When we were just dating my hub Derek seemed to take great delight in showing me off. It didn’t seem to matter to him who was checking me out or where, as long as other guys did. Dressing sexy was always the order of the day. He especially encouraged me to dress in anything that would show off my 38c cleavage.

His friends always seemed to like that too and I guess that why there was never a shortage of his friends coming over to watch some football or just to hang out. Jim and Steve were two of his friends that were over to watch football and they always seemed to pick the chairs that could watch us on the couch as easily as watching the game on TV.

This night I had a very low scoop neck halter, miniskirt, stockings, heels, and a sheer pair of panties. As the game went on, Steve made as many comments about me as he did on the game. Derek just had his arm around me as I sat with him on the couch. With Steve & Jim watching, Derek’s hand would roam all over my body. First he would gently and slowly squeeze one tit through the halter, then the next, and then down to my legs, and then, well all over.

As this went on for awhile, and as the comments about my body from Steve continued, Jim started asking me questions about sex. At this point I was so hot that no questions went unanswered. What size cocks were the best, ever been with another girl, wildest placed to have sex, fantasies, and so on.

It was then that I noticed what Jim and Steve were really looking at. While we were chatting, Derek managed to free my left tit from the halter and it was dangling for all to see. In addition, my skirt had ridden up to the point where you could see the tops of my stockings and a hint of the sheerness of my panties. I was so hot that I just looked up at Derek with a big grin. He responded by kissing me deeply and then getting more aggressive with his hands roaming my body.

This made me so hot knowing I was putting on a show for his friends while enjoying one incredible make-out session. At some point the tie to my halter was undone and eventually my tits were on display in all their glory. As I glanced over to Jim and Steve, I could tell that there were no longer interested in the game as their eyes were focused on us. I took great delight in knowing that I had something to do with the big bulge that now appeared in Jim’s pants.

Derek kept kissing me, alternating between my lips and my tits, all the while my skirt was being pulled up higher and higher. Steve was the first to get the clear view of my pussy in my very sheer panties. He let me know that my shaved pussy was giving him an enormous hard on. Derek told them to sit back and enjoy the show, so now I knew he really wanted me to perform.

With my skirt totally bunched around my waist, Derek asked me to work on his cock. As Derek continued to grab my tits and pussy, I reached for his belt and undid the strap. Next was the snap of his jeans, then his zipper, and finally I had access to his 7 inches. As I began to lick the length of his cock, I couldn’t stop thinking about what Steve and Jim must have been thinking and how I looked to them.

Derek then guided my head onto his cock and I proceeded to give him the best blowjob I have ever done. While I was sucking him, he repositioned me so his hands now had easy access to my pussy and he was working first one finger, then two inside of me. At this point I was on my knees on the coach facing where Jim was sitting. I started to gaze at Jim and continued to suck Derek. I knew Steve was getting the view of my pussy with my panties pulled to one side and getting fingered.

All of this proved to be too much for Derek and all of the sudden he began to pump a very large load of cum into my mouth. I wasn’t much on swallowing but with the audience I had, I thought it was best not to be very messy. I started to swallow and did manage to get most of it. It was just at the end when I broke away as some started to dribble down my chin and the last shot hit my tits.

As Derek regained his strength, I let him know it was my turn and pulled his head towards my pussy. He laid me back on the coach and proceeded to lick me to the most unbelievable orgasm. As Derek sat back down , I crawled across the couch and put my head in his lap. Aware that I was still totally naked in front of his two friends, I spent the balance of the night just relaxing as Derek would lightly caress my tits and I would just hold and lightly play with my pussy. I couldn’t believe that Jim and Steve were still able to respect the no touch rule but they seemed to be content to just enjoy the show (instead of the rest of the game).

As the conversations continued, Steve eventually got Derek to agree that someday he would share me but that’s another story to be continued at another time. When the game was over Derek and I stood up to walk them to the door. Because I felt bad for both of them, I first put my arms around Steve’s neck and gave him a long goodnight kiss. Derek seemed ok with that so then I turned to Jim and did the same thing. Jim not only got a long kiss off of me, but he managed to grab a feel of my ass as well.

After they left, I could tell that Derek enjoyed that as much as I did as his cock was bulging in his pants all over again. We continued into the bedroom and enjoyed a night of sex as we continued to discuss our friends. Derek admitted that he liked seeing me in the arms of his friends and I admitted that I liked being there.

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