind her and whispered in her ear if she liked that. She told me that it was a turn-on..especially when she knew I was watching Steve do that to her. She slid up next to me and my erection rubbed against the front of her bikini bottom..she smiled and said I must have liked that too.

I turned Dana around and had my back to the wall of the pool in about 4 ft of water..I slid her top off and removed her bikini bottom and she sat down on my cock while I held her body with my legs. Her pussy enveloped my dick and we began a slow rocking motion in the water. Steve was watching us and jokingly was complaining about fairness and how horny he would be if he kept watching. Dana wanted more clitorial stimulation and whispered to me if she could have Steve do that for her. I motioned him over and he quickly removed his swimsuit and faced Dana. His hands were playing with her breasts and I could tell he was moving his dick around her clit because I could feel the head of his cock brush against my shaft that was now fucking Dana.

The head of his cock began pushing against my dick and Dana was moaning with pleasure. I asked her if she thought two dicks would fit in her pussy and her response was to take my hand and place it around his dick and rub her clit and gently force his dick into her with mine already there. I took his cock and rubbed her clit with it while Steve was kissing her nipples.

I withdrew from her pussy and slowly pushed my cock into her ass..she spread her legs as wide as she could and told Steve to fuck her..Steve entered her and I could feel his dick against mine.

We both fucked her for several minutes when my cum exploded in her ass…she fucked harder and a few seconds later Steve emptied his cum into her pussy. My legs were about to give out and Steve and I were both spent. We all sat around the pool until the late evening and went in to go to bed.

Dana came to bed and said she wasn’t done yet and if she could ask Steve to play with her for a while. She went to the guest bedroom and spent the rest of the evening with him while I listened to their lovemaking for what seemed like all night.

The next morning when I woke Dana came into the room and started giving me a wonderful blowjob. I started down on her pussy and could tell that she and Steve had fucked most of the night. Her pussy was still pretty full of his cum. She took my dick deep into her mouth and let me cum. I filled her mouth and she let it drool around the head of my dick and cleaned me up.

I asked Steve to stay around the rest of the day. Steve agreed. Dana came downstairs in her bikini and kissed me good morning and gave Steve a nice long kiss. I could tell their tongues were sensuously exploring their mouths and when they released, Dana shuttered and gave a soft moan.

We all agreed to just enjoy the day and do whatever we felt like doing. Dana immediately grabbed his hand and took off for the pool to catch some morning sun. I needed to go to the store for food and told them that I would be right back. I knew that while I was gone they would take advantage of the opportunity.

When I returned they were no longer at the pool. I went to the side of the house and peeked into the den window. I saw Dana’s nude figure lying on top of Steve. Their mouths passionately kissing. Dana began slowly running her tongue down his neck and chest, stopping to gently suck and bite his nipples. He squirmed under her and his erection was trying to find her pussy for relief.

She slid down his body and enveloped his dick in her mouth. She began sucking him slowly. He sat up in order to reach her pussy with his hand. He started to finger her as she continued to suck him. He was able to put three fingers into her then he would remove them and lick her juices from them. They continued for several minutes and then his cum erupted into her mouth. She held his cock in her mouth until he finished pumping. She slowly released him and I could see the cum drain from her mouth. She licked him clean and I made as if I had just returned and walked into the kitchen.

Dana came up to me to kiss me hello and I saw a tell tale sign of a pubic hair on her upper lip. I gently removed it then kissed her. She put her tongue deep into my mouth and the thought of her mouth just seconds before being filled with cum was about to take me over the edge.

I kissed her back knowing that her wet mouth was mostly Steve’s fluids. I asked her what she and Steve had been doing..she smiled and seductively whispered in my ear, “You should know.”

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing minor chores between swims and drinks. Steve would help out and then we would go to the pool to watch Dana lay naked in the lounge chair. She would spread her legs and show us her shaved pussy. She would finger herself for a few minutes for our pleasure and we would return to our chores.

Steve asked if I was ok with all that had happened. I assured him that everything was great, that Dana is very sexual and that her pleasure was her business, and I was getting quite a bit of pleasure out of it myself.

I had been on the edge all day and early that evening after supper, I told everyone that I needed some relief. Dana smiled and said she would be right back. When she returned she was wearing her black sheer hose and garter. Her breasts were delicately covered in a black sheer blouse. Steve and I took her hand and led her inside to the bedroom.

She took my dick into her mouth as Steve came up behind her and was rubbing his cock between her ass. She moaned and spread her pussy for him. He entered her as she continued to suck me deep. she released me and let Steve continue to pound into her. we all shifted after a moment with me lying on my back, Dana straddling my cock and Steve still behind her with his dick pushing into her ass. She told us to go slow, that she wanted us both in her. Steve entered her first as she bit her lip and then told me to fuck her pussy. I pushed into her and could feel his dick rubbing against the walls of her pussy and ass.

She fucked us until Steve could no longer hold back. He released his cum deep into her and I could feel the pulsing of this dick as it spewed cum into her. I followed with my own orgasm and soon the sheets were wet with sex everywhere.

Dana lay back while Steve and I watched our cum slide down her legs. She would gather it in her fingers and rub her clit. I took the initial step of placing my mouth over her cum soaked pussy and started teasing her clit with my tongue. She had an explosive climax that probably was heard several blocks away.

We feel asleep and when I awoke, Steve was gone to his conference and Dana was sipping coffee in the kitchen. I kissed her softly and told her that this had been the best weekend I ever had.

She smiled…

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