This all started a few years ago. I have been involved with a married woman named Cindy. She is 5’2″, blonde, petite, blue eyes, 36 with one child by a husband who she hates. We work together, and became romantically involved 5 years ago. I divorced 3 years ago, and we’ve been seeing as much of each other as possible. About 4 years ago, we were having a rendevous at a motel, and out of the blue, as I was fucking her, she whispered, “I bet you’d like to see a big guy on top of me.” I immediately lost control, and started coming very hard. Since then, the idea of watching her in action with another guy turned me on greatly.

I later confessed to her that my ultimate fantasy was to see her in bed with a well hung black stud. She gradually warmed to that idea, and confessed that one night around that time, a black male co-worked had taken her out for a drink at a bar inside a motel after work. She said his objective was evidently to get her upstairs to a room for sex. She was afraid, but said she went home and masturbated thinking about it.

Last summer, she told me she was bringing her favorite “toy” to play with on one of our mid-day trysts. “Wait til you see what I can do with it.” was all she would tell me. After we made love a few times, she brought it out, a 9″ black dildo, as thick as her forearm. I was surprised and turned on as she held it down on the bed and proceeded to ride up and down on it. Cindy is very orgasmic, coming 10 times in a session is not unusual for her. She quickly was in another world, softly moaning as she took more of that toy into her. I reached over, and held down the wide base of the dildo, allowing her to concentrate on pleasuring herself. Within 2 minutes, she was crying out in orgasm as she pumped up and down on her toy. I laid next to her, masturbating with my free hand, and quickly shooting a large hot load across myself as I watched.

This progressed to seriously discussing her actually having sex with a black man. Eventually, she consented, though I know she wanted it very much as well. She said that all she wanted to do was to suck a black cock, and I agreed, for safety’s sake. In case either of us had any regrets afterwards, it would have only been a blow job. I told her I wanted to watch, and video tape it all. Cindy enjoys sucking cock and will swallow any size load she is given. I advertised on the internet, and quickly received 5 responses from local guys. I chose one, a guy who claimed a 9″ cock. I met him one evening at a bar, we talked and I explained what Cindy wanted to do. I also showed him some pictures of Cindy, all clothed shots, and he expressed his approval. He agreed, and we set up an afternoon. In early December, she arrived at the usual time of 11am, and we immediatedly began making love, she was particularly turned on, and came quickly 4 times on my cock. I am 6″ long, thick, but wish I had been blessed with a few more inches, especially after witnessing the ease with which Cindy took that 9″ dildo. I made her come one last time by saying, “Soon, you’ll be sucking your first black cock!”, and she screamed loudly as she came.

The doorbell rang, and I felt her tense up slightly. I hesitated, and she said, “You should go answer that.” I let our new friend, Samuel, in told him Cindy would join us shortly. I offered him a beer, he declined, but took a soda instead. A few minutes later, Cindy came out of the bedroom with a short robe on, and said, “You must be Samuel.” He stood up, and took her hand, kissed it, and said, “Cindy, you are even more beautiful than Rick described.” She blushed, said thank you, and we all sat down for some small talk. Cindy sat between us on the couch, and Samuel and I both ran our hands along her smooth white legs, and Samuel bent over to kiss her softly. “Perhaps we should adjourn to the bedroom.” I suggested. Samuel stood up, he was 6’2″ tall, and took Cindy’s hand. I saw her glance down at his crotch, which was already bulging. She then looked at me sheepishly, and I nodded.

We all went into the bedroom, I light candles, put on some soft jazz, and checked my camera angles. Cindy and Samuel had already started to slowly undress each other, standing close together. Cindy ran her hands up his muscular chest, and whispered, “Oh My!” as she caressed him. Samuel slid her robe off, letting it drop to the floor, and he and I both gazed appreciatively at her body, she was wearing a sexy red bra and panty set which barely contained her beautiful 36D breasts. I was rock hard by now, and Cindy fumbled with Samuel’s zipper as she sat on the bed. Out came his cock, and she and I were both taken aback by it’s size. He had said it was 9″ long, but for some reason, was lying. It was at least 10″ long, and thick. Cindy sighed, and said, “Samuel, it’s so…beautiful!” “Do you like it, Baby?” he asked. “Oh, yes.” she whispered. Samuel finished undressing, and stepped back in front of Cindy, his cock swaying inches away from her face. She immediately began stroking it with two hands, and applied baby oil to it. It shined like black marble in the low light. I tuned on a bit more light in the room to help with the video.

I sat on the bed and watched, utterly fascinated by this scene. Samuel told her how good it felt, and asked if she liked sucking cock. She replied that she did, and wanted to taste his. She then lowered her mouth to it, and engulfed the bulbous head. Her lips and tongue worked over the head of Samuel’s cock while her tiny hands pumped it’s length. He ran his hands through her long blonde hair, and slowly pumped his hips in rhythm with her mouth. after a few minutes, she paused, “Do you want to come in my mouth?” she asked. “Yes, but not yet, not yet, Baby. Here, let me lay down.” He stretched out on the bed, his black rod standing straight up in the air. Cindy laid down across his leg and lowered her mouth down to his stiff shaft again. She moaned as she bobbed up and down, and I stroked my stiff cock as I watched. I could’ve come right away, but wanted to savor this. Cindy fingered her pussy as she sucked, and soon she squealed softly as she came. She could only fit half of his cock in her mouth, but Samuel’s grunts of pleasure assured me she would soon have a mouthful of cum.

