What makes men so weird? My husband has wanted me to sleep with another man for years now. This started as a joke when I would tell him that since he had so many women and he was the only man I had been with that I should be able to try someone else to know if I’m missing anything.

Without hesitating Craig said “OK, I think it only fair that you try it with someone else”

That was about six months after we were married. It was only a joke on my behalf, but Craig would bring it up from time to time. Telling me that I might be able to learn something and bring it back into our bedroom and share with him.

I would dismiss it saying that I could never cheat on him. I mean I am happy with the way he makes love to me. I felt that we have always fit just right. Craig would always give me back rubs, kisses and just the right amount of foreplay to satisfy me. I know that he would like for me to give him a blowjob, but I have never liked that and did not want to start now.

Once in a blue moon I would lick at his dick and put it in my mouth but have never to completion I have never been comfortable with tasting his cum.

Five years ago while looking for a screwdriver in his toolbox in the garage I found some magazines. (Penthouse, I believe) When I showed it to him Craig said he found them in the restroom at work. This magazine was filled with stories about sex and a lot of the stories were about women who had sex outside the marriage with their husband’s permission.

I told Craig to leave me alone with them as I read a few of the stories. I must admit that I did get damp reading but I could never do what those women did in those stories.

I asked Craig if that was what he wanted? Craig said yes he would love to see me with someone else. I thought this would just be a way for him to also have other woman but Craig told me he did not want that.

I told Craig “I could never do that and certainly not in front of my husband”

Craig asks if I could do it and just tell him about it?

This was so weird to me. My husband of 7 years was asking me to have an affair and then come home to tell him about it. I told him it would never happen and to get those ideas out of his head. I was not mad and even made a joke saying that if I did find someone else I would do as any other red-blooded American woman would do. I would just cheat on him.

We laughed it off and things seemed OK. Craig would bring up the idea of me cheating about once a month or so it seemed. I of course would say that he would never know and if I did it was Ok since I had his permission.

Craig would come back with “Yes, Yes it ok just tell me about it”

“No way” I would add, who knows maybe I already have

“Oh I would know I can just imagine you coming home with a wet Pussy full of cum and I would get harder then ever when I fucked you”

I do not know why but the idea did not seem so bad to me when put it that way, but I did not tell him. It made me horny thinking about Craig fucking me after someone else had just did the same.

That night I came to bed ready to fuck. Craig was rubbing my back and feeling my ass. I pulled off my nightshirt I was wearing and his boxers. I not sure what came over me but I reached down for his cock and moved so I could put in my mouth. Suck on his average size cock as he called it (7″ in case your wondering) longer than I ever have but still not till he came.

“Oh god that was good, did your by friend teach you that” Craig asked. I did not answer. Craig put the only cock I have ever had against the lips of my pussy and slowly penetrated me Craig began to fuck me with long hard stokes and I felt myself orgasm and as thought of someone else fucking me.

“Oh my god you have gotten so wet” as his hand reached down to touch the juices cumin out of me. Even I could feel my juices running down the crack of my ass. I was disappointed when Craig pulled out of me suddenly till I felt him move down between my legs. Craig began to lick at my pussy, and I tried to push him away with my hands but his tongue touching and spreading my pussy lips felt too good to miss.

“My god its like someone has already cum inside you, your so wet, Hmm I love it” Just the thought made me cum again, If I came home full of cum there is no way I would let him suck my pussy. So now Craig was really flooded with my juices in his face. For some reason it felt soo different then other times when Craig pushed his tongue deep into my wet pussy. I felt like Craig was hungry and trying to suck up as much of my juices as he could.

Craig moved up again and pushed his hard cock into me.

“My god girl who have you been fucking?” before I could answer Craig was kissing me and for the first time in my life I was tasting my own cum all over his face. It was different not bad just different. I could not believe I was tasting pussy; it was my own but still pussy.

“Oh I love it that you are soo wet, Bringing me home your wet pussy it tasted so good” Craig was saying as he I felt his cock expand inside of my pussy, I could feel his cum filling me up. He shot into me for the longest time I had ever felt him shoot. That idea must have really made him horny.

I was so satisfied that I fell right to sleep. Later when Craig and I would talk about it. I would tell him that he was all the man I needed. It just was not right for a married woman to be thinking of another man besides her husband.

