She was shocked at the huge response to our ad, and it took a while but she finally had found a favorite. “Honey, He is quite the MAN.” I knew what she was driving at as a pic he sent showed that he was very well endowed. When I asked what she meant, she said “Maybe we should meet him … Not that anything has to happen.”

There was no doubt about him wanting her. Weeks of emails and photo swaps made it clear that servicing a married woman was the ultimate turn-on for him. The way she would talk about this guy left no doubt in my mind that she was attracted to him. When we were in bed, I’d encourage her and it didn’t take long before she asked me to set it up and that she’d meet him and maybe more if if we were sure that we could handle it. I assured her that I could indeed handle it.

A couple weeks later we found ourselves driving to a beach resort area to meet with the man she had selected. He was a baseball player in the area for spring training. The plan was to meet him at a hotel lounge for drinks and dancing. We were both nervous but excited. Once at the hotel, when it was time to get ready to go out, my sexy wife placed a dress that was selected just for this occasion on our bed, she asked me if I had any suggestions for what else she should wear.

I asked what would make her feel sexy. She smiled and said “He wants me to dress real sexy, so maybe just this dress, heels and my wedding ring”. As she was putting on her make-up I told her jokingly to make sure that she shaved all over to which she replied that she already had. The finishing touch was a black choker. This was to make it easier for him to spot us in the lounge.

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