Cindy had pulled her panties off, and Samuel released her bra snaps, and was fondling her soft, pendulous breasts. “Come here, Baby, lay down” he said to her. She obediently complied, and Samuel lowered himself over her. She held her legs together, but he gently spread them and began rubbing the thick shaft of his cock against her pussy. “Wait, what are you doing, man?” I asked. “Don’t worry, Rick, I just want to give you lady back some pleasure before I come.” he replied. Cindy moaned as his cock rode against her, and she gripped his back tightly, and cried, “Oh, you’re making me come!” Her hips began bucking as she did, and she kissed him softly as he continued to dry hump her. They continued this for 10 minutes, and her juices were soon all over his shaft, Cindy came 2 more times this way. I was afraid this would easily get out of control, and then I heard Cindy say “Put it in me.” My heart sank for a moment, even as my cock throbbed to hear this.

She looked over at me, her eyes asking for my decision. I realized that it was what all three of us wanted, and I nodded yes. “Put it in me, Samuel!” she repeated. Samuel kissed her softly, and placed the head of his cock to her pussy. Cindy wriggled her hips, and it entered her. Samuel moaned as it did, and said, “Oh, that feels so good!”, and slid another few inches into her waiting pussy. They both began slowly gyrating their hips together, and Samuel asked her “Have you ever had a black cock before, Cindy?” She hesitated, looked over at me, and whispered, “Yes.” My head was already spinning from the intense eroticism of this event when I head that. Samuel asked her, “Did you like that black cock, hmmm?” Again, she answered, “Yes! Oh, yes, I did!” I was stroking my penis faster now, this new revelation heightening my excitement. Samuel was giving Cindy full slow thrusts now, and I looked to see 3/4 of his cock gliding in and out of her. She gave a short sharp cry, and began shaking as her black stud’s cock gave her what she wanted. She cried out loudly as she came again, “Oh, fuck me Baby, oh fuck me!”, and wrapped her arms and legs tightly around him.

She was in another world, delirious from passion as Samuel continued his assault on her pussy. “Put it all in me, I can take it.” she implored him. Samuel slowed his thrusting, and spread her legs wider with his. Then he withdrew it almost all the way out, and in one long. slow thrust, buried it to the hilt inside my Cindy’s pussy. I was stunned watching this black monster bury itself inside her. Cindy immediately began to throw her head side to side as an orgasm swept over her. Samuel’s thrusts were now with all 10″, and increased speed as he came close to coming himself. I walked over next to Cindy’s side of the bed to watch her face in cock rapture. She looked up at me, and said. “Please Honey, let me be alone with Samuel for awhile.” I said, “Just let me come first…” She reached up, and gave my cock a few quick strokes, and I cried out as I shot hot wet arcs of cum halfway across the bed. My legs were wobbly as I put on my bathrobe. I stood at the door for a moment, and saw them kissing passionately, Samuel whispered something to Cindy I couldn’t make out clearly, but she answered, “Yes”.

I sat in the living room, listening to them fuck for another 45 minutes, Cindy screaming loudly, and Samuel seemed to come 3 times also. I quietly walked back in the bedroom, and saw Cindy now riding Samuel’s cock, her hands planted on his chest. She lowered herself down, taking it’s full length, and wiggled back and forth, rubbing her clitoris against his pubic bone. “Am I doing it right?” she asked. “That’s it, Baby, yeah, now you doin’ it the way I like!” Samuel praised her. They didn’t see me watching them, their love making was completely unrestrained now. “Did you like that other black cock, too, Baby?” he asked her. “Yes, I did, oooh…” He asked her who it was, and she said, “It was someone at work, we spent all night in a hotel room after work. It was so good…”. That answers that, I thought. She actually did fuck that guy. I went back to the living room, and about a half hour later, they were done. Samuel said good bye, and thanked me. I said, “don’t mention it.”

Cindy was sleeping, it was 2:00, they’d been fucking for nearly 2 hours without stopping. She awoke after a few minutes, and saw me sitting on the bed. She smiled, said “Hi, Baby”. I lay down next to her, and kissed her. I went to get on top of her, told he I wanted to come again. But she said, “Wait, let me do it this way.” she squirted baby oil onto her hand, and began to stroke me. She then reached under the pillow, and produced her “toy”. “Use this on me.” she instructed. She lifted her hips as I inserted it, and let out a long “ooooh” as I did. The dildo was covered with the four loads of Samuel’s cum he’d shot up into her. Incredible, I thought. So much cum. Cindy continued to stroke me, and moaned as I pumped her with the toy. Seeing her going wild got me off in a few more strokes, I came in her hand. Her eyes were half-closed, and she reached down, taking the dildo from my hand. She pulled her knees up to her chest, and began ramming herself with it. She screamed out, “Oh My God!” and writhed wildly. After awhile, she got dressed, kissed me, and headed home.

That was one month ago. We’ve spoken about it a few times, and neither of us have any serious regrets about how it turned out. She isn’t aware that I know about her and her black co-worker from a few years ago, he has since moved out of state fortunately. I have asked her what she meant when she told Samuel that she’d been with a black man before, she said it was “just made up, I wanted to turn you on.”. Overall, I’d have to say I am glad we explored this, I think couples need to be completely honest with each other if they venture there. I would appreciate her being honest with me about her and her co-worker.

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