Craig would try to bring it up while we were making love from time to time, but I would shut him down. Even if I thought about it myself I did not want to talk about it. Craig would think I was a slut. Sometimes I would play along and Craig loved it when I allowed myself to think of this cause I found that I would indeed get wetter than normal and Craig loved to eat my wet pussy. “The wetter the better” he would say.

For our tenth year anniversary, we left the kids with my in-laws and got a hotel room. We dressed up and went out for a romantic dinner. And of course desert back in the hotel room. I changed into some lingerie. Black g-string panty and a little see thru robe. Craig was waiting for me on the bed; he was wearing a g-string as well. I had never seen him wear one before. We drank some champagne and toasted our ten years together. Craig asked if there was anything we haven’t done in the past ten years that I would like to do in the future.

“Craig do not bring that up on our anniversary!”

“Well your in your mid thirties and have only been with one man, don’t you wonder what it is like with someone else?”

“But on are anniversary? It would be so wrong, change the subject”

Craig had me undress in less than a minute. I opened my legs to allow Craig to enter me, but Craig just teased me a bit. Rubbing his hard cock around my pussy lips. He was spreading my juices around my clit. I just wanted him in me so I grabbed at his cock and placed it right at my hole knowing Craig could not resist. As Craig entered me I wondered what if this was some other guy? I had a small orgasm with that thought.

That thought was so wrong I had to get it out of my mind.

Craig began to say something but I SHH him. I warped my legs around him and pulled him deep into me. Craig began to fuck me slowly going in and out and I felt myself release the dam of juices. I could hear the sound of wetness and feel them around my ass. Craig was picking up the tempo. I noticed I was so wet I thought he must have came already. But I did not feel it and Craig was still soo hard.

All that wetness had to cum from me from all the small orgasms I was having. I had my eyes close as I wondered would someone else feel different? Would I be able to tell in my pussy? What if he was longer? Oh I thought Craig was long enough if he pushed to hard I could some times feel him hit my womb inside, if we were in the right position.

I had to reach down to my pussy to feel. This was the wettest I have ever been. My god did I really want to fuck someone else? Could I do such a thing? I was not sure but the thought sure made me hot. Craig pulled my fingers to his mouth and lick off my pussy juice. Then Craig put his fingers around his cock and picked up some juice with his fingers and put it in my mouth. It tasted good to me, and the thought of licking a wet pussy sounded good in my mind for a second.

My god what was Craig doing to me? Making me have all these nasty thoughts.

For the first time in our marriage I asked Craig to cum with me. I wanted us to cum together. Craig was also ready cause just two more strokes and he was filling me up with his cum. Our shared orgasm made me feel so close to him. I knew all I needed was Craig; so leaving those nasty thoughts behind I started to enjoy the afterglow of loving my husband.

Craig pulled out of me suddenly leaving me with a new feeling kind of emptiness and also feeling this huge amount of cum running out of my opened pussy. We have always held each other afterwards, but this pulling out made me want more. I was disappointed as I felt our closeness leave me. I wanted more, I really needed more this time. I pulled Craig toward me and kissed him. Not only that but I moved his hand to my cum filled pussy. Craig got the message.

“Oh my god this feels so good, now this is what I call wet.” His fingers playing with my clit and pussy lips; moving my lips from one side to the other. I opened my legs as wide as I could. I reached down to also feel all the cum we had produced. It was like I had never felt it before. It was everywhere. There seemed to be so much it felt good and bad at the same time. Then I just laid back with my eyes closed letting Craig finger my pussy I think he had three to four fingers in me, as I felt really open. I could feel Craig’s fingers, as he seemed to be curling them inside me.

Then the strangest thing happened Craig moved and I suddenly felt him down between my legs. Craig started licking my cum filled pussy. I could not believe he was licking up his cum. he started licking my clit and sucking at our cum; he was sucking so loud and licking and sucking. It felt so good I felt another orgasm cumin. I could not stop him; I wanted him to suck my pussy. How could he do this I would not even taste his cum but he was doing it. That is just so nasty my husband is eating cum. But yet it was such a turn on would he lick my pussy with someone else’s cum?

enough for him to get the message.

No that thought was wrong, but it took me over the edge. This was the biggest orgasm I ever had in my life as Craig licked my cum filled pussy. His fingers going in and out of me. It had to be pulling out more cum as he sucked at it. Craig moved his fingers out of the way and sucked right at my pussy hole. Craig pushed his tongue as far in me as he could and sucked some more. I needed to fuck someone else so Craig could eat his cum, is that what he wanted? Could I do that? Then again right now I did not care what he wanted it felt good and nasty at the same time. I wanted to fuck again.

