In the most unlikely of all events, my 29 year old wife Amy found herself surrounded by two very well endowed younger black studs named Frank and Ron. Ron, 26, is a 5 foot 10 inch – 210 pound very muscular black guy who has the thickest 8 inch dick I have ever seen. Frank, 24, is a 6 foot 2 inch – 195 pound lean athletic black guy with an enormous 10 inch thick dick.

Amy is a very pretty petite 5 foot 4 inch 116 pound brunette, with long semi-curly hair, big firm 36c tits (which look incrediable on her tight petite frame), and an ass that can stop traffic. Although my wife is an extremely attractive and sexy women and she gets hit on constantly by all types of men, I never imagined in my wildest dreams that she would ever willingly succumb sexually to a black man.

Amy is a born and raised country gal who grew up in a small predominatly white town among many prejudice family members and friends. The entire time I have known my wife, 3 years of dating and 3 years of marriage, I have never heard her say anything too nice about black men, and she strongly disagreed with interracial mixing.

After the shocking encounter my wife experienced with these two big dick black studs, she has a whole new opinion about the black man lol. Ron and Frank fucked my wife hard and long, introducing her to sexually satisfacatons she never knew existed. Watching my sexy country wife (who is normally very confident and in control during sex with me) completely submit to Ron and Frank’s every desire (which were many), was by far the most humbling and hottest sexual experience of my life.

What started out as a going away party that Amy and I hosted for our good friends Tim and Lisa, ended in an extremely hot sexual encounter and black dick initiation for my wife Amy. After hours of drinking and partying, the first surprise of the night occurred. Tim asked to go upstairs and talk with me a second. When I heard what he had to talk about, I was shocked!
He confessed to me that the two younger black guys that were at the party weren’t just friends of his from work. He explained that for the last six months they have been fucking his wife Lisa. I was stunned! Lisa, like my wife Amy is a born and raised country gal. They were best of friends and had many things in common. They tell each other everything, so immediately the first thought that came to my mind was; does Amy know that her best friend has been getting fucked by two black guys.

I quickly and blunty asked Tim if Amy knew this? What he said next, almost put me on my ass. Tim told me she did know, and that she was very interested in taking Lisa’s place after they left State. Has Amy fucked these black guys? I had to ask Tim. He assured me that she hasn’t and that she wouldn’t unless I was in full compliance.

The next surprise of the night transformed my mostly drunk mad ass, into one of curiosity. Tim shut the door behind us, and took a video tape out of his jacket. He informed me it was Lisa’s first sexual encounter with Ron and Frank (her first ever black dick experience). A hundred mixed emotions were now running through my alcohol influenced mind. Although Lisa doesn’t have the big firm awesome tits that my wife does, everything else about her looks is as good or better then Amy’s. Lisa is a very beautiful 5 foot 7 inch – 128 pound athletic looking blonde with straight long hair, sexy blue eyes, average tits, and also a very hot ass. Since the first time that I met Lisa, I have fantasized about seeing her naked and fucking her. If she had Amy’s tits, she would be the absolute perfect women in my mind.

Although this whole situation was a very awkward and disturbing one for me, I had so see what was on the video, so I told him to go ahead and put it in. The first thing that popped up on the screen after Tim hit play was Lisa sitting on their bed at home unzipping Ron’s pants. Within seconds she had pulled Ron’s black dick out of his pants. Lisa’s first response after seeing Ron’s big fat 8 inch dick was:”holy shit” “Its so thick” Ron’s response was “you like that fat black dick baby” “oh yes” Lisa responded then immediately turned to Frank to unzip his pants and reveal what kind of surprise he had between his legs. After seeing Frank’s massive 10 inch thick black dick, Lisa’s response was a much more surprised almost shocked “oh hell no” “its huge” “oh wow” Frank just smiled and said: “and its all yours baby”.

Without hesitation, Lisa was eagerly and aggressively stroking both these two very big black dicks with both her tan white hands. Although I couldn’t believe Tim was taping this and allowing for this to happen, I had never witnessed something so hot in my life. My skinny 7 inch dick was throbbing instantly upon seeing Tim’s beautiful wife Lisa stroking these to well hung black dicks. As Lisa aggressively stroked and played with both their black dicks she commented again about their size “oh yea – those our by far the two most incredible dicks I have ever seen and felt”.

Ron with a sly laugh responded: “you haven’t felt anything yet baby” “Wait to we put these to big black dicks deep inside of you, and fuck your fine white pussy like it deserves. His confident comments instantly lured Lisa’s beautiful face and mouth to his sill amazingly semi-soft black dick. As Lisa attacked his fat black dick with her pretty white mouth, her lips were stretched to the max trying to accommodate such girth.

As Lisa started to such on Ron’s extremely thick 8 inch dick, Ron and Frank finished removing the rest of their clothes. Then Frank started to remove Lisa’s clothes as she serviced Ron’s now growing dick. Within no time, Frank had Lisa down to her navy blue panties and bra. Frank then looked over towards the camera and replied: “Timmy Timmy” “You have yourself one fine sexy looking white women” “and she is absolutely gonna love these two big powerful black dicks” “were gonna fuck her so good and so hard”.

After several minutes of sucking Ron’s dick to full erection, it was now Franks turn. Although Franks dick wasn’t as thick as Ron’s it was incredibly long and still very thick. As Ron removed his stiff black dick from Lisa’s mouth she couldn’t help but moan and gasp with uncontrollable lust. Lisa then attacked Frank’s massive black pole with her pretty and overwhelmed mouth. Meanwhile, Ron was taking off Lisa’s bra and already wet panties.

