I had talked to my wife about having sex with another man or having a threesome for a long time and always with the same result, a “NO” and that would be the end of the discussion.

We were having a new room put onto the back of our house along with building a bath house for our pool over the summer. Two of the construction workers and I had sort of hit it off and when I would get home in the evening we would talk and I would offer them a cold beer as they packed up for the day. One Saturday afternoon our conversation ended up covering the topic of sex. I shared with Ronnie and Doug how I wanted to see my wife get used by other men and they both commented that they thought they could seduce her for me. I teased that while she was hot looking that inside sexually she was the ice princess. As we laughed about it I told them how the first time I got anything off her was only after she had drank whiskey. She could handle any alcohol but always said she hated whiskey because it made her do things. I asked what and she never would tell me. One night while we were dating she had a shot of Wild Turkey. That set off a whole sequence of events that ended in us having some of the wildest sex I have ever had. She would since never tough whiskey again. She often told me how she loved highballs but just couldn’t handle the whiskey.

During the next week the guys asked if they could have a try with her the following Saturday. They both were sure they could get her. I agreed to let them try and basically forgot about the whole thing by the time the next Saturday arrived. I was back helping Ronnie move some large pieces of lumber for Doug to cut and then holding them as they were nailed onto the studs. Ronnie told me that they were ready to make their move on Deb and should ask her to take my place in helping them out and to make some excuse for leaving. I thought about it for a second and thought it might be fun to watch and there was little chance of anything happening so I agreed. I went inside where Deb was reading a book and told her I had to run into the shop for several hours and that Ronnie and Doug needed an extra set of hands, if she didn’t mind helping out. She agreed saying that if it would help hurry the project along.

Dressed in her baggy Saturday morning sweat pants and oversized sweat shirt she went outside to offer her assistance. Despite the clothing she had on she still looked good in her 5’4” 120 pound frame. The guys just kept working and told her they could really use the help and Ronnie directed her to help lift and carry some of the larger pieces of plywood board. By the time I left the window I could already see a stream of sweat breaking from her forehead in the hot Florida sun, in her hot sweat clothes. I went out and got into the car and drove several blocks from home. I parked and got out and walked back to the house so not to be seen but into a location where I could easily see everything going on. Nothing had changed except that I could see sweat lines on Deb’s shirt by now and she looked hot.

Deb was never an exhibitionist so she normally dressed to cover her small delicate body. Finally Doug remarked on how hot my wife looked and offered a break. Doug got a gallon jug out and poured two glasses of the liquid and offered Deb a glass. She asked what it was and he replied it was a sports drink that would replenish lost mineral and fluids and give you energy. She accepted and after taking a large drink she commented on how it had a familiar taste but she could not pin point it. She and the guys finished their glasses and went back to work. I thought Deb looked more at ease but wondered still how they intended to pull off their plan. After almost another hour they took another drink break. Both Doug and Ronnie peeled off their shirts and Deb asked for a second drink as she stood dripping with sweat and her own shirt soaked. She made quick work of the two glasses and was getting giggly by the time they went back to work. This time the time before the next break was only about 15 minutes and Deb drank her drink down and Doug poured her another.

By the time my wife finished her second drink she was acting drunk, laughing and loosing her coordination. The guys were laughing too and they all seemed to be having a good time as they started back to work. Doug commented on how hot it was and how Deb must really be hot in that heavy sweat shirt. Deb replied that she was burning up when Ronnie just casually without looking up added that he and Doug had removed their shirts she ought to too. Deb laughed and said, “I can’t because I’m a girl.” I could tell by this comment she was drunk and I figured they somehow had given her some whiskey. Ronnie said back “sure you can its fine with us.” They kept working and I could see Deb was stewing over the question. Finally, she replied back “No, girls cant’ take their shirts off because they have boobies.” Doug chimed in “Well, if you can’t take it off I could do it for you and then it wouldn’t matter if you have boobies would it?” I could tell she had been drinking whiskey when she smiled and said back “Oh, yeah. That’s right.”

Doug moved around back from her and pulled up at the hem of her shirt. As the bulky sweat shirt reached her breast she raised her arms over her head and Doug pulled the shirt free from her. Here was my wife standing only a few feet from my hidden position in front of two construction workers with her pretty little 34A tits exposed and free. The contrast between the sweaty hot shirt and the breeze blowing on her nipples made them stand out hard and stick forward. Deb sighed and said “Oh yeah, that does feel a lot better.” The guys now started convincing her that she was so hot that she was at risk for having a heat stroke. She began to seem concerned and asked what she should do. It brought back memories of the time she had drank whiskey and I fucked her, she was so gullible and easy – hell they could have their way with her with no trouble.

They told her they would help her into the pool to cool her off and she said ok. Ronnie walked up to her and started pulling her sweat pants off. She asked what he was doing and he told her she had to get everything off to cool down and that if she had anything on she could drown. She looked up at him and told him how glad she was that he and Doug were there to help her and take care of her. Ronnie lifted her leg and pulled her pants and underwear off her foot and then repeated the other leg. She now stood totally naked in front of the two workers. My own cock was rock hard.

They led her over and then peeled their own shorts off as they stood in front of her. Ronnie was about 6’00” and about 250lbs. He had a short fat cock that was already hard. It looked to be about 5” round and equally fat. Doug was much younger at about 25 and stood about 6’2” and 200 lbs of muscle. His cock sprang out standing like it was at attention and much bigger in length at 8” and not as fat. Deb asked if they were hot too and they told her they were. They led her into the water of our pool and the two played around with her in the water as the pressed up against her and teased her. She was laughing and having a good time. As the two men took turns pressing up against her in the water I could tell she was getting really turned on. I knew the effect that whiskey has on her and knew what would happen if I did not intervene.

They finally came out of the water with Ronnie leading her up the steps with his rock hard cock pointing the way and Doug with his hand on her ass behind her also with his impressive rod sticking straight out. Deb told them she needed to go inside the house and dry off and get some fresh clothes. Doug told her that they needed to make sure she was ok and that she should sit down. He picked her up easily and lifted her up onto our picnic table. As he stood in front of her with his massive cock pointed right at her magnificent pussy. I was excited but feeling a burning sense of jealousy also at the same time. I wanted to go out and stop him but I also wanted to see him plow his dick into her waiting pussy hard.

Doug laid her back onto the table and began to spread her legs apart and to lift them. She began to protest a little and ask what he was doing. He sounded very legitimate when he told her he had to check her internal body temperature to make sure she was cooling down. As he pressed her legs to her chest he got down and put his mouth to her tiny slit. I watched his tongue stick out and lap up from her tiny puckered rosebud to her clit. Deb shuddered and told him no, that she was a married women and that he was making her feel horny. He told her to just relax. Ronnie began kneading her breasts and rubbing his cock onto the side of her body. He picked up her hand and placed it on his fat cock and she slowly began to jack him as he thumbed her still hard nipples.

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