Almost as if Craig read my mind he sucked in one last time and raised his wet smiling face. I lifted my legs as I saw his hard cock aiming at my pussy. It felt so good when Craig pushed his cock all the way in. Craig pumped in and out faster than he ever had, pushing my legs back toward my chest, as he wanted to get my ass off the bed. Just pushing in and out just fucking me. Craig felt harder and bigger than at any other time I could feel him enter my womb and slide out to the tip and push hard into me again. Seeing Craig fuck me almost like some slut not his wife for some weird reason cause me to orgasm, Craig added a second load of cum into me within five minutes. Then he collapsed onto his side with his deflating cock still embedded in my pussy.

Craig looked exhausted but happy. His face still had wet spots, but I could see some drying cum turning white and hard alone the edge of his face. He looked so cute that way. I knew that I would want him to lick my pussy like that again some day.

After resting for about ten minutes, Craig spoke. “That was great. I love you so much, that had to be the best love making we have ever done”

I had to agree with him. I gave him a peck on the mouth and told him good night. I woke up being spooned by Craig and feeling his morning erection against my ass. The thought of what he had done last night fresh on my mind.

“Good morning, we need to scrub our teeth and come back to bed” I smiled as I got out of bed. Craig knew this as a signal of a morning roll in the hay. Some things you just know after ten years of marriage. I freshened up and allowed Craig to do the same.

Craig came over to the bed just as happy as can be; I was nude under the covers. We never bothered to get dressed after last nights love making. Craig joined me under the covers; we kissed for a while as Craig’s hands began to rub my breast. Craig nibbled on my ear and kissed my neck as one hand pinch on a nipple. He lowered his mouth and licked and circled my nipple sending a chill right down to my pussy. After Craig had suck and brought that nipple to erection he moved over to the other. Craig worked on that nipple as he let his hands slide over my soft skin. Over one thigh down to the center of my being, but only lightly touching my mound before going back up my other thigh.

Craig has always liked to feel my legs. He did this a few times before starting to lower his head down my body. I stop him by grabbing his face and pulling him up. Craig opened my pussy lips with his fingers. He licked his way up the center of my chest till again he was kissing my neck. His finger was playing at the entrance of my pussy just enough to spread my lubricants over my clit.

Craig licked around my ear whispering. “Maybe later?”

I knew what he meant. “Ok later”

Craig reached between us and guided his cock into my pussy. He pushed in a little and pulled back out, now he added some and kissed me deep. He let his tongue lick around my lips like he was licking my pussy. I pushed my tongue out to meet his at the same time that he pushed all the way in me. This caused me to push my head up pushing my tongue far into Craig’s mouth. Craig somehow warped his lips around it and began suck at my tongue.

After a few seconds of this Craig started pumping into me hard. He slowed down and picked up the pace. He would pull almost all the way out and reach down with his tongue and lick me from just below my breast up to my lips one every stroke.

Craig came up to kiss me hard as I felt him explode into my pussy. We held the kiss for a bout a minute as I began to lose my breath. Craig pulled away from my and at the same time somehow lifted my legs to my chest. He sidled down my body so fast he surprised me. Craig knew what he wanted, he started sucking at my pussy pulling out the cum he had just put there, then he licked at my clit a bit. He looked up and me and smiled with wetness all around his mouth, Craig looked so happy to be between my legs like that at that moment. His nose was pushing against my clit as his tongue pushed in and out of my pussy. In a way I wish I could see what he sees. It must be a mess, but Craig licks and loves it. I love the feel also it is so nasty. As I push myself into his face. His tongue really turns me on.

Craig and I have seemed to work out a signal as to when he wants to go down on me after he has filled my pussy with cum. He will pull my tongue into his mouth almost like sucking on a small cock. Craig does not mention me with another lover as much any more, but at times he says I should find out what I’m missing. Who knows maybe someday I might.

I can not believe that after all the times that we do this only once have I kissed Craig with cum on his face. It really was not bad. But my husband must eat more cum than some women. Craig has not complained and I like the feeling so I think I will just let him do it.

I just had to write this cause I just get so horny knowing what we are doing and I have on one to tell. I’m afraid people will think Craig is weird. Maybe just maybe I might have to cum home with my pussy all wet for Craig after all he has done for me.

But I couldn’t do that could I?

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