She was a true beauty. 45 yrs old, 5’4″, 130lbs, short cute red hair, clean shaven and very nice smelling always. Her husband was 50 yrs and about 5’8″, 165 lbs, dark hair and maybe 5″ or 6″ in size. I am 5’10”, 185lbs, salt/pepper hair and about 8″ and very hard when excited.

They had been married for over 20 years and had enough regular sex for the rest of their lives they said. I listened intently to their story and rubbed my feet against hers as they told me about why they wanted another guy to join them.

I had heard the story before….from others. After 20+ years of marriage they were at the point where either something had to change or the marriage could be lost. They were still in love (kinda) they said, but knew they needed something new to keep it vital. Neither one was getting very satisfied these days from their sex and they had discussed what to do.

Unfortunately, neither one could open up enough to really say what they wanted. So I became the sounding board for them. I listened to them and knew what was needed. Someone had to come in and take control. Tell them what to do and make it interesting again.

They told me they had discussed swinging, role playing, masturbation and more. While this got them excited, neither one had the nerve to make the first move. You know, nobody wanted to hurt the other or feel rejected for their thoughts and feelings.

So I took the lead and suggested that we try a 3 some and I would direct how things would go tonite. If they liked it, great. If they didn’t then they could change it and just say good bye. They seemed content with this and off we went to their house for some more conversation (yeah right).

Once inside I suggested we go right upstairs to the bedroom before we sat in the living room and then never get anywhere else. I had heard all about what they both liked sexually, or so they thought. She loved to be licked and paid attention to. He enjoyed her infrequent bj’s and her lovely 36C breasts.

But I knew there was more. I suggested we all get undressed and then we could start slowly and see where it goes. Once naked I told him to watch from the chair across the room and then join in when he was ready. I laid her down on the bed and began to lick her from head all the way down. On the way down I kissed her face and neck and then on to her truly gorgeous breasts. Her nipples got hard as i sucked them and played with them in my mouth. She reached down and took hold of my cock. It got immmediately hard and she stroked it slowly.

I kept licking and told her to stop and relax. I got over her and then tied her hands over head to the bed post. I used her stockings to tie her and her shirt as a blindfold. I told her to spread wide and show me her pussy. She did and i licked it real good and made her cum.

Husband was now watching intently and had is cock in hand stroking it. I sat up and spread her pussy wide with my fingers and told him to look inside. I said after its full of my cum, he would have to lic it clean. He seemed excited by this so i proceeded to tease his wife further.

I told her I was going to make her cum like never before and then proceeded to lick her again. By now she was breathing hard and aching for some cock in her love hole. I knew she was ready for it, but I wanted to tease her more. I told her to lift her legs back overhead and when she did I also tied them to the bed posts.

Now she was tied and blindfolded in front of both of us and didn’t know what was coming next. I took my belt and slowly began to smack her ass with it. They had never done this before and her husband looked worried. I made some red marks and asked if she wanted more. She just moaned, but I knew we had found a new adventure.

Hubby was stroking quickly now and I told him not to cum yet. He stopped stroking and I told him to get up and put my cock in her cunt. He was surprised but did as told. I told him to get real close and watch his wife being fucked by a stranger they just met. I wanted her to make his face wet and I began fucking her slowly and then much faster.

He heard her moans of pleasure and knew she was near another orgasm. I just kept plowing her hard and fast and soon she was squirting right on his face and the bed. She had never done that before and they were both shocked. I finished with some very hard strokes and added my load to her pussy juice. She screamed as I came and then squeezed my cock as hard as she could, milking every last drop of cum i had.

I pulled out and told hubby its time to clean her up. He dove in without hesitation and buried his face into her spread pussy while still tied up. She had another orgasm as I directed him to clean her good and get it all. When he finished I said my good byes and told him to untie her after I left.

This was about a week ago and I just got another call from them asking if I could cum over tomorrow nite. I told them we would add to the adventure and they said “please yes”.

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