On the way to the Lounge, I could tell she was nervous. With tears forming in her eyes she suggested we call it off. “It seems so wrong, but I want it so bad” she sobbed. “I don’t want to jeopardize our family”. I told her that this was something that I wanted too, and if she did not want to we would simply not do it. To take some of the presure off her, I suggested that when we meet him, If she decided he is the one, that we would tell him to go to a certain area of the beach tomorrow afternoon between 4 and 5 and if he found her there on the beach, they would go to our hotel room. If not, we had changed our minds and we were sorry things didn’t work out. She like the idea and said she loved me.

When we walked into the lounge, the music was pounding and Suzy looked hot. I could see the heads turn as she walked in front of me, her hips starting to sway to the music. In a flash, our contact approached us. After a brief introduction we settled in to have a few drinks, get comfortable with one another and talk about what lay ahead.

Suzy shyly asked him if the dress she had chosen was okay. He said it was beautiful and accentuated her curvy figure. The dress was a little on the short side with slits up the front of both thighs and when she was seated, it rose very high on her beautiful shapely thighs. We got along great. They danced and she started to sit closer to him as the night went on. During a slow dance, I could see them kissing, and was certain this was going to happen.

It was very erotic to watch them together but it was getting late, and I told Suzy we should get going. She reluctantly agreed and left us to go to the bathroom. As planned, I explained to him about meeting her on the beach… or not. He said he understood, and hoped she would be there. The he surprised me. “I’m tested” he said …. “What?” I was caught off guard. “I’ve been recently tested, and I have the proof with me. “Great” was all I could come up with in reply… he wanted to cum in my wife.

On the way back to the hotel I told Suzy what he had said. “MMmmmm” was her only comment, but I could tell she was excited. The next day we got up had some breakfast and hung out at the pool. After lunch, Suzy said she was going to go up to our room and get some sun on the balcony deck. I didn’t want to ask but she soon let me know she had made up her mind and wanted to meet him.

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