Frank was more aggressive with Lisa, grabbing a hold of the back of her head with both his big black hands and forcing her to face fuck his massive black dick. Meanwhile, Ron was finishing stripping off her navy blue panties and bra; revealing her small perky b cup tits, and perfectly trimmed blonde (true) pubic hair. Franks aggressive nature and tempo was too much for Lisa to handle, what little controll Lisa had at this time was completely lost. It was quite obvious these two younger black studs were in full controll. They were prepping Lisa masterfully for what would be the fucking of her 31 year old life.

As Lisa continued to try and keep up with Franks aggressive nature, Ron motioned to Frank to switch positions with Lisa. As Frank eased up on his tempo and slowly removed Lisa’s mouth from his now fully erect and massive black tower, Lisa revealed to all just how turned on she really was at this point, by blurting out in a loud and uncontrolled manner: “holy shit” “unbelievable” fuck me, plese fuck me” Ron commented in a cocky and confindent manner: “Oh baby, we’re gonna show you how real men fuck” Frank then swithced positions with Lisa, putting him on the bed and Lisa’s sexy athletic naked body leaned over the bed to continue sucking Franks huge black dick.

As Lisa leaned over and eagerly wrapped her mouth around Frank’s amazing black dick again, Ron started to fondle her hot tight perfect ass. “Oh baby” “you have one fine white ass” Ron commented. His touch and fondling of both Lisa’s perfect round ass cheeks, drove her crazy. The teasing was killing Lisa, she was obviously wanting Ron’s fat black dick inside of her. Ron then worked one of his large black hands down the crack of Lisa’s ass to her soaked pussy. As Ron gently penetrated two of his thick black fingers into Lisa’s soaked pussy, she responded with a loud moan that was stifled by Frank’s massive black dick deep inside her mouth.

Lisa followed the moan with an attempt to release her mouth from Frank’s dick (probably an attempt to beg again for Ron’s black dick). Frank staying aggressive held Lisa’s pretty face in place while saying: “you ain’t done sucking this big black dick baby” Forced to keep her mouth on Frank’s dick, Lisa continued to suck on it while Ron commented to Frank: “This pussy is tight” “Timmy’s not taking care of this fine white pussy”. They both laughed! Tim’s dick is slightly thicker then my skinny 7 inches, but its only 6 inches long.

Ron then laughed again and said:”I gonna take care of that” He then slowly removed both his fingers from Lisa’s pussy and guided his fat black dick towards her soaked pussy. Immediately upon Ron pressing his extra fat head of his dick into Lisa’s pussy, he grabbed a hold of both her hips and started to penetrate Lisa’s pussy. I have never heard a women moan so loud in my life. Frank purposely allowed Lisa to withdrawl her mouth from is dick to hear her moan from the initial penetration of Ron’s very thick black dick. I have never seen anything so hot in my life. I found myself jerking my skinny dick hard through my pants. Ron’s entry and thrusts were perfect. Tim zoomed in with the camera on Lisa’s face (WOW). All I could think was; so thats what a women looks and sounds like when she is getting fucked good.

As Ron’s thrusts became faster and more powerful, he asked Lisa if she like his big black dick. In between incredible loud and intense moans of pleasure, Lisa replied: “fuck yes” “unbeliveable” Better then the litle white boys? asked Ron. “fuck yes” “much better” “wow”. This prompted Ron to now hold nothing back. He buried every inch of his thick black dick deep inside of Lisa’s pussy and fucked the shit out of her. Lisa’s moans turned to pleasurable screams. As much as I tried to hold back, I couldn’t. I found myself exploding all up inside of my pants. Wow!

Minutes after I came inside my pants, Lisa was getting ready to orgasm herself. In the most intense orgasm I have ever witnessed, Lisa’s sexy athletic white body shook uncontrollably while she was literally screaming: “YESSSS YESSSSS YESSSSS YESSSSS” followed by a sudden collapse of her shoulders and pretty face onto Franks inner thigh. Frank replied with a laugh: “I think she likes big black dick” I was amazed at Ron’s stamina. Lisa’s pussy had to be so tight for his girth. Hell I beat both of them in an orgasm lol…

The break in phase was over. These two big dick black studs were extremely aggressive. After Lisa collapsed from what she personally describe as the most incrediable orgasm of her life, Ron got up on the bed while Frank got off of it, and he orded Lisa to get that fine white ass back in the air. Lisa did exactly what he requested. Within seconds his fat black dick was plowing deep inside of her pussy again. This time there was no mercy. Ron grabbed a hold of both Lisa’s hips and fucked her doggy style hard and forcefull. The tempo and size of his thick black dick was too much for Lisa to handle. She tried to stay up on her hands like Ron requested, but couldn’t. She kept collapsing to her elbows and even shoulders with her face turned to the side.

Ron fucked her hard for 10 minutes in this position, bringing Lisa to her second intense orgasm before he finally erupted. Right before exploding, Ron forcefully turned Lisa over and plowed his fat dick deep inside of Lisa’s pretty mouth. According to Tim, Lisa does swallow for him, but the force of Ron’s ejaculation was much more powerful with a lot more cum. Ron made Lisa gag on his cum for several seconds before pulling his black dick out of her mouth and finishing his eruption all over Lisa’s very pretty face.

Looking completely overwhelmed at this point, Lisa could of stopped right there and been extremely satisfied. But there was one more big black dick that needed to be drained; Frank’s enormous 10 inch black dick. Frank got up on the bed, and before Lisa could even get a word in, He ordered her to lick his big black balls. Lisa immediately found two massive black nuts all up on her petty face. While licking and sucking on Franks huge balls, Frank informed Lisa she was about to get the fucking of her life.

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